Today is the only day you are promised

and, all too quickly, it is fading away.

There are so many things to be accomplished —

far more than we can do in just one day.

Procrastination is our worst enemy,

preventing so many from reaching our goals.

It keeps us from becoming all we can be;

diminishing accomplishments, diminishing our souls.

A world of knowledge is at our fingertips,

easily within our reaching grasp.

We must learn all we can before our memory slips

it will do us no good when we near our last gasp.

Though no promise for a future is in our quiver,

we must prepare for it today.

We must plan as if we would live forever,

and live as if we might die today.

Money and things are definitely needed

for the living of this daily life.

Moral codes broken, or time limits exceeded

in their gain, may produce discord and strife.

Today is a day to be spent in giving

from the abundance given to us

to help those in need with their daily living,

while mirroring and sharing testimony of Jesus.

No day should be spent without sharing love –

love for God, love for self, and love for fellow man;

and, yes, there is that erotic love

which is blessed when practiced by God's plan.

Today is a day to be bathed in prayer

over how every aspect of the day is spent.

We can rest assured our Lord will meet us there

to give needed strength and make our hearts content.

When today is fully spent

and tomorrow takes its place,

let yesterday go! Do not relent!

There are new prospects you must face.

Turn all your attention to today!

Yesterday has come and gone.

"Only look back," the old folks say,

"to learn the lesson yesterday has shown."

© 2019, cbs

Dr. CB Skelton is a retired Winder physician and author of several books.

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