CERT in attendance

The Barrow County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) was in attendance at the Fourth of July celebration in Statham earlier this month. 

Members of the Barrow CountyCommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT) provided walking first aid and water for the annual Statham Fourth of July celebration recently. In attendance for CERT were: Dave Mueller, Vance Oakes, Charity Montgomery, Alex Wisnoski, Michael Toney, Fern Oakes and Bobbie Kitzman.

The CERT program starts by teaching citizens how to prepare and respond to possible disasters that may affect Barrow County. The CERT classes teach students in areas such as disaster preparedness, medical operations, search and rescue, and many other subjects. Classes are taught by CERT team training members and Barrow County Emergency Services personnel. Students are taught how to first take care of themselves, their families and then help their neighbors if a disaster hits. After graduating, students can join the CERT team in Barrow County. CERT volunteers work special events and occasionally work with local public safety agencies.

FEMA’s CERT Program trains volunteers to prepare for the types of disasters that their community may face through hands-on practice and realistic exercises.

If you would like to sign up for the class, go to barrowcert.org and click the “Application” tab.

For more information about the CERT program in Barrow County contact Penny Clack at pclack@barrowga.org or by phone 770-307-2987.


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