Arrests made recently by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office and the Auburn, Braselton and Winder police departments include:


•Devin Sanchez Jackson, 28, 432 Lexington Dr., Lawrenceville – probation violation (four counts).

•Tracy Alan Flannery, 29, 265 Apalachee Church Rd., Auburn – criminal trespass-family violence.

•Carlton Tanguy Yao, 19, 166 Cypress Cove Ct., Grayson – theft by taking.

•Kelly Jo Hagans, 46, 320 Stonegate Dr., Winder – probation violation (two counts).


•Jodi Lynne Summers, 28, 271 E. Wright St., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Jahquan Imanuel Anthony, 20, 1366 Dabbs Bridge Rd., Dallas – terroristic threats (four counts).

•Jessica Taylor Conklin, 23, 145 Sunrise Dr., Hoschton – probation violation.

•Teddy R. Riley, 49, 659 Blair Ct., Bethlehem – probation violation.

•Nathan Christopher Martin, 34, 1233 Everee Inn Rd., Griffin – probation violation.

•Mercedes Sha Martha Sims, 29, 484 Hawthorne Ave., Athens – possession of a schedule IV controlled substance and possession and use of drug-related objects.

•Farrell Todd Collins, 41, 1307 Etheridge Dr., Auburn – stalking.

•Austin Wade Taylor, 27, 3740 Creekwood Dr., Loganville – theft by receiving.

•Melynda Sue McInnis, 41, 533 Reynolds Ct., Statham – seat belts violation (adult), failure to maintain lane, speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Jesse C. Bramlett, 50, 1185 Lilac Arbor Rd., Dacula – simple battery-family violence.

•Joshua Earl Wilson, 35, 432 Blueberry Ln., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Enrique Adonay Rivas, 49, 271 E. Wright St., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Diana Deedra Dupervil, 31, 1506 Farmington Way, Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Jasmine Mariah Dupervil, 21, 1506 Farmington Way, Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Dana Marie Garland, 40, 2121 Wilkerson Ct., Bethlehem – theft by shoplifting.

•Shelby Lynn Lackey, 19, 440 Atlanta Hwy. NW, Winder – theft by shoplifting and possession of methamphetamine.

•Kevin Clarence Nixon, 56, 933 Beaver Dam Rd., Bethlehem – hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license.

•Warren David Johnson, 30, 157 Savannah Ave., Athens – driving on a suspended license and possession of methamphetamine.

•Quincy Bernard Cooper, 29, 271 E. Wright St., Apt. 67, Winder – probation violation (two counts).

•Jessica Nicole Easley, 33, 554 Ivy Creek Dr., Nicholson – violating the prohibition on nude or sexually explicit material electronic transmission.

•Keshun Marquise Evans, 21, 238 Wood Ave., Winder – probation violation.

•Dee Ann Finch, 57, 1415 Jones Rd., Winder – DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Alicia Amy Gazaway, 33, 505 Saddle Ridge Dr., Bethlehem – willful interference with emergency medical professionals.

•Marckus Jemal McDaniel, 28, 2231 Chance Ln., Grayson – speeding.

•Antwon Gerrell Johnson, 38, 231 Dreamland Cir., Winder – simple battery and probation violation (four counts).

•Bobby Michael Clay, 26, 33 Sixth St., Auburn – probation violation.

•Casey Leigh Tierney, 32, 41 Amherst Dr., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Annie Sue Scruggs, 70, 361 Tanglewood Rd., Auburn – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Angela Marleen Scruggs, 50, 361 Tanglewood Rd., Auburn – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers (three counts) and giving a false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer.

•Stefan Charles Reagin, 34, 2166 Lexington Carlton Rd., Carlton – possession of a schedule I controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine and broken taillight lenses.

•Christopher Tracy Jacks, 32, 241 Rutledge Dr., Winder – failure to appear.

•Noe Frank Torres, 39, 2050 Austell Rd. SW, Marietta – failure to exercise due care and driving without a valid license.

•Christopher Lee Stockton, 35, 79 Hams Ln., Jefferson – probation violation (two counts).

•Taylor Ray Gaddis, 24, 1776 Davenport Rd., Braselton – probation violation (two counts).

•Jasman Marie Buice, 27, 523 Valleyview Dr., Winder – probation violation.

•Charles Oscar Summerour, 31, 705 Michael Dr., Winder – criminal trespass.

•Joel Christopher Bradshaw, 40, 207 Amber Ln., Commerce – probation violation.

•Michael Andrew Stuart, 55, 212 Nunnally Rd. NE, Winder – probation violation.

•David Scott Clark, 19, 15 Maddox Hill Rd., Jefferson – concealing the identity of a vehicle and driving on a suspended license.

•David Richard Withers, 40, 856 Pine Shadow Ln., Winder – probation violation.

•Austin Kyle Waits, 27, 961 High Tide Ct., Loganville – probation violation.

•Megan Marie Moore, 30, 223 Baker St., Statham – probation violation.

•Michael Dewayne Arwood, 35, 1431 Shiloh Oak Dr., Loganville – deposit account fraud (two counts), theft by deception (two counts) and fourth-degree forgery (two counts).

•Habib Bobby Zubah, 19, 1107 Owens Cir., Bethlehem – possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

•Brian Keith Baughcum, 35, 167 Langford St., Winder – probation violation.

•John Eli Robertson, 42, 24 Deer Run Trl., Winder – duty upon striking an unattended vehicle and DUI-alcohol.

•Cory Monroe Reed, 41, 904 Ayersville Rd., Toccoa – probation violation.

•River Ceceaonna Jones, 26, 1201 Fairview Dr., Loganville – driving on a suspended license.

•Joshua Dewayne Foster, 35, 2145 Dooley Town Rd., Statham – possession of methamphetamine.

•Todd Ashley Wages, 39, 161 Scott Dr., Winder – aggravated stalking (two counts) and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.


•Christopher Vanname, 33, 6268 Riverview Parkway, Braselton – simple assault, disorderly conduct and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.


•Michael Angel, 41, 312 Alexander Rd., Commerce – parole violation.

•Franklin Delano Vandergriff II, 57, 1013 Tall Oaks Ln., Monroe – probation violation.

•Leroy Jason Locke, 42, 241 Lynn Rd., Bethlehem – probation violation.


•Stacey Jean Solomon, 34, 395 Sunset Dr., Statham.


•Quayla Rashanda Ross, 25, 48 Maynard St., Winder – probation violation (two counts).

•Lamont Detor Jackson, 44, 237 Doster Dr., Winder – battery.

•Raymundo Cruz, 32, 1909 Rice St., Melrose Park, Illinois – failure to maintain lane, too fast for conditions and DUI-intoxicating substances.

•Percy Akeen Jones, 31, 30 E. Williams St., Winder – improper use of central turn lane and driving on a suspended license.

•Deyhonna Lashay Buffer, 37, 1459 Ridgewood Place, Lawrenceville – failure to maintain lane, hit-and-run and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Elias Perez, 41, 832 Washington St., Gainesville – public drunkenness and driving without a valid license.

•Patrick Seymour-Parker, 26, 104 Lake Dr., Winder – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, littering highway (two counts), speeding and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Carlton Anthony Fisher, 40, 185 Charles Ct., Winder – simple battery-family violence.

•Shannon Leigh Maddox, 32, 402 Mercer Dr., Woodstock – failure to appear.

•Christian Tododaro Joe Porterfield, 19, 605 Bowling Ln., Winder – possession of a schedule I controlled substance, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of a schedule I or II controlled substance with intent to distribute.

•Ian Anthony Dewey, 19, 224 Ryan Rd., Winder – probation violation.

•Araceli Quiroz, 34, 768 City Pond Rd., Winder – violation of brake light requirements and driving without a valid license.

•William Charon Woody, 42, 421 Plaza Dr., Monroe – simple battery-family violence and criminal trespass-family violence.

•Terry Wayne Singleton, 63, 924 Fairview Club Cir., Dacula – failure to appear.

•Nicholas Brian Pittman, 36, 5457 Oakfern Trail, Flowery Branch – probation violation.

•Joel Michael Cardon, 18, 1124 Hwy. 211 NW, Lot 21, Winder – possession and use of drug-related objects (five counts) and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

•Jefry Felipe Gabuardi, 20, 506 Pin Oak Dr., Bethlehem – driving unsafe equipment and DUI-multiple substances.

•James Nelson Finch, 37, 1415 Jones Rd., Winder – battery-family violence (two counts) and public drunkenness.

•Paulaisha Bernice Nero, 36, 839 Exchange Cir., Bethlehem – criminal trespass-family violence.

•Millicent Amo Mensah, 36, 124 Second St., Winder – driving within the emergency lane, failure to stop at railroad crossing and driving permit holder without licensed driver 21 or older in vehicle.


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