Six years ago (how well I remember)

we chanced a marriage in life’s mid-December.

Our brazen boldness has been well rewarded

with as happy a marriage as was ever recorded.

So quickly we two became as one

and, once again, life was filled with fun.

Together, we did so many things,

that caused our two happy hearts to sing.

Love and hope came bound together

with the feeling that we could weather

the storms of life that must be faced

with our love, and God’s great grace.

With each day spent beyond that altar,

our health and strength begin to falter.

And though our love is not one bit diminished

we know we are approaching life’s finish.

Memory is fading, and all is subdued.

Great future accomplishments are no longer viewed.

We are deprived of both sister and brother,

but, thanks be to God, we still have each other.

Our lives have been savored one day at a time,

but now, we must follow a script more sublime

we must savor every hour, each minute,

and give thanks to God for each good thing in it.

Though life’s end approaches for we two saved sinners,

we are not losers! We are glorious winners.

Our home will be Heaven when from this life we depart –,

the place where both hope and love had their start.

© 2020, cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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