Desperate for religious freedom, our forefathers fled

from England in the Mayflower, not knowing what lay ahead.

They managed to gain a foothold despite deaths by starvation or disease.

Others followed their furtive flight and set up colonies.

Thirteen colonies eventually sprang up, and soon began to thrive.

England‘s aid in the seven-year war kept their hopes alive.

England, then, laid a tax on the colonists to recoup their expenses.

These taxes increased until the Stamp Act brought the colonies to their senses.

“No taxation without representation,” became their cry,

and brought about the American Revolution by and by.

America won this revolution, beating the massive odds,

and established a governing system based on Christian principles and God.

For almost 250 years, this new government has lasted,

and those who were born or who immigrated here, its benefits have tasted.

Although by some human errors our way might, sometimes, have been blighted,

most of the things that were truly wrong have been faced, and dealt with, and righted.

Yet, there are some who would cast aside this quarter century of success,

and vote for godless Socialism with a loud resounding “yes.”

This form of government has been tried many times, and always failed.

By its nature, Christian rights have always been assailed.

Citizens are deluded with a promise that everything is free,

not knowing that government can only give what it takes from you and me.

Many Americans are crying for our country to adopt Socialism.

If that were ever to happen, we would lose much of our freedom.

They use the term “Democratic Socialism,” which is an oxymoron.

The terms are mutually exclusive, and to fall for that, one must be a moron.

All decisions are made by those who form the government,

and a person is punished if he dares to not consent.

Christians should become keenly aware that those who are Socialists

regard God and religion as the “opiate of the people,” as do the Communists.

All citizens not included among those in charge of the nation

would then become victims of taxation without representation.

Christians in this nation hold the power in their hands

to prevent this thing from happening throughout the breadth of the land.

If all of us would register, and then go back and vote,

then we could give the Socialists a reason to cry and not emote.

This election will be decided by only those votes that are cast.

If you decide to keep yours in your pocket, perhaps our democracy won’t last.

© 2020, cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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