It’s been an interesting week in the world of U.S. politics.

By week’s end, the Democrat presidential candidates looked like a pack of horses running on a muddy field at the Kentucky Derby and nobody likes anybody else.

Bernie Sanders, the oldest candidate in the race for either party, seems to have gained the most attention and support.

Bernie’s numbers are good at this point of the race, but they were good four years ago going into the convention when the Democratic National Committee (DNC) stole the ticket and gave it to Hillary Clinton.

Even though Bernie is up in the polls, he is carrying a lot of baggage that includes defending Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba that was known for its prisons and firing squads.

In addition, Bernie’s socialist tag hinders him with a large part of the public, including Democrats. While Bernie talks about letting the rich pay for a lot of things, he doesn’t talk about the number of houses he owns or his own ranking as a millionaire.

If Bernie occupies the White House, we can expect the economy to slowly erode. Like it or not, Wall Street has played a very big role in America becoming what she is. Wall Street and Bernie are not on the same page.

Prior to last week, it was Bernie against the other Democratic candidates but then Michael Bloomberg jumped into the Democratic race. His ego may have pushed him too fast; he is still trying to develop a game plan.

The former New York mayor appeared to cut his own wrists after spending millions to announce his entry into the race.

Not only did Bloomberg fair poorly in last week’s debate, he made some statements that certainly riled large segments of the American population. For one thing, he wasn’t very kind in his conversations about American farmers, basically saying anyone could be a farmer.

Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, she who has said that she was of Indian heritage but is not, took Bloomberg to the woodshed for a spanking in Las Vegas.

She verbally whipped the poor Bloomberg in a stinging attack, saying the former mayor called women “fat broads and horse-faced lesbians.” Others jumped on the bandwagon during the week complaining about the former mayor’s policies while leading New York City.

Warren’s scathing attack improved her standing somewhat in the democratic rankings but she still seems to be slowly sinking to the back of the pack.

Warren also has a problem with the gas and oil industry.

She is opposed to fracking and signed a pledge to refuse campaign contributions over $200 from the oil industry. But back in February, the Wall Street Journal reported that Warren and her husband have invested in the oil and gas industries over the years and still collect royalties.

It’s interesting that former Vice President Joe Biden is also slowly fading into the sunset. The media, nor the Democratic Party, has been very kind to Biden. Biden’s campaign is struggling and he faces a crucial test this week in South Carolina, where he was once considered to be the top candidate.

Biden has taken on gun control in hopes of strengthening his campaign. One of his problems is a lack of ideas and concrete plans for keeping the economy going.

In addition, he has two other major problems. The Ukraine issue and the fact he bragged about withholding funding while serving as America’s vice president has hurt him and so has the fact that the president he served under has not come out supporting his candidacy.

Two additional candidates that have not climbed very far but who receive fairly good marks on the campaign trail are Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Expect both to stay in the race until the DNC Convention. Either would be a good candidate but it’s not very probable they will receive the party’s backing.

Meanwhile, on the Republican trail, President Donald Trump continues to draw very large crowds to his campaign stops. A Wisconsin poll last week showed Trump beating all six of the leading Democratic candidates in a “head to head matchup.”

Everything is going Trump’s way. There is no reason why he should not be re-elected. His worst enemy is Donald Trump and we should not expect him to change very much between now and November, if any at all.

Over the weekend one commentator made the statement, “The only person that can beat Trump is Trump himself.”

There’s a lot of truth in that.

Jimmy Terrell is retired from a career in law enforcement and is a Winder city councilman. He can be reached at

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