There is a lot of political activity going on in the state of Virginia these days.

Most of you have read about the state’s move to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States by implementing gun control laws that most clearly believe is illegal.

What you probably haven’t read in the news is what some high school students did several weeks ago in Franklin County, Va.

The high school principal in Franklin County told his students that they would no longer be able to display American flags on their pickup trucks parked on school property.

The students were told that flying the flag might be considered “offensive and disruptive” to other students on the campus.

One student was called to the office and he then called his Mother to tell her what had happened.

The high school students took matters into their own hands, and the next day a convoy of vehicles being driven by students arrived at the school parking lot, all displaying an American flag!

After the incident, the high school principal back tracked and reportedly stated to some parents that “It was all just a misunderstanding.”

The mother being interviewed reported that the principal had called on the evening after the display and had apologized to the boys, telling them that it is not against the rules to fly an American flag on their truck.

As taxpayers and parents, we need to be very much aware of what our school systems are teaching and telling our children. Since textbooks are rarely used in classrooms anymore, we should be reviewing lesson plans and teaching materials.

We know what’s happening on our college campuses, but do we know what is happening in our high school classrooms?

It’s time to remove the pettiness and be about the business of educating our children. I don’t believe our local school system would deny the students the right to fly an American flag on their vehicle but we must remain vigilant.

On another note, the Democrats are showing a lot of concern about which candidate will represent them in the 2020 presidential race.

Three dropped out of the Democratic race Monday and the Dems are worried Bernie Sanders will be the top candidate when the national party meets to select its candidate. The leftists are trying to rally the troops around former Vice President Joe Biden and feel he has a better chance against President Donald Trump.

This will not be the first time the candidacy has been stolen from Sanders. Hillary Clinton pulled it off four years ago.

Watch for Google, Facebook and Twitter over the next week to see how they respond to the accusations of censorship.

Donald Trump Jr., Sen. Joe Hawley and Congressman Kevin McCarthy have accused the high-tech giants of anti-conservative censorship practices with their unbelievable liberal biases.

Sen. Hawley announced the companies were conducting censorship while “enriching themselves at the expense of the taxpayers.”

Trump Jr. threw a hard fast ball at the media giants, pointing out that in addition to the high biases of the owners so were their several hundred thousand employees who get to decide what constitutes hate speech biased as well.

Not only did the three hit the media players over the fact they bridle conservatives, McCarthy was critical of the relationship Google has with former Communist China, saying, “Google no longer considers itself as an American company.”

Times, they are a-changing!

Jimmy Terrell is retired from a career in law enforcement and is a Winder city councilman. He can be reached at

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