Arrests made recently by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office and the Winder Police Department include:


•Nash Edford Key, 17, 807 Mulberry Rd., Winder – simple battery-family violence and terroristic threats and acts.

•Brian Keith Roberts, 47, 23 Hosch Cir., Winder – failure to appear, possession and use of drug-related objects, theft by receiving stolen property, failure to report an accident, failure to obey a stop sign, driving on a suspended license (two counts), hit-and-run, possession of a schedule I controlled substance, theft by taking, obscured or missing license plates, reckless driving, failure to yield to emergency vehicle and probation violation (three counts).

•Amber Nicole Kohler, 26, 253 Springdale Dr., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Janet M. Humphries, 50, 380 Kay Dr., Winder – theft by deception (two counts), theft by taking (three counts), criminal trespass (two counts) and criminal trespass-family violence.

•Evan Richard Newby, 38, 3815 Mink Livsey Rd., Snellville – probation violation.

•Calvin Eric Wilson, 50, 210 Ravenwood Ct., Bethlehem – probation violation.

•Tina Louise Harvey, 40, 524 Vine St., Athens – failure to appear.

•David Lucain Cristea, 19, 2220 Berry Hall Rd., Bethlehem – speeding and reckless driving.

•Jonathan Landers Durham, 20, 393 Tanners Bridge Rd., Bethlehem – violation of headlight requirements and driving without a valid license.

•Michael Brandon Roberts, 37, 836 Crystal Meadow Dr., Winder – hit-and-run, failure to maintain lane, no insurance, striking a fixed object and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Richard Shane Brooks, 32, 4332 Edwards Rd., White Plains – probation violation.

•Michael Whit Potts, 35, 266 Spring St., Winder – possession of methamphetamine.

•Eric Charles Ashley, 39, 241 Lynn Rd., Bethlehem – possession of a schedule I controlled substance, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, possession of methamphetamine and theft by shoplifting.

•Elisa Guzman Lopez, 36, 1193 Old Barnett Shoals Rd., Athens – seat belt violation (children 5 and younger) (two counts), following too closely and driving without a valid license.

•John Javier Restrepo, 27, 179 W. New St., Winder – probation violation and failure to appear.

•Charles Rudolph Coppeak, 45, 1685 Atlanta Hwy., Winder – probation violation.

•Jerimy David Anderson, 43, 5334 Johnson Spur, Loganville – probation violation.

•Barbara A. Kibler, 68, 1063 Mitchell Dr., Winder – driving unsafe vehicle and driving on a suspended license.

•Cher Xiong, 55, 356 Brown Bridge Rd., Auburn – following too closely and driving on a suspended license.

•Malcolm Tyrone Young, 40, 4827 Walden Way, Flowery Branch – drugs to be kept in original container (two counts), possession of a schedule II controlled substance (two counts), possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, theft by taking and second-degree criminal damage to property.

•Nicholas Andrew Rose, 43, 305 Timberridge Ln., Auburn – criminal trespass.

•Elmer Howard Gilman, 56, 221 Reagan Rd., Dawsonville – theft by conversion.

•Crystal D. Satterfield, 33, 597 Curk Roberts Rd., Braselton – DUI-endangering a child under 14 (three counts), driving an unsafe vehicle, seatbelt violation (chiddren 5 and younger) and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Damon William Lamkin, 21, 319 Honeysuckle Terrace, Auburn – speeding in construction zone and reckless driving.

•Eddy Fremont Jr., 37, 1409 Faith Dr., Winder – criminal trespass-family violence.

•Robert Bolton Suttle, 40, 1317 Old Victron School Rd., Auburn – probation violation, simple battery against a person 65 or older and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Sydoney Tandeewi Jackson-Evans, 41, 1409 Faith Dr., Winder – criminal trespass-family violence.

•Teresa Ann Hunt, 53, 1602 Jessica Ln., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Henry Lee Campbell Jr., 32, 197 Georgia Ave., Winder – probation violation.

•William Heath Hicks, 42, 2227 Glenn Jackson Rd., Statham – obstructing a person making an emergency phone call.

•Crystal Dawn Wheeler, 41, 1488 Hardigree Rd., Winder – probation violation.

•Tommy Leon Metcalf, 45, 283 W. Midland Ave., Winder – expired license plate, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of methamphetamine.

•Patricia Elizabeth Frady, 37, Holly Dr., Winder – inmate in custody for court only, pedestrian under the influence, possession and use of drug-related objects (two counts) and possession of methamphetamine (two counts).

•Russell Mark Schwen, 34, 444 Shoal Ct., Lawrenceville – probation violation.

•Tegra Nishell Butler, 30, 135 Martha St., Winder – child support.

•Irene Estefania Sosa-Guajardo, 30, 107 Loblolly Dr., Athens – failure to maintain lane and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Bobby Joe Barnes, 58, 232 Sherwood Dr., Winder – probation violation (three counts).

•Holly Ann Smith, 41, 308 W. Athens St., Winder – probation violation (five counts).

•Cassie Louise Hall, 29, 110 Plantation Rd., Winder – reckless conduct.

•Beechrum Maxey. 40, 97 Williamson St., Winder – parole violation.

•Patrick Hilton Edwards, 32, 900 Dogwood Trl., Winder – probation violation.

•Joshua Ryan Kitchens, 35, 76 Picklesimon Rd., Winder – theft by taking.

•Jeffery R. Shuck, 42, 1458 New Liberty Way, Braselton – probation violation.


•Joni Mae Osier, 33, 343 Cedar Creek Rd., Winder.

•Alana Nicole Walker, 36, 4305 Paxton Ln., Lilburn.

•John Michael Facik, 69, 1554 Shadowstone Cir., Winder.

•Kenselow Bernard Kelley, 40, 717 Meadow Ln., Social Circle.


•Courtney Hope Goodwin, 25, 33 Richardson St., Winder – open container violation and DUI-alcohol.

•Damian Lashay Barton, 34, 5 Dogwood Dr., Winder – simple battery-family violence, false imprisonment, aggravated stalking and aggravated assault.

•Wayne Nelson Smith, 64, 4265 Platinum Ct., Hoschton – DUI-intoxicating substances and speeding.

•Patrick Thomas Lipscomb, 39, 190 Baxter Dr., Athens – public drunkenness and pedestrian to walk on shoulder away from edge of road.

•Cody L. Aguirre-Uriostegui, 24, 1110 Ballpark Ln., Lawrenceville – DUI-intoxicating substances, driving on a suspended license and speeding.

•Mariena Lafaye Alexander, 46, 1172 Pinebrooke Rd., Auburn – expired license plate, no license plate, possession and use of drug-related objects, DUI-alcohol-less safe and possession of methamphetamine.

•Vivien E. Aganoua, 22, 115 Sherwood Ct., Athens – failure to appear.

•James Victor Power, 28, 4133 Chanticleer Dr. NW, Kennesaw – DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Kristie Lee Wallace, 32, 1367 Yorkshire Dr., Winder – disorderly conduct, reckless driving and simple assault-family violence.

•Natasha Ann Hull, 39, 133 Wood Ave., Winder – probation violation and public drunkenness.

•Dajuan Tyrese Cooper, 18, 23 Duke Cir., Winder – possession and use of drug-related objects, crossing guard lines of a correction facility with weapons, intoxicants or drugs and possession of methamphetamine.

•Jadiel Garcia, 29, 139 W. Midland Ave., Winder – driving without a valid license and failure to obey a traffic control device.

•Lois Nicole Gutierrez, 30 1513 Willow Gate Way, Auburn – failure to appear, violation of handicapped parking and battery.

•James Michael Thomas, 74, 2039 Dooley Town Rd., Statham – expired license plate and driving without a valid license.


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