It was a pitiful showing and not a good week for the Democrats. Actually, it was a terrible week from start to finish.

It all started with a Monday that developed into a week nothing short of a disaster for the Democrats.

Things did not go well during the impeachment hearings earlier on Monday, Feb. 3. It was obvious from the onset that President Trump would not be removed from office.

Following the day’s activities in Washington, the Iowa caucuses derailed after a day of voting, and nobody was sure who won or who the Democratic frontrunner was. The caucus was a disaster in itself and the mysteries of what happened still remain unanswered.

The Iowa caucus has always been the kickoff of the presidential campaign season and many fortunes have been won and lost on its playing field. The occurrence that took place this year does not bode well for the Democratic Party.

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address (SOTUA) followed on Tuesday.

Regardless of what the Democrats and those left of the aisle say, the State of the Union address was very positive. Trump was Trump in many ways but the Democrats outdid him with ugly performance issues.

The Dems had gone into battle with Trump and the Republicans last week with hopes of removing a sitting president on unimpeachable issues. They left the week not only battered as a Congress but as a party as well.

Peggy Noonan, writing for the Wall Street Journal, summed it up best.

Noonan said, “Their (Democrats) way is gone forever. Democrats blame this on Donald Trump, and in the area of historical consciousness he is, truly, a hopeless cause. But this week Democrats joined him in the pit.

“Do they (Democrats) understand what a disaster this was for them? If Mr. Trump wins re-election, if in fact it isn’t close, it will be traceable to this first week in February.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi performed a half-hearted introduction of the president from the Speaker’s well in the House on Tuesday evening opening the SOTUA which was obviously painful for her. Sitting behind the President, it was also obvious from her facial expressions and actions that she was quite annoyed at being there.

At the end of the president’s speech, Pelosi made no attempt in concealing her anger and contemptuousness as she ripped her copy of the president’s comments apart in front of all in attendance and national television.

In supporting roles of the House Speaker, Democratic and progressive members of the House sat slumped in their seats, some appearing bored while others looked angry and exasperated. Many failed to even clap for citizens invited by the president to attend the speech for well-deserved recognition.

One such American hero, Brigadier General Charles McGee, was recognized for his military service to America. BG McGee is one of the few remaining African-American fighter pilots known as “the Tuskegee Airmen.” He served America in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Noonan’s comments on Pelosi hit her hard and between the eyes, saying, “This is how a great lady becomes another hack… the classy lady was not classy.”

As expected Trump bragged on the accomplishments of his administration to date and without doubt there are many; from 12,000 new factory startups, to the low unemployment rate; from fewer illegal immigrants entering the country to new trade deals.

Trump has put America first and Americans are loving what they sense as a resurgence of American pride. Tax cuts, the elimination of job-killing regulations pushed by the previous president and a return to a stronger military are encouraging factors to every day America. Trump can now also boast of a dropping trade deficit for the first time in six years.

Capping off a week of failure and disappointment, the Democrats were chastised by members of their own party.

James Carville, an advisor to President Bill Clinton and a blue blood Democrat, wasted little time in criticizing the Democratic Party of today. Carville is more left than a centrist and his words were more of a slap to the party than a sting.

Carville indicated in public comments this past week that the Democrats are looking down at potential voters and must be cautious not to present themselves as being smarter than anyone else.

He criticized Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for having “…stupid ideas about higher education” and indicated he felt the party’s candidates were not pushing a winning message. He called Sanders an “ideologue.”

Carville said the Democrats were “…on the way to failure as a result of pushing extreme police ideas.”

Other members of the national Democratic Party, including former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and former National Finance Committee member Don Peebles have also expressed fears that the Democratic Party has moved too far to the left.

Only time will tell.

Jimmy Terrell is retired from a career in law enforcement and is a Winder city councilman. He can be reached at

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