Pictured, from left to right, are recruit graduates Jacob Walls, Gunter Hester, Blake Montgomery, Taylor Bryant and Josh Tiller.

On Friday, Dec. 13, five recruits graduated from the Barrow County Emergency Services (BCES) training program.

The internal recruit training program lasts for 13 weeks and includes an intense regimen of physical training and academic study, according to a news release. During training, the students learned many important skills they need to become firefighters. Topics include fire behavior, victim rescue, vehicle extrication and numerous other subjects.

Captain Brett Skinner, Training Captain for BCES said, “some consider the number 13 to be unlucky, but for this class, ‘13’ kept popping up…we started the class with 13 recruits, the class lasted 13 weeks, and graduation was on Friday the 13th. For us, this repetition of 13 turned out to be lucky. We ended up with five high quality individuals who are ready to go on shift as firefighters and be productive team members.”

The graduation ceremony for Recruit Class 112 was held at River Hills Church, and the keynote speaker was Barrow County manager Mike Renshaw. Each recruit was presented with his fire helmet surrounded by friends and family. The graduates leave the recruit training program certified to the level of Firefighter I and II, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Hazardous Materials Operations. All five have been assigned to stations around the county and reported for duty the day after graduation. They will continue their education over the next 18 months to become emergency medical technicians (EMTs).


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