Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A woman on Wellington Drive said at least four fraudulent charges were made with her debit card for more than $2,000. She said she had not used the card since Sept. 3 and the charges were all made Sept. 26.

•A woman said she got a letter from Georgia Own Credit Union, saying she was denied a loan for a second mortgage for $21,000. She said she had not applied for any loans recently. Lending Tree told her a second mortgage was applied for online with her personal information.

•A couple said they bought a Dodge Caravan for $1,600 but did not get a title. They said they “stayed in touch” with the seller but “never received the title.”

•A woman said she tried to buy tickets to a University of Georgia football game through Facebook. She said she paid $453 through PayPal but did not get the tickets.

•A Ford Focus reported stolen in Clarke County in 2018 was recovered in Barrow County. The car was found after several people were arrested in the area of Cavern Trail, Wagon Wheel Trail and Seminole Circle for entering automobiles and damaging property. The car had been crashed into a culvert. Four people are believed to be involved.

•A domestic dispute involving two women did not lead to charges against anyone. Officers said they went to a Hidden Acres Road house where one woman was “acting irate and yelling.” She got into an argument with a second woman.

•A man in Bethlehem said a boat and trailer belonging to him were stolen between Sept. 8 and 15.

•A woman on Smith Cemetery Road said she thought a man staying in a camper on her property stole three rifles that belonged to her dead husband. She argued with the man and fired “multiple” shots at him with a handgun.

•The school resource officer at Winder-Barrow High School said he received a theft report through a mother. He said the boy who had lost the $40 said it was taken from his duffle bag that was inside his locker room during third-period gym class.

•A man said he found a 9-mm gun between Golf Course Road and Corinth United Methodist Church. He said he usually picks up trash while walking. The gun had been reported stolen from Itawamba County in Mississippi.

•A man was held on warrants from Jackson County and charged with driving on a suspended license during a traffic stop at the intersection of Harmony Grove Church and Blackstock roads, Auburn.

•A man was arrested for simple battery after a fight with his brother-in-law at a house on East Wright Street in Winder.

•A Winder man was charged with theft by shoplifting after a Walmart employee said she saw him take items without paying for them. Included among the items were a Smith’s knife sharpener, two pairs of pants and cable ties.

•A man said his mother’s house was robbed. He said old coins, wedding ring sets for a man and woman, class ring and two cordless drills were taken.

•A Winder man was charged with seven traffic violations after an officer saw the car, a VW hatchback, cross the double line, center lane and pass two other vehicles in a no-passing zone. The car continued to drive on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive for several seconds at a slow speed. Once stopped, the man refused to get out of the car. He was charged with two counts of willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•A woman on East Wright Street said her back door was ajar and pieces of the locking mechanism and door were on the ground when she got home. She said the only thing missing was court paperwork about custody of her children.

•A Winder woman said her ex-boyfriend pulled into a convenience store across the street after driving through the appliance store lot, where she works. She said she has an active temporary protective order against him.

•A Winder man was charged with driving under the influence and driving on a suspended license after an accident involving motorcycles. He said he was riding a motorcycle behind the ones in the accident.

•A man on Walton Drive said his utility trailer was stolen from beside his house.


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