Incidents from the Winder Police Department include:

•Two people were arrested near the intersection of Woodlawn Avenue and West Wright Street after a domestic argument. The man appeared to be yelling at the woman when officers arrived. The woman said the two had been at a party, but she had not been drinking. The woman said the man was her fiancé and they lived together. She said the argument started because the man wanted to “go somewhere to get something” and she did not want to go. The man was charged with battery-family violence. The woman was charged with driving under the influence, simple battery on a law enforcement officer and obstruction.

•A man and woman were arrested after officers went to a West Wright Street house looking for another woman. Searching for the other woman, officers found a loaded syringe with a pale brown liquid substance, a marijuana grinder, digital scales and a white crystal granular substance. The woman was arrested on a Gwinnett County warrant and charged with giving a false name to a law enforcement officer. Both were arrested for manufacturing marijuana. They also were charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule II controlled substance and possession and use of drug-related objects.

•A man on Louis Road, Winder, told an officer he did not want to hurt himself and later changed his story as an officer was taking him to a hospital for a mental evaluation.

•A Lawrenceville man was held on a Gwinnett County warrant and was charged with four traffic violations after a stop on Griffith Street, Winder. He was charged with driving under the influence-under 21, violating taillight requirements, failure to signal and failure to maintain lane.

•A woman was cited for failure to register a vehicle after a traffic stop. It was the second time the woman had been stopped in a week. The Dodge Durango she was driving had no license tag. In the first stop, the vehicle had a tag, but it was stopped for cancelled registration.

•A woman on Wisteria Lane, Winder, said she has an ongoing dispute with a neighbor and has had unsatisfactory repairs from the homeowners’ association. She complained of the neighbor playing “continuously . . . loud music and his TV at a high volume.”

•A woman was injured in a bicycle accident near West Candler Street and Ridgeway Street, Winder. She said a car was so close to a group of bicyclists that they “had to reach out and slap the vehicle to keep it from hitting them.” Another cyclist hit her causing her to fall off her bicycle. The vehicle’s driver said the bicyclists first took up the “whole lane” on West Candler before moving to a single file on the side of the road. He said after the crash the cyclist “began threatening to beat him up” and he went to the police department.

•A woman on Northridge Drive, Winder, said an IRS agent came to her house and said she owed the agency $529,000. She told him that could not be true because she had not made enough money to file taxes in the last five years. Later, an IRS agent told her another person had been using her identity since 2014. The agent said a person used her name and information for a business tax ID, a trust fund and a vehicle purchase.

•A Winder man was arrested for criminal attempt to commit a felony, stalking and criminal trespass after a woman with whom the man is having a baby reported he tried to call her and text her after she “attempted to have no contact” with him.

•A man said a Glock pistol, clip-on holster and a wallet with his driver’s license and Georgia carry permit were missing from a car’s glove box after he was in the county jail.

•An employee at a local business said she had video of a man stealing a Troy-Bilt riding tractor from the back parking lot. The tractor was worth an estimated $1,524.

•A homeless man was charged with possession and use of drug-related objects and urban camping and improper use of public places after an officer found him living in a tent in woods behind Goodwill. The man said he was staying by himself but a woman was supposed to be with him. An officer found a smoking device, two baggies with marijuana “shake” in them and two marijuana grinders in the man’s backpack. He also received a criminal trespass warning to stay off the property.

•A woman who lives on John Street said several pieces of jewelry were stolen from her bedroom. Officers recovered three items pawned by a man. They recovered a heart-shaped pendant with diamonds surrounding the heart, a gold rope chain and a gold ring with several diamonds. Also missing were diamond earrings, a sapphire and diamond gold ring and a ladies' designer ring.

•A man reported that more than $4,500 was stolen by someone manufacturing fake work orders. Vehicles were shown as being worked on that were never on the business property. Two employees were fired. The amount of money stolen was uncertain.

•Two men were arrested on theft by taking charges after a quantity of shopping carts was found near Pinkney and Nancy streets.

•Two people were arrested on drug charges after a traffic stop on West Candler Street. The man passenger admitted to having marijuana near his seat and it was found in a napkin between the passenger seat and center console. Officers also found a vape pen with a cartridge that had a small amount of THC oil in the front passenger seat and a “zookies, California confidential” THC oil box in the glove box. Both were charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug-related objects. The man also was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. The woman also was charged with violation restrictions on the use of blue lights.


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