A Winder man contacted the Sheriff’s Office after discovering his German Shepherd had been shot in the head by someone using a high powered rifle. The man initially believed his dog had injured itself on a fence or some other object while outside. When the man took the dog to the veterinarian, he learned that the dog had been shot. The veterinarian said the bullet entered through the back right side of the dog’s head and exited in the front area near the animal’s ear.

The man said he did not know of anyone who would want to shoot his dog. According to the man, everyone in the neighborhood knows the dog is friendly.

The man told the deputy he is concerned that someone would be firing a high powered rifle in a residential area and wanted to file a report.

The dog is expected to make a full recovery.

Other recent incidents investigated by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies include:

• complaint on Hilltop Circle. A woman said her neighbor was violating the terms of a protective order by trespassing on her property. When notified that she would have to contact Auburn Police regarding the TPO, the woman said she was dissatisfied with the Auburn Police Department’s handling of the issue and said she wished to meet with Sheriff Jud Smith regarding the matter.

• harassing phone calls on Marshview Court. A woman said she had received harassing phone calls from the father of her child. The woman was upset because the man called her several names which she deemed offensive.

• harassment on Atlanta Highway. A man claims a woman is trying to get him fired by accusing him of theft. The man said the woman accused him of stealing a radio and has been telling several people, including his boss, that he is a thief.

• complaint on Loganville Highway. A woman’s ex-boyfriend reportedly pulled out in front of her, stopped his car, got out and pointed his finger at her before driving away. The woman intends to seek a protective order.

• criminal trespass on Mill Creek Road. A woman saw a black male described as approximately six feet tall and weighing 200 pounds standing in her backyard and watching her daughter through a window. The responding deputy did not locate any suspect matching that description in the area.

• harassing phone calls on Finch Drive. A man received a voice message in which the caller said the man’s wife left her cell phone at his house and that he needed to get rid of it because so many men were calling it and keeping him awake at night. The man said the harassing phone calls began approximately one year ago, but had never mentioned his wife until the most recent call.

• theft by taking on Rockwell Church Road. A 1986 Pontiac 6000 valued at $500 was reported stolen.

• theft by taking on Patrick Industrial Drive. An employee of a business reported that his motorcycle helmet and gloves had been stolen while he was at work.

• neighborhood complaint on Busby Drive. A man videotaped his neighbor riding a dirt bike on the roadway while not wearing a helmet. The video also showed a juvenile riding on the back of the dirt bike wearing what appeared to be a bicycle helmet. The man turned the video over to the deputy as evidence of his complaint.

• entering auto on Dooley Town Road. A purse and several other items were reported stolen out of the victim’s vehicle.

• theft by taking on Hillside Court. A woman said her Murray lawnmower had been chained to the back deck of her mobile home when she last saw it. When she returned to the property three weeks later, she discovered the mower had been stolen.

• entering auto on Plantation Road. An unknown suspect broke out the window of a pickup truck and stole a rifle.

• criminal trespass on Worth Court. A man discovered his basement window had been broken. Nothing was taken and the man believes the damage may have been purposely caused by his ex-wife.

• criminal trespass on Jim Johnson Road. A man found that two windows at his home had been broken. It appeared that rocks had been thrown through the windows.

• fire investigation on Kilcrease Road. A deputy was dispatched to assist while fire investigators processed the scene of a suspicious fire inside a mobile home. No one was injured, but the family dog was died of smoke inhalation after refusing to come out from under a bed according to one of the residents.

• suspicious incident on Bishop Woods Road. A man located what he believed was a human clavicle bone on top of a pile of leaves. No other bones were found. The bone has been sent off for testing.

• financial transaction card fraud on Sunrise Lane. A woman said her son took her debit card without permission and made over $300 in charges.

• loud music complaint on Jones Road. A man complained that his neighbor’s birthday party was too loud. The deputy asked the neighbor to turn down the music and the neighbor complied.

• criminal trespass on Victron Drive. A woman said her boyfriend accused her of stealing his money. When the woman denied knowing anything about the missing money, the boyfriend allegedly poured sugar into the gas tank of her vehicle.

• entering auto on Winward Road. A truck which had been repossessed by the original owner was entered by the person who failed to make payments. The man only took items out of the truck which belonged to him, but the owner was concerned that the man had not asked for permission or attempted to contact him before retrieving the items.

• theft by taking on Scott Circle. A woman let a man borrow her car to go get ice for a birthday party. The woman said she had not seen the man or her car since.

• criminal trespass on Dean Way. An unknown subject squirted mustard on a man’s vehicle.

• burglary on Pendergrass Road. A digital camera valued at $300 was reported stolen.

• theft by taking on Gainesville Highway. A man believes his niece stole $3,400 in jewelry so that she could bond her boyfriend out of jail.

• fraud on Smith Cemetery Road. A man discovered someone had used his social security number to obtain Direct TV service when he called the company to request an installation and the company advised that their records indicated he already had service.

• attempted burglary on Boss Hardy Road. A thief was unsuccessful in his or her attempt to gain access to a house.

• burglary on Atlanta Highway. Several firearms as well as a television, tools and several sterling silver items were stolen out of a storage unit.

• neighborhood complaint on Kristin Court. A woman complained that a neighbor had stepped in front of her car and accused her of trying to hit one of the children that was playing in the road. The neighbor said the woman routinely speeds through the neighborhood and that she only stepped in front of the car after the woman sped around another vehicle that was driving the speed limit.

• discharging firearms on Cedar Valley Trail. A woman reported hearing a shotgun blast behind her home. The deputy interviewed several area residents who said it was not uncommon to hear shots fired in the area.

• criminal trespass on Miller Springs Drive. A mailbox valued at $50 was reported damaged.

• theft by taking on Christmas Avenue. A laptop was reported stolen. The laptop had been left in an unsecured office within a church.

• suspicious incident on Golf Course Road. A woman said she and her daughter heard the front door of their residence open and heard someone say hello. Neither woman saw anyone, but heard the door close. The women then said they heard what sounded like someone trying to enter the crawl space of the home. No signs of forced entry were found at the home.

• death investigation on East Wright Street. A man contacted the Sheriff’s Office when he was unable to make contact with his co-worker. The co-worker was discovered dead inside his home. The deceased had a history of medical issues.

• terroristic threats on Ode Peppers Road. A woman said a couple to whom she is renting property began yelling at her when she went to her mailbox. The man reportedly threatened to shoot the landlord’s dog while the woman threatened to physically assault her. The deputy was unable to make contact with the couple. No charges were filed.

• theft by taking on Duncan Lane. The lock to a truck trailer was cut open and over $4,800 worth of tools stolen.

• entering auto on Gable Court. A wallet and iPod were stolen out of an unlocked vehicle.

• complaint on Maple Park Drive. A man reported hearing two gunshots around 1 a.m. The man believed the shots originated from Glass Road.

• theft of lost or mislaid property on Atlanta Highway. After paying for his groceries at Walmart, a man got into his vehicle and realized his wallet was missing. Attempts to locate the wallet were unsuccessful.

• criminal trespass on Kennedy Sells Road. A woman discovered a burnet plastic water bottle inside her mailbox.

• terroristic threats on Fred Kilcrease Road. Several individuals accused each other of making death threats after an argument over a dog.

• complaint on Kessler Road. A woman said her neighbor’s music was too loud.

• criminal trespass on Foxdale Court. A man contacted the Sheriff’s Office after he awoke and discovered tire tracks running through his yard.

• terroristic threats on Turk Road. A woman said her grandfather threatened to kill her father-in-law.

• criminal trespass on Kennedy Sells Road. A woman accused one of her neighbors of driving in circles in her yard and putting toilet paper over her house and trees.

• suspicious male on East Wright Street. A woman became alarmed when a man with a stick stopped in front of her residence. The man was later determined to be suffering from a mental disability.

• burglary on Harmony Grove Church Road. Over $2,250 worth of tools were stolen out of a storage shed.

• damage to property on Highway 53. A vehicle sustained approximately $500 worth of damage after a bush hog hit an unknown item causing it to fly up and strike the vehicle.

• criminal trespass on Hill Shop Road. A woman returned home to find three spent shell casings on the floor of her living room. All the doors and windows were locked. The woman’s landlord believes relatives of a former tenant may be responsible.

• fireworks complaint on East Bay Street. A man called the Sheriff’s Office after his neighbors had been shooting fireworks for hours. The man said he thought that length of time was “excessive.”

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