Several years ago I wrote a column titled “A Trojan Horse,” discussing the unintended consequences of switching to LED lighting.

Often our scientific community has a great revelation which they then determine will absolutely make humanity’s life so much better. But, in the process of implementing this knowledge, over time, the “facts: begin to appear not as clear cut as they did initially.

Not another conspiracy theory?

The new shining star for “we the people” is the coming tidal wave of 5G technology. In order to make our lives better, to get faster downloads and begin the insertion of the S.M.A.R.T system everywhere, we are racing headlong toward a total conversion.

What I am reporting should be viewed with a touch of skepticism. With some of my previous columns, various subjects I have broached with you over the years are “above my pay grade.” I present certain pieces of information, some factual and some speculative which should pique your curiosity.

Here we go again?

Any new item being introduced into our environment should be evaluated for its possible negative impact on said environment. That’s just common sense. Some products announced in the past could not be evaluated fully because of scientific limitations. Roundup might fit into that category. It was thought to be a godsend to our health but, over time, the long-term negative implications have begun to surface.

Aspartame and its variants are another story entirely. Half of the initial test results during the vetting phase sounded warning bells but money and politics reared their dual heads and forced this noxious substance into our food chain. I believe, from what has been researched so far, 5G may fall under this category. If this reporting makes you question the status quo, start doing your own research.

Who’s guarding the hen house?

Sen. Richard Blumenthal chaired a hearing on Capitol Hill where representatives of Verizon, ATT, Sprint and T-Mobile were in attendance. He asked two simple questions. One, what money has been invested toward testing the long-term health implications of continuous exposure to 5G microwaves? The answer was zero. He then inquired what funds are being set aside for any future evaluations of potential negative health consequences, if any. Again, the answer was zero.

We have all heard some concerns about today’s 4G, which is already an intimate part of our lives. With that in mind, if I was now preparing to launch the most massive intrusion of an even more revolutionary energy system into the public sector, one of the main priorities would be making darn sure there were no potential health misgivings down the road.

Potential issues

Dr. Beverly Rubik has a PhD in biophysics and has studied this field for decades. She has authored over 90 scientific papers and coined the term “biofield.” You can go to YouTube to see several of Dr. Rubik’s presentations.

Referencing her YouTube seminar “The Perils of Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless,” the following is a partial list of issues she has studied over the years.

•Smoking was ‘cool’ back in the ‘40s and ‘50s. It was not considered unhealthy. One of the ads for cigarettes quoted actor Fredric March “L&M filters were just what the doctor ordered.” Are 4G and 5G leading us down the same path?

•The millennials’ decline in health may be related in part to the fact their generation has been exposed to all the electronic devices for most of their lives. You could look upon them as “the canary in the coal mine.”

•Wi-Fi was introduced into an animal preserve in Australia. The animals left the area.

•We are electrical beings, analog biologically. This recent wave of this new technology is digital. Is this a potential incompatibility in nature?

•Tens of millions of “small cell” antennas will be placed every 200 to 1,000 feet in your neighborhoods, along with 20,000 (or more) satellites circling the Earth.

•France has banned Wi-Fi in daycares and restricted wireless infrastructure.

•EMF waves disorient bees and may affect their colonies. If pollination is indeed negatively impacted, we have a serious crisis brewing.

•Short-term exposure to 4G cell phones may cause blood cells to stick together, stack on top of one another or develop irregular shapes (look at her pictures). Note: She couldn’t test 5G because it is military grade wavelengths and the testing equipment is very costly.

•The blood brain barrier may be impacted even at low levels of exposure.

Makes perfect sense to me

The 1996 Telecommunications Act gave the FCC the responsibility of overseeing the future of our country’s communications. Inexplicably, the “safety” standards haven’t been updated since and the guidelines that are in place are based on short-term exposure to one device. How can you stay with parameters which are now being applied to a completely new technology which didn’t even exist when those parameters were written?

The FCC is clearly doing a real bang up job representing the citizenry, don’t you think?

Now what?

The more I have looked into 5G, the more apprehension has crept in. While I’m in no way an authoritative source for definitive solutions, here are some basic rules I would suggest.

•Don’t put your phone on or near your body, especially your head – your cell phone states in the Legal & Regulatory section/RF Exposure “use hands-free option, such as the built-in speakerphone, the supplied headphones, or other accessories”

•Put your phone on “airplane mode” as much as practical to reduce exposure.

•If you have the option, consider not getting a SMART meter for your home.

•Word of warning for any new parents: Hold off giving a cell phone to your children for as long as you can.

First and foremost, I will continue to do my research, as should you. The internet was designed for just such a situation. Knowledge is power. My faint hope is this is much to do about nothing, but, unfortunately, I am in agreement with Shakespeare who declared, “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” This Trojan Horse must be examined thoroughly before allowing it into our lives. Our long-term national health may depend on it.

Good luck and good health!

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