Arrests made recently by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office and the Auburn and Winder police departments include:


•Landon Shane Tullis, 26, 64 Main St., Lot 61, Auburn – simple battery-family violence (two counts).

•Mitchell Ryan Johnson, 34, 1236 Cabot’s Dr., Auburn – failure to appear.


•Carlos Jesus Barcenas, 22, 1465 Hwy. 29, Athens – probation violation

•David Earl Jones, 36, 4695 Lois Dr., Sugar Hill – second-degree criminal damage to property.

•Lauren Leigh Smaltz, 35, 430 Arrowhatchee Dr., Winder – child support.

•Justin Keith McQueen, 28, 5803 Tanner St., Flowery Branch – possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

•Eric Lee Galanos, 28, 240 Sussex Dr., Athens – speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol-less safe.

•Walter Lee Hobbs Jr., 54, 112 Lanthier St., Winder – probation violation.

•Jason Watson Reese, 35, 264 Elks St., Winder – simple assault-family violence and criminal trespass-family violence.

•Towanna N. Burgess, 35, 378 Tanners Bridge Cir., Bethlehem – theft by shoplifting.

•Chrisaundra Eunica Norman, 35, 378 Tanners Bridge Cir., Bethlehem – theft by shoplifting.

•Jacob Lane Thomas, 20, 115 Creekwood Rd., Winder – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers and theft by shoplifting.

•Brody Lee Thomas, 23, 115 Creekwood Rd., Winder – possession of methamphetamine (two counts), possession and use of drug-related objects, theft by shoplifting and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Sheila Darlene Pollard, 48, 1909 Broad St., Statham – theft by shoplifting.

•Leah Delay Smith, 40, 539 Dianne Ct., Winder – battery-family violence.

•Carlos Cordoba Tellez, 55, 5137 Warner St., Forest Park – improper lane change and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Michael Dylan Restrepo, 22, 1155 Dee Kennedy Rd., Auburn – theft by shoplifting.

•Jason A. Pollack, 39, 461 Cedar Trl., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Josue Caracamo, 24, 2006 Windridge Dr., Buford – driving without a valid license and violating the Hands-Free Georgia Act.

•Randy Levi Durden, 23, 208 River Landing Dr., Monroe – probation violation.

•Alyssa Aubrey Breshers, 30, 320 Oak Ridge, Auburn – battery-family violence.

•Charles Edwin Simpson, 26, 1201 Boss Hardy Rd., Auburn – probation violation.

•Anthony Steven Polk, 34, 5835 N. Castlegate Dr., Atlanta – probation violation.

•Joseph Huckaby, 50, 26 Buddy Faust Rd., Crawford – probation violation.

•Christopher Wayne Keith, 28, 108 Hamway Ln., Winder – probation violation.

•Garnett Wesley Hendrix, 54, 504 Jaden Ln., Winder – criminal trespass-family violence.

•Angela Joy Mabe, 42, 1327 Tapp Wood Rd., Hoschton – willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, theft by shoplifting, improper passing (two counts), failure to maintain lane, failure to obey traffic control device, reckless driving and feeling a police officer.

•Justin Lee Pennington, 31, 277 Hidden Acres Rd., Winder – failure to maintain lane, DUI-endangering a child under 14, DUI-drugs, theft by taking (two countss), theft by shoplifting and failure to appear.

•Talisa Deanne Henley, 39, 414 Graystone Dr., Winder – theft by shoplifting.

•Brian Keith Hicks, 41, 878 Atlanta Hwy. SE, Winder – parole violation.

•Daniel Byron Smith, 56, 1319 Bethlehem Rd., Statham – expired license plate and DUI-alcohol-less safe.

•Shane Bradley Fulcher, 28, 543 Hickeria Way, Winder – possession of a schedule I controlled substance and probation violation.

•Ashley Marina Maynard, 28, 665 Pleasant Hill Church Rd. NE, Winder – public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and simple battery-family violence.


•James Mark Thornton, 64, 60 Old Fort Perry Rd., Junction City.

•Mireya Q. Castillo, 44, 245 Amber Ridge Rd., Statham.

•Claudine Mankah Niba, 31, 950 Marietta St., Atlanta.

•Bethany Grace Hewell, 23, 551 Heckeria Rd., Winder.


•Arnetta Jewel Richardson, 51, 120 Second St., Winder – parole violation.


•Gian L. Navarro, 18, 124 Second St., Winder – expired license plate and DUI-drugs.

•Christopher James Fuller, 40, 515 Mackinaw Dr., Bethlehem – DUI-multiple substances.

•Anthony Clay Nolen, 24, 315 Louis Rd., Winder – probation violation (two counts).

•Patrick Andrew Griswold, 25, 97 Circle Dr., Winder – probation violation.

•Amy Diane Garbutt, 46, 192 Woodlawn Ave., Winder – driving on a suspended license and safety belt violation (adults).

•Alphonso Mattox Jr., 44, 840 Jay Bird Ln., Winder – speeding, reckless driving and DUI-drugs.

•Bernard Aldean Forbes, 41, 63 Clifton Dr., Winder – simple battery-family violence and simple assault-family violence.

•Antonio Martin, 41, 255 Wood Ave., Apt. 9, Winder – driving without a valid license, simple assault-family violence, battery-family violence and criminal trespass-family violence.

•George Thomas Singleton, 35, 461 Cedar Trl., Winder – failure to appear.

•Brooklin Rae Gaddis, 24, 410 Coleman Dr., Statham – tag light required and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

•Bakari Deungelo Griggs, 34, 232 Dreamland Cir., Winder – criminal trespass-family violence – damage or interference with property.

•Robkerio Shatavious Lee, 27, 329 Mary Alice Dr., Winder – reckless conduct.

•Steven Jeffrey Brazee, 24, 973 Pine Valley Rd., Winder – cruelty to children-family violence, criminal trespass-family violence and battery-family violence.

•Dantria J. Wolf, 29, 334 Shenandoah Cir., Winder – third-degree cruelty to children (two counts), cruelty to children and battery-family violence (two counts).

•Tara Marie Click, 41, 271 E. Wright St., Winder – littering, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and probation violation.

•Nathan Avery Attaway, 18, 119 Lily Dr., Winder – possession of a schedule I or II controlled substance with intent to distribute.


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