A few years ago, I and several other million people were called despicable by Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 2016 race for the presidency.

Shortly later, I and those millions of others were re-categorized.

According to Jason Brennan of Georgetown University’s McDonough’s School of Business, “Trump won (the U.S. presidency) because voters are ignorant, literally!”

Brennan went on to write, “Donald Trump always enjoyed massive support from un-educated, low-information white people…Trump owes his victory to the uninformed…we saw something historic: the dance of the dunces…”

Now, several years into Trump’s presidency, the Democrats still don’t get it, nor do a number of Republicans or RINOs as we know them — Republicans in Name Only!

I believe that the larger number of Trump supporters voted for Donald Trump for one reason, and that it is a lot of us are simply tired of the establishment looking after the establishment.

When Donald Trump said he would drain the swamp, we believed him.

Here we are now, three years into Trump’s term and what do we have? Low unemployment, low interest rates, a stronger military, lower taxes and a working economy that is better than anything we’ve had in 16 years are highlights of the work of the president and his staff.

Even immigration has been moved off of the Democratic complaint list and placed on back pages and notes of the national media.

For the better part, it has been accomplished without much help from Congress, which has been spending the better part of three years working on a plan to impeach the President of the United States.

Stop, think and make a list of accomplishments of the Democratic Party that have helped us in our fight with ISIS, in opening talks with the North Koreans, in calling China’s hand on tariffs or stalling the Russian advance back across Eastern Europe.

The Democratic Party debates have done nothing to help the left. There are too many candidates, too much stumbling and grasping, and the only winner to date after their debates is Donald Trump.

Patrick J. Buchanan, in a NEWSMAX commentary, says, “The (Democratic) party’s infighting revealed the divisions over age, race and radicalism.”

The only plan the left has worked on since Trump took office, other than hating Trump, is to impeach his presidency.

For three years, the Democrats have abandoned responsible governing and done nothing but plan to get rid of President Trump. Three years! You don’t need a small sticky note to list their accomplishments while working and traveling on our payroll.

The entire mess goes back to 2016 when a group of Democratic representatives announced plans to impeach Trump without ever giving him a chance. They hoped to get him under the clause “a high crime or misdemeanor.”

In 2017, Rep. Maxine Waters said she wanted to help impeach Trump. Rep. Brad Sherman of California introduced an article of impeachment. In 2018, a Texas Democrat introduced an article of impeachment. In 2019, nine actions or attacks on the president came from the House of Representatives, all from the Democratic side.

All they have done is create a smoke screen to bide for more time, hoping to find something that will result in impeachment. It’s no more than a partisan distraction that is stonewalling our government.

The Dems may not have a real impeachable cause in their pocket. It appears that they hope their stonewalling and loud noise will be enough to sway voters away from Trump in the 2020 election.

If Trump has done something wrong, then the voters should and will take the necessary action at the polls to elect a new president.

It’s time to tell Congress to get off of their duffs and take care of America’s business. If they are not willing to listen, then maybe on election day the voice of the American people will resonate loud and clear across this country!

Jimmy Terrell is retired from a career in law enforcement and is a Winder city councilman. He can be reached at ejterrell65@gmail.com.

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