Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A woman on Hill’s Pointe Court, Bethlehem, said a TV, KitchenAid mixer and laptop computer, worth more than $1,000 were missing from a house.

•A man on Woodland Road, Auburn, said he returned home after being on the road for two weeks and his blower, which had been on his back porch, was gone.

•A woman on Dee Kennedy Road, Hoschton, said a truck went by the house toward the rear of the property. A man was found trying to load a fishing boat onto the truck. The property manager said the man had been evicted a year earlier and should not be on the property. The man was given a criminal trespass warning.

•A couple had work done on a pickup at a business on Atlanta Highway in Winder. The man said they came to get the truck. The business owners, another couple, said the truck was not quite ready. The truck owners paid $6,498 for the work done and made arrangements to tow the truck.

•A woman on Tanners Bridge Circle, Bethlehem, said wheels on a Honda Accord at her house were taken. She said the owner of the car was in prison and she was keeping it for him.

•Two women were arrested after a traffic stop in a school zone. Rebeca Hernandez-Vail, no age given, 124 Second St., Winder, was charged with driving while unlicensed and speeding and Sulma Yaneth Vargas, no age given, 566 Cotton Creek Ln., Winder, was arrested for permitting an unlicensed person to drive. Hernandez-Vail was stopped for driving 48 mph in a 30-mph school zone. The car belonged to Vargas.

•A woman on East Broad Street, Winder, said a dispute began with her husband July 28 when she asked him not to let her juvenile son watch a “mature” TV show. She said she next went to the house and her husband began to question her about where she was going. She said she was leaving and he started toward a shotgun. The two began fighting over control of the gun and she was hit in the leg with the stock. Her husband, Andrew Lamar Ramey, no age given, 425 Covenant St., Bethlehem, was charged with simple battery-family violence and simple assault-family violence.

•Several people were in the grass of a parking lot tending to German Shepherd puppies that had been in a closed-up SUV. A woman heard the puppies whining and reported it. The puppies were removed through an unlocked door. An officer said he would get five warrants for cruelty to animals against the owner, a Dacula woman.

•A Winder man was charged with disorderly conduct at a church operating a daycare because the Division of Family and Children Services were giving custody of two children to their mother. Brandon Lewis Doster, no age given, 306 Goldenrod Ln., Winder, was arrested after he continued yelling profane language. Doster said he had been taking care of the children for two years and DFCS was taking them.

•A man said a 2018 Kobelco excavator was damaged at a construction site on Chancey Circle, Winder. An officer said the engine compartment “looked as if someone attempted to break through the grate covering the radiator.” The man estimated the damage at $7,500.

•A man on Stonegate Drive said a juvenile stole a Bulova watch from his house. He said he tried to get the watch back and the boy would not return it.

•An Auburn man was charged with battery-family violence and two counts of simple battery-family violence after a domestic dispute that turned physical. Seferino Robert Fierroz, no age given, 1305 Smokerise Ln., Auburn, was arrested. He admitted shoving his daughter and wife during an argument about him going to buy cigarettes. Fierroz is the daughter’s boyfriend. Fierroz also had “multiple fresh cut marks” on his arm. He said it “relieves his stress.”

•Officers investigated a traffic accident, and made one arrest of David Jonathan Bowen, no age given, 695 Thorn Brook Ridge, Bethlehem, for an outstanding warrant. A woman on Cronic Town Rd., Auburn, said she heard a truck hit her pickup. She said her pickup was knocked “facing away from the road” after it had been pointed toward the road. She said it also went through a fence. The fence owner estimated the damage at $1,500.

•A man at a church reported finding an inmate uniform. It was marked Barrow County. No inmates were reported missing, but one man had been released two days before.

•A Fairburn man was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol-less safe, improper use of turn signals and failure to maintain a lane after a traffic stop near Highway 316 and Wall Road. Jhawn Quintell Nelson, 6285A Campbellton Fairburn Rd., Fairburn, was arrested after several vehicles passed him as he was going slowly on Highway 316. An officer said the Honda Accord was “weaving and crossing the centerline and the fog line.”

•A Winder man was charged with DUI-alcohol and failure to maintain a lane after a traffic stop at Rockwell Church Road NW and Laurel Lane. Andrew Leo Schafer, no age given, 752 Evergreen Dr., Winder, was arrested.

•Deputies saw what appeared to be a bullet hole in a drink cooler at a local gas station. Other holes nor bullets were found.

•A Gainesville man at a local business reported his driver side window was shattered. He noticed it when he left work about 7:20 p.m. Nothing appeared to be missing.

•A woman on Brooks Lane said she got calls that said she was a “person of interest in a case in Texas” and she owed $3,000 for a rental car and she could make payments and avoid jail. She said the phone number was the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office. She said she was told to buy gift cards. She said she got one card from Home Depot for $1,200 and five Target cards for $100 each. She was instructed to give the caller the card numbers.

•An owner of a local business said a Lincoln limousine was damaged as if it had been hit by a vehicle. There were no parts from another vehicle or any paint transfer.

•A woman on Briscoe Mill Road, Bethlehem, said she had gotten unwanted emails and private messages from her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

•A man on Colleen Drive said his pickup truck had a scratch over the driver’s side tire and down to the fender and into the door. He said the scratch went to the bare metal.

•A woman at an Old Hog Mountain Road house said she was hit about 12 times in the face after an argument about finances with her stepfather. The man said he “confronted her about some missing money.”

•A man said he parked a truck on property on Pleasant Drive and it was stolen. The pickup had a hydraulic crane and tool boxes in it. The total value of the truck and tools were more than $20,000.

•An Auburn man was arrested after an accident at the intersection of Highway 211 and Mulberry Road. Timothy Kong Yang, no age given, 180 Parks Mill Rd., Auburn, was charged with driving without a valid license and failure to obey a stop sign.

•Deputies received a report of a fight in the parking lot of a local restaurant. One man said two men argued about drinks he was served. Some witnesses said punches were thrown. Others said no one hit each other but just argued.

•A woman on East Broad Street, Winder, said she was being threatened by another woman through text messages. The woman said she helped the other woman’s husband haul a truck to a scrap yard and the messages started after that.

•Three men were arrested at a Caesar Road, Winder, house, after a domestic dispute that ended with one man being beaten. Donquavious J. Mayweather, no age given, 324 Caesar Rd., Winder, and Brandon Christopher Butler, no age given, 324 Caesar Rd., Winder, were charged with battery-family violence and Thomas Gregory Procell, no age given, 310 Caesar Rd., Winder, was arrested for simple battery-family violence. Procell said he had an argument with his wife and the couple’s nephew, Mayweather, and his son, Butler, involved themselves. He said Mayweather began to hit and choke him. He said both men began to hit him. Mayweather said Procell threw a remote at the woman. Multiple people identified Mayweather and Butler as hitting Procell.

•A grandmother of a 5-year-old boy was given a criminal trespass warrant after his mother and the babysitter said she “just pushed her way into the house.”

•An employee of a local business said the company had discovered 11 incidents, in addition to one reported July 25 in which a man was bringing pallets for sale to the company. She said he had been adding a “1” in front of the number a company employee had been writing. She said the company had paid the man $275 more than he should have gotten.

•A girl reported a hit-and-run accident at Winder-Barrow High School when she took her brother to freshman orientation. The girl’s father later said he had seen a photo of the damage and it would cost about $375 to repair.

•A woman said she allowed a man to take her car in June and he never returned it. She tried to report it stolen in June and met deputies again in July, showing them a notarized “demand” letter she sent to him. She said he told her he would return the car on several dates but did not.

•A Dacula woman was charged after an accident at the Barrow County water plant. Deputies found a damaged car at the plant and the front gate was damaged. McKayla Marie Zadorozny, 1960 Track Ct., Dacula, was charged with interference with government property and failure to report an accident. The woman admitted she had been in a wreck.

•A juvenile faced multiple traffic charges after his pick-up truck was going more than 100 miles per on Dee Kennedy Road and he made turns onto other roads. A deputy said he ran stop signs and “appeared to be attempting to flee from my presence.” The 16-year-old boy was arrested for failure to obey stop sign (two counts), reckless driving, violation restrictions of driver’s license, failure to maintain lane and going too fast for road conditions.


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