A Monroe man was arrested after being caught in the act of stealing scrap metal. The complainant said he was passing by the Loganville Highway location when he saw a green truck parked outside a building. The bed of the truck was loaded with scrap metal.

The complainant, who was armed with a handgun, waited outside the building for the burglar to exit.

The burglar, later identified as James Robert Seme, 28, of 739 Morgans Ridge Drive in Monroe, exited the building carrying a breaker box and other scrap metal.

The complainant ordered Seme to drop the metal and get on the ground. The man held Seme at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

Seme defended his actions saying he was just trying to feed his children and would steal if necessary to do so.

Seme was transported to the Barrow County Detention Center and charged with burglary.

Man admits getting ‘whooped’

A Statham man contacted the Sheriff’s Office for assistance after losing a fight with a Dacula man.

The victim said the argument began when he refused to allow the man to use a spare bedroom to engage in sexual relations with a female. The victim said the bedroom was reserved for another friend.

According to the victim, he and the male continued their argument outside. The victim said he had an unloaded .22 caliber rifle with him because he had heard the other man routinely carried a gun. During the course of the argument, the victim struck a window on the man’s Jeep with the butt of his rifle. Three people witnessed the incident and said the window was intact when the man left.

The next day, the man returned to the residence and accused the victim of breaking the window. The two began arguing again and the dispute turned physical. The victim informed the deputy that he “got his a** whooped.”

The victim had visible injuries, but said he did not intend to press charges. He did however ask what he could do to keep the man off his property in the future.

The deputy offered the man several solutions before leaving.

Underwear, syringes found in driveway

A Bethlehem man called authorities after making a strange discovery.

According to the man, he was awakened just after midnight by the sound of a vehicle outside the home.

When he looked out the window, he saw an older model pickup truck pulling out of the driveway.

That morning, the man walked outside and found a pair of red and white boxer shorts in the driveway. As the man picked up the shorts to throw them away, three hypodermic needles fell to the ground.

The deputy collected the shorts and the needles in order to properly dispose of them.

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