I understand Americans are tired of war and especially this war on terrorism.

They are tired of reading about it, as well as seeing it on television.

I am amazed, however, at what people don’t understand about this war and some of the things they have said in the past week after the United States took action which resulted in the death of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani.

The Iranian military commander was evil in every sense of the word.

Soleimani was commander of a special Iranian military unit known as the Quds Force, a government terrorist group operating in an Islamic country under the wings of the religious leaders and the Ayatollah.

Under Soleimani, death was a daily mission for those in his command and for those he opposed.

The United States has collected volumes of intelligence and information on the man and his mission. We knew him very well.

It was Soleimani who interjected the dangerous and lethal roadside bombs into Iraq which have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers and for thousands of others being wounded.

But the Iranian general wasn’t just responsible for American deaths and injuries in Iraq.

His evil empire was spread across the international scene.

His troops were fighting for and supporting Syria’s President Bashar Assad in that country’s civil war where both were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers.

In addition to Syria and Iraq, the Quds were fighting a number of proxy wars across the Middle East including Yemen and Lebanon where he propped up Hezbollah.

As Bret Stephens, writing for the New York Times, said, “… (Soleimani) goals were pursued through policies of unrestricted brutality. As an agent of international mayhem, Soleimani’s peers were Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He was an evil man who died as he had killed so many others.”

After targeting the Iranian general, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a statement saying that Soleimani “…was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.”

American intelligence agencies are as good as they come. We have unbelievable resources and capabilities to develop information and that information pointed to future actions by Soleimani’s legions.

Just days prior to the death of Soleimani, a large group of people tried to overrun our embassy in Baghdad. Many were identified as Iranians and Iranian supporters.

Soleimani was overconfident and had violated a United Nations travel ban to enter Iraq. He paid dearly for his error and past violence.

It seems strange that a top general in the Iranian Army would be in Iraq unannounced if our intelligence wasn’t correct. There is no reason to believe the general had a welcomed presence.

The Iraqis and the Iranians are far from being friends. The Iraqis are Arab, the Iranians are primarily Persian and the two have been enemies for years.

One minute last week Soleimani was the supreme general on the ground and an uninvited threat in another country. Seconds later a drone missile eliminated the threat. The general’s death was confirmed by American Special Ops soldiers following the caravan.

The American media went wild and was foaming at the mouth when the government announced his death. The Democrats could not get enough coverage and raked the action with criticism. “Hollywood” got into the act, as well as a number of people who have no idea of what’s going on such as former professional football player Albert Haynesworth.

The outcry drew additional protests from others unfamiliar with military operations and combat. Because we are not in a state of declared war with Iran, they lack the understanding and the full involvement of all of the players in the Middle East.

Most Americans don’t realize that we only have approximately 1.4 million people in our armed forces. That’s about 0.4 percent of our population. That number gets much smaller when you realize how few military personnel are in an actual combat role.

Those that have served or fought in combat roles will have few complaints if any.

For 39 years, the Iranian hierarchy has been doing things their way. Their contempt and hate for America is obvious.

The Iranians have been really stepping over the line for more than a year, supporting and funding attacks on allied and U.S. naval assets and shipping in the region, as well as their guerilla exploits around the Middle East.

It was time for someone to draw a line in the sand and President Donald Trump did just that.

It doesn’t matter whether you like the president or not, this attack was for all of those veterans of this war who made the supreme sacrifice, lost their arms and legs, and those who suffer daily from PTSD, living with demons that drag them down day after day.

Yes, the Iranians returned fire with a few missiles launched but knowingly landing them where none targeted American troops. According to reports, our intelligence knew the missiles were coming nearly three hours before they were launched.

Think what you want, but Trump has gained the attention of the Iranians.

Jimmy Terrell is retired from a career in law enforcement and is a Winder city councilman. He can be reached at ejterrell65@gmail.com.

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