Two people were arrested after an unsuccessful attempt to hide a wanted woman from authorities. Two Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies visited an East Wright Street apartment in an attempt to serve Evelyn Darlene Landers, 48, of 271 East Wright Street in Winder, with a warrant for probation violation.

Upon their arrival, the deputies saw Landers’ vehicle parked outside the residence.

The deputies made contact with apartment resident Travers Jerworn Ray, 33, and asked him if Landers was present. Ray informed the deputies he had kicked Landers out of the apartment a week prior.

When questioned about the presence of Landers’ vehicle, Ray said the car had been parked at his residence for a month. One of the deputies had been to the residence within the past month and said the vehicle had not been there previously.

Due to the presence of Landers’ vehicle, the deputies asked for and were granted permission to search Ray’s residence.

Upon entering the bedroom, one of the deputies noticed a red bra and a pair of women’s denim shorts. When questioned about the items of female apparel, Ray said the clothing belonged to Landers and that he was waiting on her sister to retrieve the rest of Landers’ possessions. The deputy also noticed a gold purse in the bedroom. According to the report, a prescription bottle with Landers’ name was in plain view inside the purse.

Deputies again asked Ray where Landers was and again Ray denied having any knowledge of the woman’s present location.

Deputies continued searching the residence and eventually ended up in the kitchen. One of the deputies opened a cabinet door and “observed a white foot and red furry robe.”

The deputy drew his taser and ordered Landers out of the cabinet. She and Ray were allowed to get dressed before being taken into custody.

Landers was served with the warrant for probation violation and a warrant for misdemeanor obstruction. Ray was also charged with misdemeanor obstruction for hiding Landers and lying to deputies regarding her whereabouts.

Other recent arrests made by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies include:

•Austin James Anderson, 26, 4920 Macland Road, Powder Springs, probation violation.

•Julie Ann Arroyo, 40, 64 Main Street, Auburn, theft by taking.

•Jonathan Keith Asel, 42, 2025 Emerald Pointe Drive, Winder, family violence criminal trespass and interference with a 911 call.

•James Floyd Brannan III, 51, 419 Tanner Road, Dacula, contempt of court.

•Christopher Shawn Butler, 44, 1175 Jefferson Hwy., Winder, driving while license suspended and probation violation.

•Tracie Hope Cartwright, 37, 742 Bedrock Run, Lawrenceville, failure to appear.

•Farrell Todd Collins, 31, 153 Alicia Drive, Winder, contempt of court, failure to appear and probation violation.

•Donald George Creightney, 44, 21 Jefferson Road, Statham, failure to appear.

•David Jerome Day, 56, 24 Hardigree Terrace, Winder, probation violation.

•Brandon Christopher Hale, 23, 6047 Highway 106 South, Hull, probation violation.

•Anthony Eugene Hammond, 40, 301 B Russell Cemetery Road, Winder, probation violation.

•Tonya Marie Hampton, 36, 133 West Union Grove Circle, Auburn, failure to appear.

•Victor Juarez, 37, 323 Stonegate Drive, Winder, probation violation.

•Christopher Marshall Kaul, 38, 115 Creekwood Court, Winder, obstruction, driving while license suspended and probation violation.

•Tony Curtis Kennedy, 44, 409 Spring Lake Road, Lawrenceville, VGCSA.

•Brandon Hoke Lowery, 20, 65 Town Square Road, Morganton, probation violation.

•Wesley Eugene Martin, 30, 838 Arch Tanner Road, Bethlehem, contempt of court.

• Bryan Patrick McNeese, 28, 846 Manning Gin Road, Bethlehem, VGCSA, seat belt violation, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

•Ronald Oliver Nicholson Jr., 40, 127 Giles Road, Winder, probation violation.

•Donald Leland Richardson, 51, P.O. Box 326, Nicholson, probation violation.

•Joseph John Riley, 43, 1770 Oak Spring Street, Statham, child molestation, false imprisonment, kidnapping, cruelty to children, two counts of family violence simple battery and three counts of family violence third degree cruelty to children.

•Jeffrey Allen Roberts, 36, 315 B East Wright Street, Winder, probation violation.

•Michael Roy Rutledge, 39, 145 Park Avenue, Winder, probation violation.

•Ricky Eugene Shope Jr., 34, 1228 Highway 124, Hoschton, two counts of aggravated assault, possession of methadone and drugs to be kept in original container.

•Steven Brian South, 31, 2776 Harbins Lane Road, Dacula, family violence simple battery.

•Samuel Spates, 39, 375 James peek Road, Atlanta, probation violation.

•Richard Autry Spinks, 45, 154 Woodland Hill Drive, Jefferson, VGCSA.

•Tiffany Cyvonne Syphore, 32, 71 West Tate Street, Elberton, deposit account fraud and probation violation.

•Eric Wilson Tanner, 38, 453 Tanners Bridge Road, Bethlehem, driving while license suspended, four counts of failure to appear and three counts of probation violation.

•Jeffrey Jordan Taylor, 23, 537 Rockwell Church Road, Winder, family violence kidnapping and family violence battery.

•Todd Ashley Wages, 30, 161 Scott Drive, Winder, probation violation.

•Archie Lee Anderson, 49, 807 Caleb Drive, Winder, DUI and tail lights required.

•Tiffani Jordan Avery, 20, 354 Emily Circle, Winder, theft by shoplifting.

•James Edward Bass, 40, 103 Pickle Simon Road, Winder, improper passing and driving while license suspended.

•Justin Michael Blackstock, 25, 1022 Lanier Avenue, Gainesville, DUI and tail lights required.

•Dawn Leigh Braswell, 30, 7905 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, DUI.

•Angelica Carbajal, 18, 458 Midland Avenue, Winder, hit and run- fixed object, failure to maintain lane and driving while unlicensed.

•Cory Lesean Daniels, 40, 14202 Gateway Pointe Circle, Orlando, hold for other agency.

•Scottie Lynn Davis, 39, 185 Paper Mill Road, Lawrenceville, DUI and failure to maintain lane.

•Jason Nicholas Dehart, 30, 842 Eastmont Road, Winder, theft by receiving stolen property.

•Chrisptopher Darnell Dukes, 20, 215 Lynn Road, Bethlehem, parole violation.

•Robert Vincent Fallica, 35, 3340 Stratton Lane, Dacula, two counts of first degree forgery.

•Sandi Maria Ferguson, 42, 251 Rooks Road, Dacula, theft by shoplifting.

•Tammy Jane Forde, 36, 5272 Cromartie Road, Gillsville, battery and third degree cruelty to children.

•Lafrederick Jermain Gillespie, 35, 175 Sir Matthew Road, Athens, interference with government property.

•Brandy Nicole Huntley, 33, 3692 Sardis Church Road, Buford, theft by shoplifting.

•Tammy Darlene James, 46, 972 Old Hog Mountain Road, Auburn, family violence battery and family violence criminal trespass.

•Cecilia Luna Jeronimo, 31, 72 East New Street, driving while unlicensed and failure to stop at a stop sign.

•Corey Terrell McClendon, 36, 320 West Brooks Road, Memphis, driving while license suspended, speeding and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

•Kathleen Mitchell, 53, 928 Elijah Way, Bethlehem, DUI and failure to maintain lane.

•Cierral Norkika Moore, 20, 354 Emily Circle, Winder, theft by shoplifting.

•Alvara Alexander Ortega-Nunez, 19, 9104 Hwy. 29, Athens, seat belt violation, affixing license plate with intent to conceal identification and driving in violation of limited permit.

•James Ronald Shaw, 35, 782 Moss Side Drive, Bethlehem, pointing or aiming a gun or pistol at another, false imprisonment, discharging a firearm while under the influence, family violence aggravated assault, two counts family violence simple battery, family violence simple assault and discharging a gun or pistol near a roadway.

•Charles James Sikes, 34, 292 Bonnie Road, Lyon, terroristic threats and acts.

•Robert Edward Simpson, 44, 1061 Pinehill Road, Watkinsville, burglary and second degree forgery.

•Jason Scott Talbot, 30, 850 Johnson Mill Road, Jefferson, failure to appear.

•Beau Preston Walters, 21, 1082 Beaver Dam Road, Hoschton, fleeing or attempting to elude, equipment violation and driving while unlicensed.

• Angela Renee Wimpey, 45, 185 Rockwell Church Road, Winder, theft by taking.

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