Many people come to the age of retirement

without a plan they can implement.

They hope to watch TV and eat potato chips,

ignoring the weight gain and fat on their hips. 

Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle 

usually cause problems after a while. 

Too often and too soon, the place where they recline

is six feet underground, in a box made of pine.

Some say, "I want to play with my grandkids,"

and for a while, they are glad they did.

But grandkids have a way of growing up

and moving, to no longer fill that cup.

It is much, much better if one has a plan,

which will be different for each woman and man.

Some choose to major on an avocation.

that they can follow for life's duration.

Others might choose a second vocation,

perhaps near home, or in some other location.

To be near some family is often best

in case of illness or other type of test.  

Travel and vacation plans often go awry,

but that is life, and one still has to try.

Before they reach retirement age, every woman or man,

should be certain they have laid out a retirement plan.

© 2019, cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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Beth Mattox

Well said.

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