Weaber retirement

Pictured, from left to right, are Deputy Chief Heath Williams, Capt. Aaron Fuller, Firefighter Bob Stewart, Lt. Kevin Locke, Firefighter Charles Weaber and Chief Alan Shuman.

As November has come to a close, so has Firefighter Charles Weaber’s long career of service in Barrow County.

Weaber began his career in the fire and EMS service when he joined on as a volunteer with Barrow County’s Statham Fire in 1985.

"Charles has spent many years in service to Barrow County, going all the way back to the days when the fire department was 100-percent volunteer,” Barrow County Emergency Services chief Alan Shuman said in a news release. “His knowledge and skill as both a firefighter and EMT have been an inspiration to countless new firefighters over the years. We wish him well in retirement.”

Weaber later continued his volunteer fire service with neighboring Oconee County, starting in 2000. In January 2004, he joined BCES as a full-time career firefighter. He also serves as an EMT with National EMS in Athens.

"Charles is highly skilled firefighter and EMT,” his station officer, Lt. Kevin Locke, said. “His years of experience, coolness under pressure and easy-going demeanor make him a valuable member of the crew and the entire shift."

After years of answering the call for help, Weaber says he’s ready to begin the next chapter of his life by spending more time with his wife, kids and grandkids.


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