Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A supervisor for a construction company said three air conditioning units were stolen from construction sites during the night of Sept. 17. He said the power was turned off where the units were stolen. The units were valued at $3,500 each, a total of $10,500. Another man said an A/C unit was stolen Sept. 16 from a Highway 211 house. The lines to the A/C unit were cut. He valued the unit at $2,500.

•A man at a Loganville Highway house said he went to see his girlfriend. The woman disputed that and said they have “never been in a relationship.” She said he came to the house uninvited and she told him to leave multiple times before he did. The man was given a lifetime notice of prohibited entry for the property.

•A Winder man was charged with battery-family violence, cruelty to children and obstructing a person making an emergency phone call after a domestic fight at a Pressley Road house. A woman told a dispatcher that a deputy “was needed before things escalated and she needed to get her property before her boyfriend arrived.” When a deputy arrived, the woman was red on the left side of her face and bleeding from the corner of her lip. The man said the two women at the house were fighting and he broke them up. The woman said the man busted her lip. However, she said “she did not want to talk about the incident because nothing could be done.” She said if the man were arrested, “he would get out and kill her or abuse her more.” She said she believed the man would not let her leave without a deputy there. She said he slapped her face while she was on the 911 call.

•A business owner said four golf carts were found without batteries and missing gas. He said someone entered the golf course about 2 a.m., cut the cables to the batteries, took them and syphoned gas from the carts. Damage was estimated to be $900.

•A man on Matthews School Road said two screwdrivers and a 12-volt battery were stolen from his property. Video showed a man leaving with the screwdrivers. Warrants for theft by taking and criminal trespass were to be taken out.

•A woman on Kilcrease Road said her ex-boyfriend called here more than 200 times during a day. She broke the phone and bought another to replace it. She showed a deputy that the man called her 52 times between 6-9 p.m. A deputy reported that warrants for unlawful conduct during 911 calls to falsely report a crime and a false report of a crime for saying a fight in in progress would be taken on the ex-boyfriend.

•A Winder man was charged with aggravated assault, second-degree criminal damage of property and criminal trespass after a domestic dispute at a Centennial Drive house. A woman said a man locked her out of her house, began pushing her Jeep Cherokee with his pickup truck and damaged property in the house.

•A woman on Johnson-Hale Road said her wallet was taken and a bank card was tried to be used with Lyft. It was not accepted. She said the wallet, two debit or credit cards, a military ID card, Social Security card, driver’s license and miscellaneous items were taken.

•A bus driver reported his driver's side mirror was hit on Arnold Road and the other driver left the scene. It was a three- to five-ton service truck that hit the mirror, the driver said. No injuries were reported.

•A Walmart employee said a woman paid for one air conditioning filter and returned chairs and smaller items to get back cash. She also left the store with five men’s clothing items. Total value of the items taken or falsely returned is $150.

•A school resource officer at Winder-Barrow High School said a student reported a cell phone, a case, a bank debit card and $6 cash were taken from a class when she went to the bathroom. A friend of hers returned the purse about an hour later and said she found it in Bellingrath Subdivision.

•A woman on Burson Maddox Road said her front door was “partially disassembled” and someone had been in all the rooms. The woman said sheets were taken off the bed, drawers were open and toys were taken out of where they were kept. She said two costume jewelry necklaces and a quartz ring were taken.

•A man on Mackinaw Drive said the driver’s window on his Land Rover was broken during the night of Sept. 16.

•A woman on Good Hope Trail said she got an email thanking her for shopping with Xfinity Mobile. It showed the purchase of $4,000 worth of cell phones at a store in Atlanta. She said she did not make the purchase. She said someone opened accounts, using her information, for a Visa credit card and with Helzberg Diamonds and Kay Jewelers.

•The son of a couple at a Georgetown Drive house said his parents had been arguing and his father was drinking and pointing a gun at family members. An officer said a woman had a pistol with the magazine removed and a man was on the sofa with his face in his hands. The pistol was a Ruger 9 mm. The son said his parents argued about his sister’s relationship with her boyfriend. The father was arrested for simple assault-family violence.

•A man said a Ford Explorer hit his Honda Accord at the intersection of Highway 82 and Bowman Mill Road. He said the Explorer hit the passenger side of his car, doing “significant” damage. He said the SUV continued on Highway 82 and did not stop. The passenger’s side front window was broken out completely and multiple spots of green paint were transferred during the impact of the vehicles.

•Two women were arrested for theft by shoplifting after a Walmart employee said the two loaded three carts and scanned and paid “for some items.” The employee said more than 100 items were not paid for. The total value of that merchandise was $570.

•A Bethlehem business reported a man filled a duffle bag with merchandise and left without paying for it. The total value of the items was $1,174. It was different colognes and perfumes.

•A woman said she was at a wedding on Old Hog Mountain Road Sept. 15 and between 5-8 p.m. someone stole two written prescriptions from her purse.


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