What started as a disagreement over chores ended with a trip to jail for a Bethlehem teen. Authorities were called to 695 Thorn Brook Ridge in Bethlehem last week after a dispute between Briana Roberts, 18, and her younger brother turned physical.

According to Roberts, she asked her younger brother to do some cleaning. Roberts said her brother did not start cleaning until she called her brother’s father.

When Roberts got off the phone, she began eating a Hot Pocket which made her younger brother angry. The younger brother attempted to call his mother, but Roberts intervened saying the mother could not talk on the phone because she was at work.

At that point, the younger brother reportedly flicked a small piece of wood at Roberts and Roberts retaliated by punching him in the arm. Roberts said the juvenile responded by throwing a plastic ashtray at her.

The younger brother gave a slightly different version of the event. According to the juvenile, he was on the phone when his sister began yelling at him. The juvenile admitted flicking a wood chip at his sister, but said it was only the size of a Skittle. The younger brother said his sister punched him in the arm and he threw an ashtray at her. According to the juvenile, Roberts then threw a tv tray at him.

A neighbor witnessed the dispute and corroborated the younger brother’s story.

Roberts was placed under arrest for family violence simple battery for striking the juvenile.

Other recent arrests made by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies include:

•Charles David Allen, 22, 526 Harris Drive, Bethlehem, two counts probation violation.

•Adelita Bahena, 23, 844 Briscoe Mill Road, Bethlehem, driving while unlicensed, no insurance and three counts of child restraint law violation.

•Francisco Bello Jr., 21, 223 Brookridge Avenue, Doraville, theft by receiving stolen property, possession of a knife or firearm while trying to commit crimes, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and VGCSA.

•Dantory Eugene Benning, 30, 190 High Court Place, Decatur, two counts theft by receiving stolen property.

•Ashleigh Suzanna Berryman, 29, 1029 Dee Kennedy Road, Auburn, probation violation.

•Jeremy David Campbell, 32, 2022 Kirkland Circle, Statham, simple battery family violence and theft by taking.

•Daniel Ray Casper Jr., 33, 700 Park Avenue, Baldwin, probation violation.

•Richard Timothy Casper, 43, homeless, Atlanta, probation violation.

•Timothy Wayne Casper, 33, 3149 Hwy. 29, Vidalia, probation violation.

•Pace Matthew Easterling, 20, 322 Third Avenue, Winder, possession of Xanax, possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, possession of alcohol by a minor and consumption of alcohol by a minor.

•Christopher Eaton, 18, 208 Arnold Road, Statham, burglary and criminal trespass.

•Kelton Lenard Edwards, 20, 1780 Graves Road, Norcross, theft by receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm while trying to commit a crime, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and VGCSA.

•Christopher Yadolla Fattahi, 18, 1930 Lee Patrick Drive, Dacula, reckless conduct.

•Sheavonne Nytee Finch, 22, 418 Harpy Eagle Drive, Winder, armed robbery, two counts aggravated assault, entering auto and parole violation.

•Suzanne Marie Fulton, 48, 291 East Paces Drive, Athens, probation violation.

•Charles Christopher Gibbs, 40, 741 Bethesda School Road, Lawrenceville, two counts failure to appear.

•Kimberly Louise Gibson, 21, 322 Third Avenue, Winder, possession of Xanax.

•Mark Egerton Hardy, 27, 471 Pendergrass Road, Winder, probation violation.

•Latonya Elizabeth Hill, 19, 227 Capital Avenue, Winder, interference with government property, second degree cruelty to children, two counts of aggravated battery, two counts of battery and two counts of aggravated assault.

•Elijah Simeon Klumb, 26, 1118 North Leighton Drive, Baton Rouge, La., probation violation.

•Brenda Lee Lancaster, 44, 44 Joseph Street, Bethlehem, theft by shoplifting.

•Jacob Dwayne Moyers Sr., 31, 240 West Oak Street, Winder, aggravated assault and battery.

•Daniel Lee Nelson, 27, 1217 Jefferson Hwy., Winder, two counts family violence battery, three counts third degree cruelty to children, three counts of aggravated assault, battery and family violence simple battery.

•Robert Sean Nichols, 19, 730 Hwy. 211, Winder, terroristic threats and acts and criminal trespass.

•Edward Irby Peach, 42, 852 City Pond Circle, Winder, theft by taking and probation violation.

•Michael Terrence Sanders, 46, 5355 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville, probation violation.

•James Robert Seme, 28, 739 Morgans Ridge Drive, Monroe, burglary.

•Brandi Louise Skinner, 26, 856 Than Skinner, Winder, failure to appear.

•Amanda Michelle Swords, 29, 1414 Cronic Town Road, Auburn, probation violation.

•Bee Thao, 31, 863 Briscoe Mill Road, Bethlehem, aggravated assault, simple battery and third degree cruelty to children.

•Brandon James Allison, 19, 6952 Wheeler Road, Lula, simple battery.

•Jannika Andrea Bolling, 34, 501 Okeye Drive, Woodstock, DUI, hit and run, open container and failure to maintain lane.

•Joshua David Carter, 24, Partridge Trail, Winder, hold for other agency.

•Ivonne Corrales, 20, 3511 Autumn Farm Terrace, Buford, speeding and reckless driving.

•Bobby Lamar Davis, 50, 143 Manning Gin Road, Bethlehem, driving while license suspended.

•Nicole Deyarmon, 42, 6506 Jefferson River Road, Athens, criminal trespass.

•Mary Michelle Easterling, 34, 322 Third Avenue, Winder, DUI, failure to obey a traffic control device and open container.

•Matthew Scott Fletcher, 22, 1239 Peppers Road, Auburn, loitering and criminal trespass.

•Ashley Michelle Graves, 24, 1114 Flanagan Mill Road, Auburn, seven counts of theft by receiving stolen property.

•Jessica Beth Higgins, 20, 38 Village Court, Winder, driving while unlicensed and tail lights required.

•Jessica Meshelle Lane, 34, 2055 Castle Royale Drive, Lawrenceville, DUI.

•John Thomas Payne, 36, 1080 Gage Drive, Winder, two counts battery and one count criminal trespass.

•Michael Wayne Peery, 44, 365 Browns Bridge Road, Auburn, disorderly conduct and speeding.

•Catherine Alice Pokusa, 31, 844 Lodgeview Drive, Bethlehem, failure to appear.

•Adrian Taylor, 43, 172 Las Briasas Circle, Hypoluxo, Fla. two counts family violence battery, two counts second degree cruelty to children and one count first degree cruelty to children.

•David Allen Webb, 33, 143 Crest Point Court, Auburn, disorderly conduct, interference with custody and obstruction.

•Jon David Wood, 23, 568 Argonne Road, Winder, criminal trespass and loitering.

•Toua Benjamin Xiong, 23, 1442 Mill Stone Court, Bethlehem, failure to maintain lane, hit and run and DUI.

•Shawn Yang, 18, 812 Manning Gin Road, Monroe, criminal trespass.

•Joshua James Yoder, 24, 115 Prescott Court, Athens, DUI, following too closely, too fast for conditions and reckless driving.

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