The socialists are coming!

If we want to remain a constitutional republic, we have a lot of work to do and not much time to get the job done.

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, the 56-year old junior senator from Kentucky, is worried about the future of America.

When he first jumped into American politics after graduating from Duke University with a degree in medicine, he never dreamed America would allow socialists to come into power.

But, earlier this month Paul admitted he is deeply concerned for the direction the left is taking us.

“The radical left…now that they have control of the U.S. House and full support of the media, (are) determined to push hard for a socialist agenda designed to totally transform this country…and not for the better.”

The Kentucky senator, along with other conservatives, has expressed deep concerns about our future if the socialists manage to gain control of Congress and or the White House.

Earlier this month he talked about the socialist agenda that includes, “… a $93 trillion, industry-killing “Green New Deal,” free healthcare and college for all — funded by a punishing new 70-percent top tax rate, gas hikes and sweeping anti-gun legislation.

Rand warns that these items are just the top of the list and that we will see more and more “attacks daily on our freedom and liberty.”

The senator has been quick to criticize Republicans and conservatives who aren’t moving to quell the socialist movement.

“All too often, many of my colleagues and even many leaders in the liberty movement decide not to fight back. Or worse, they decide to compromise.”

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is a leader of the socialist pack. Bernie calls it democratic socialism. The fact is, it doesn’t matter which way you look at it, even standing on your head, socialism is socialism.

Sanders’ campaign support team is all about socialism as well. In April, his political director, Analilia Mejia, who spent part of her childhood growing up under Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying, “It was better to live on poverty-level wages in a shanty-town in Venezuela than on a garment workers salary in Elizabeth, N.J.”

A Sanders senior policy advisor, Heather Gautney, who is also a sociology professor at Fordham University, defended redistribution of wealth and the nationalization of private industry, key components of a socialistic government.

She has also been critical of our country’s republic structure, the Electoral College, and has supported the “Occupy movement” saying, “… some places, institutions, forms of property and rights should be collectively owned and enjoyed.”

Socialistic practices have been around for several hundred years. Robert Owen (1771-1858) coined the term socialism and founded a commune in 1825 know as New Harmony. Within two years it collapsed.

Karl Marx, in the mid-1800s, gave socialism a new face calling it “scientific socialism,” according to author Joshua Muravchik.

The Communists of the early 20th century took socialism to a new level, but within a few years it was an economic failure. Democratic countries took big strides in economic gains, providing middle classes with financial growth and improved living standards.

Today, China is one of the few Communist countries to demonstrate a successful communist platform simply because they have allowed limited entrepreneurs into the circle. In 2012, it was reported that 160 such players with an average net worth of $1 billion held Communist Party seats.

There are other countries in the world that claim to be socialist, but a look at their structure and economic platforms reveal they consist of parts of socialism and parts of free capitalist economies.

Lee Edwards, writing for Fox News, warns us that “radical socialists are waiting in the wings to promote extreme initiatives” which will destroy our way of life.” Edwards says socialism will destroy the middle class and that it “…depends not on the will of the people but on the dictatorship of the party to remain in power.”

We can see that today with the extremes promoted by the Democratic Party and their willingness to do anything to stay in control.

Edwards says socialism is “…a pseudo-religion founded in pseudo science and enforced by political tyranny.”

It’s hard to understand why Sanders is drawing so much attention from the younger generations. They are the ones who will suffer most under the cloak of socialism.

Socialism will lead to economic misery for future generations. Perhaps the term “scientific socialism” is the drawing card. The word “scientific” may well be the engaging word for a world of millennial and younger generations that have had few struggles in life. Paul says we still have time to save our country from the socialists but we must act before it’s too late.

“The fact is,” Sen. Paul says, “this is a fight for the very life and soul of our nation.”

Jimmy Terrell is retired from a career in law enforcement and is a Winder city councilman. He can be reached at

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