A convenience store clerk was attacked after attempting to prevent the theft of a $3 container of lip balm. The Loganville Highway Shell Mart employee said two black males and two white females were inside the store when he witnessed one of the females conceal a container of lip balm on her person. The clerk said he told the female to put the lip balm back where it belonged and leave the store. According to the clerk, one of the males began yelling at him and beating on the counter. When the clerk asked the male to leave, the male reportedly attacked, striking the clerk in the face and neck multiple times.

The four suspects then left the store in a white Honda Accord.

The clerk did not sustain any visible injuries but complained of soreness in his jaw and neck.

The clerk was able to provide authorities with a tag number for the vehicle. The case remains under investigation.

Other recent incidents investigated by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies include:

•911 hang up on Old Victron School Road. A woman called 911 after accidentally taking her husband’s medication instead of her own. A deputy was dispatched when the woman hung up to call poison control instead.

•suspicious incident on Ballast Trail. A woman said she was sleeping on her sofa after taking several sleeping pills when she heard loud knocking at her door. The woman was afraid to look outside, but said the knocking stopped when she turned on the lights. The woman asked the deputy to remain at the residence while she gathered her belongings to go stay elsewhere for the night.

•criminal trespass on Casey’s Court. A woman said someone rifled through the papers in her purse. The woman fears someone will use her identification to commit a fraud.

•criminal trespass on County Line Auburn Road. A woman said a white male continues to trespass on her property after being told not to do so. The woman also believes the man injured one of her dogs with his truck while on her property.

•possible identity theft on Cedar Valley Trail. A woman fears someone may be using her husband’s identity after receiving a letter regarding a loan application. The woman said her husband could not have applied for the loan because he is in prison.

•interference with custody on Tanner’s Bridge Circle. A woman filed a report claiming interference with custody after her 17-year-old son was bonded out of jail by his girlfriend and the girlfriend’s mother against the woman’s wishes.

•entering auto on Ode Peppers Court. An unlocked 1994 Honda Accord was entered. Nothing was reported missing out of the vehicle.

•theft by taking on Wages Road. A woman reported that her gas tank cover was pried open and half a tank of gas siphoned out of her vehicle.

•entering auto on Saddle Ridge Drive. Two unlocked vehicles were entered at the same address, Items taken included a debit card, credit card, a digital camera and $80 in cash.

•burglary on Creekwood Road. A woman’s home was burglarized twice in a two week time period. The woman did not report the first burglary because nothing was taken. She reported the second burglary because someone pushed open the boarded over window that had been broken during the first burglary.

•prowler on Corbin Court. A woman called 911 after hearing what she thought was someone attempting to kick in her back door. The responding deputy found no signs of attempted forced entry.

•battery on Langdon Park Drive. A deputy was called to Barrow Regional Medical Center in response to an assault. The victim refused to say how she was injured and would not answer the deputy’s questions about the incident.

•injured deer on Atlanta Highway. A deputy shot and killed a deer after finding the animal alongside the roadway with two broken legs.

•complaint on Thornbrook Ridge. A woman said her ex-husband called her place of work and left a message for her. The woman said she did not want her ex-husband attempting to contact her. The deputy attempted to advise the ex-husband of the woman’s wishes, but was unable to reach the man.

•road rage on Hwy. 316. A deputy was called to intervene when two men stopped their cars alongside the road to settle a road rage dispute. One of the men suggested they “walk into the woods and take care of it like men.” The deputy was able to resolve the issue and the men shook hands before parting ways.

•fraud on Roxey Maxey Road. A man discovered $300 in fraudulent charges had been made using his debit card. The purchases were made in Columbus, Flowery Branch and Phoenix, Ala.

•burglary on Bethlehem Church Road. A deputy responding to an alarm call found an open door. Evidence at the scene indicated the door had been pried open. The homeowner responded to the scene and advised that nothing appeared to be missing.

•theft by taking on Ballast Trail. A realtor reported that an outside air conditioning unit at a vacant home had been stolen.

•stolen vehicle on Hwy. 316. A vehicle which had been abandoned on Hwy. 316 was reported stolen. The owner said he left the vehicle after experiencing mechanical difficulties. By the time he returned to retrieve his vehicle, it was gone.

•complaint on Lucas Way. A woman called authorities after hearing gunshots in the area of her home. The woman said she was concerned for her safety. The deputy noted that he did not hear any gunshots while in the area.

•shoplifting on Atlanta Highway. A man was arrested after concealing $95 worth of DVDs in his clothing.

•suspicious activity on Centennial Drive. A woman said a man in a white Toyota pickup had been driving through her neighborhood daily. The woman said she did not believe the man lived in the neighborhood and was concerned that he might be a sex offender.

•private property accident on Hwy. 124. Power lines were knocked down after the driver of a tractor-trailer attempted to do a u-turn in a parking lot. The driver said he did not see the lines before hitting them with his vehicle and knocking them to the ground.

•entering auto on Lochwolde Lane. Two unlocked vehicles were entered. Cash and credit cards were among the items stolen.

•burglary on Rockwell Church Road. Copper wiring was removed from several chicken houses. The estimated cost to repair the damage is $4,000.

•theft by taking on Victron Drive. The victim said a woman who she had allowed to stay at her house moved out taking several hundred dollars worth of the victim’s food and clothing with her.

•neighborhood complaint on Langdon Park Court. A woman said people continue to ride four-wheelers behind her house and occasionally trespass on her property.

•suicide threat on Muirfield Lane. Deputies were called to a residence after a man allegedly threatened to kill himself. The man refused medical treatment, but did turn over a shotgun to authorities which had been listed as stolen. The man said he bought the shotgun from a friend.

•dispute on Thurmond Road. Two women got into an argument over something that was posted on Facebook.

•stolen vehicle on Riverview Lane. A 1977 Chevrolet truck valued at $500 was reported stolen.

•suspicious incident on Cavern Trail. A man said a black male was sitting inside a Honda Accord taking pictures. The complainant thought the activity appeared suspicious.

•suspicious activity on Midland Court. A man reported seeing two juveniles standing in a back yard before walking into a wooded area. A deputy later located the juveniles who said they were looking for a place to build a fort.

•burglary on Admiral Circle. A landlord discovered several items missing from a fully furnished rental unit. A mattress set and television were among the items reported missing.

•complaint on Maxey Court. A homeowner complained that his neighbor was building a fence which would adjoin his fence. Even though the neighbor was not planning to connect to the man’s fence, the man felt the neighbor should have to pay him money since he would benefit from the existing fence.

•found property on Austin Road. A man located a social security card, a DFACS business card and a parole officer’s business card on the side of the road. Attempts to contact the owner of the social security card were unsuccessful.

•financial identity fraud on Hwy. 82. A man said his daughter used his name and social security number to open a credit card account without his permission.

•theft of services on Hwy. 124. A water department employee said a resident had been stealing water and broke a water meter after the water was disconnected.

•criminal damage to property on Tanners Lane. A storm door, three windows and siding was reported damaged.

•criminal trespass on Lokeys Ridge Road. A man noticed his vehicle had damage around the window. The man suspects someone attempted to break into the vehicle.

•recovered stolen property on Miller Lake Drive. A woman contacted authorities after a male acquaintance showed up at her house in what she believed to be a stolen vehicle. The woman noticed there was a screwdriver in the steering column. Authorities later located the vehicle which had been reported stolen. The suspect has not yet been located.

•forgery on Atlanta Highway. A woman said a check she had written to Gwinnett Medical Center had been duplicated and used at Walmart. The duplicate check was written for the amount of $845.

•suspicious incident on Midland Court. A woman called 911 after she thought she saw a man walk across her porch. No one was located in the vicinity.

•suspicious incident on Eastbrook Drive. A woman reported seeing a blue light outside her window. No one was located in the vicinity.

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