I just don’t get it.

The left and their media friends seem to be no more interested in governing America in the best interest of all the people than they are in picking their noses.

Perhaps, they honestly (maybe) thought Hillary R. Clinton was a better person to serve as president of the United States.

The liberals have been after President Donald Trump non-stop since he was elected president. Even before he took office, they were out to get him. It doesn’t even seem to matter how or why, they just want him gone.

For more than two years, the left side has held up governing and working for the country while spending their time and our money on attacking the president.

The fact that Trump has been quite successful in this first term has added additional fuel to the fire.

First it was Russia, then it was immigration and the wall, then they took up the cause of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and now it’s Ukraine.

The truth of the matter is the left and the leftist Democrats decided several years ago that in order to get rid of Trump and to sway the American public, their only weapon was impeachment.

At every turn the Democratic Party has taken has been toward what they hope will be a successful impeachment hearing.

It’s doubtful an impeachment will pass the Senate, even if it passes the House of Representatives.

What I do believe is that the left is trying to create so much controversy and so much doubt, President Trump will lose his support base in the 2020 elections.

The so-called “Mueller Odyssey” failed to produce any evidence and has, in fact, backfired on the “deep state.” And now it appears other “deep state” investigations may be on the horizon.

Sections of the wall are being built across the southern border and Mexico. Several South American countries, including Mexico, have taken a different stance on assisting immigration across our borders.

The liberals have become desperate.

They are promoting polls that are continuously being reported by the major news outlets showing the American public is losing confidence in President Trump, and they say his poll numbers continue to drop.

We should be used to the national media misinformation schemes by now. It’s reasonable to suspect that just the opposite is true and the more the left accuses and investigates, the higher the poll numbers climb for Trump and his administration.

Polls are easy to manipulate. You don’t have to tell people where you polled or really how you poll. You can simply say the Joe Smuck poll questioned 1,000 people and a 53-percent sampling indicated Trump should be impeached or Trump is not electable.

Take that same poll to San Francisco, Cleveland and a few other metropolitan areas and it’s right on target. Of the 1,000 polled, 530 or more would probably be against Trump. Take the poll in Dallas, Texas or Nashville, Tenn. and the odds will favor Trump staying in office.

The national media is doing everything it can to promote a negative picture of Trump. Their opening headlines nearly always jump out with a critical remark or statement about Trump, regardless of the point of the story.

The newscasters, so-called lawyers, and subject matter experts smirk and scowl when they talk about Trump, looking confident that their words will sway the country and sink Trump’s ship.

Just like the news Sunday that ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi had been tracked down by American Special Operations soldiers and killed in Syria. It must have killed the networks to put a positive spin on the story. Some didn’t. There was some negative spin on the stories in order to criticize Trump.

But Trump’s ship is sailing bow first into the wind. The fight is getting dirtier and dirtier every day. The left makes a move and Trump makes two, giving him a one-up every week.

Author Alan Dershowitz, in a recent article, stated, “The (constitutional) framers didn’t want the impeachment power to become a political weapon. That’s why they designed both procedural and substantive protections against misuse of this important check on the executive.”

The Democrats have shown their strategy. It’s all or nothing. Get rid of Trump at any cost. Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!

I hope the Constitution stands strong and doesn’t bend or break. Not liking someone is no reason to remove him from office through the impeachment process.

If it’s time for Trump to exit the stage, it should be by the legal voters in the general 2020 election and not by a bunch of people willing to destroy this country.

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Matthew Allen

Good lord, you have become such a propaganda mouthpiece for what is easily the most corrupt administration since Harding. Go ahead and spin as much as you like, Jimmy. There's no escaping the fact that Americans all over the country have rejected your false savior for over 2 years now since he was placed in office. Americans overwhelmingly put the Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives in 2018 to put a stop to a rogue president that trashes American values at every opportunity. We all have had enough of that clown you call a leader and want to return to a time our country didn't betray our allies and didn't pay lip service to every freedom-hating tyrant from Saudi Arabia to Russia to North Korea. Decent Republicans still have a chance to save the Party of Lincoln next year by rejecting Trump and choosing a new standard-bearer.

Brad Brown

Most have no idea how right you are about political polls being easily manipulated. There is TONS of Facebook groups ran by liberals with soul purpose of hijacking and manipulating every online political poll they can find. But why should anyone be surprised the left would find a way to cheat the numbers of any type of political process?

Virginia Moss

Professional polling is based on very rigid, science-based calculations and procedures. When paying for a poll, the requester must look at how the company or group adheres to those principles. If they want a 100% true result, then they would choose an organization with a reputation for doing just that. When reading or hearing the result of a poll, one has to look at who paid for it to determine how that person or organization may have chosen a polling source with less rigid procedures. The source matters and there are major, reliable polling companies out there along with more dubious ones. Once the polls are published they are what they are; I've never known of a poll being manipulated after the fact. Of course, spinning is a national past time by all political parties and politicians. That's when it gets really hard to determine the truth.

Virginia Moss

The voters will decide next year after the proper procedure of an impeachment inquiry and trial reveals all the factual information we need to have to make our decisions. At least those of us not suffering from cognitive dissonance. The entire procedure will be thoroughly publicized at no cost to the government or political parties. That means free publicity for the Democrats to base their campaigns on. The Republicans will try to spin it and their base may very well cling to misrepresentation, but 30% of the population is not enough to win. Why don't the Republicans have a better candidate in the wings ready to step in when it becomes clear that Trump can't win? It's not yet too late.

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