Incidents reported recently to the Winder Police Department include:

•A Duluth man said he “noticed large pieces of industrial kitchen equipment” being gone, starting about two weeks ago, at a local business. He said a meat cooler, grill and hood, and two walk-in coolers were missing. The items were valued at $26,000.

•A man said he gave his bank account information and his debit card information to a person who requested it for a loan he was seeking. He said he also sent $70 through his “cash app" account. He was later notified by his bank that someone manufactured a check with his name and account information and tried to cash it in Atlanta.

•A woman with the Winder Cultural Arts Center said someone had broken into a utility closet for the second or third time. She said a similar incident occurred in July. She said the door knob on the closet had been damaged and would not lock. About $100 had been taken from a cash box.

•A woman was arrested after a traffic stop and cited for driving without a valid license, violation of headlight requirements, violation of brake light requirements and tail light lenses required. The woman’s daughter said her mother had been arrested before for not having a driver’s license.

•A Flowery Branch man was arrested for giving a false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. He was charged after being stopped riding a bicycle. He had a rolled cigar with marijuana inside a cigarette box in his front pocket.

•A man was found a few hours after a person was reported for stealing items from a store. Taken were batteries, multiple air fresheners, a bottle of bleach, two packs of garbage bags and three bottles of liquid soap. The items were found in a black pack that the man had.

•A Winder man was charged with simple assault-family violence after a domestic fight with the mother of his child. He was charged after he took the woman home and as she began to get out of the car, he “pushed the gas pedal making the vehicle take off at a high rate of speed.”

•A woman said her name and been used to avoid arrest. She learned of it through the Department of Family and Children Services, through which she had gotten a complaint on a child she has custody of.

•A man wanted for Barrow County probation violations was held after a traffic stop in which he was a passenger. An officer said all three doors for a passenger were opened after the stop and he “stood in the doorway” so the man could not leave.

•A Winder woman was charged with disturbing the peace after two calls to her apartment the evening of Sept. 13. In both instances, the woman was reported to be yelling and screaming. The report said the Winder police responded to calls at the apartment six times since Aug. 11 and all involved the woman “yelling, screaming and cursing.”

•Three juveniles said they had seen their mother at a Winder-Barrow High School football game. The three said they had not seen their mother in about six years and their father had custody of them.

•A Winder man was charged with criminal trespass-family violence and hindering a person making an emergency phone call after a domestic dispute with his wife. An officer responding to a call blocked the man from leaving a Castilla Way house. He had their three children with him in the car when he was stopped. Another officer said the man was angry at his wife because she was texting another man.

•A Dacula woman was arrested for driving on a suspended license during a traffic stop.

•A Winder man was charged with simple battery-family violence and simple assault-family violence after a domestic dispute on Second Street. The woman said she was at a birthday party and her boyfriend does not like for her to go to parties. They argued about that and he slapped her across the face and used abusive language, she said. He said he “pushed and raised his hand at her, but never made contact.”

•A Monroe man was charged with failure to maintain a lane, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana after a traffic stop on East May Street. A Smith & Wesson Model SD9VE 9 mm handgun was found in a duffle bag on the rear driver-side of the car. The gun was loaded with 15 rounds in the magazine. The man also refused to obey commands not to use his cell phone and to keep his hands away from his pockets.

•A Winder man was arrested on a Winder warrant during a traffic stop on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Winder. He was a passenger in the car.

•A man on East Midland Avenue said his girlfriend, who had been causing “issues in his home,” allowed a man to visit the home. He said the man who visited took a Rigid miter saw, worth about $400, from him and did not return it. The man also said a crossbow, valued at $250, and files from a filing cabinet were missing.

•A Winder woman who was a passenger in a car stopped for traffic violations, was charged with possession of a schedule I controlled substance and possession and use of drug-related objects.

•A Bogart man first said he knew nothing about a stolen phone but later admitted to taking it from a motorcycle at a Second Street house. He was charged with theft by taking.

•A Dacula man was charged with five violations after a business employee asked an officer to stay in the store. The man walked down East May Street and was stopped by an officer. Officers found a Samsung tablet in the man’s pants, a passport belonging to an Athens man, an iPhone, an Olympus camera and a burnt marijuana cigar. The man was charged with entering an automobile with intent to commit a felony, theft by taking (two counts), possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and giving a false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer.

•A man who was a passenger in a vehicle in a traffic stop was held on a Gwinnett County warrant and charged with giving a false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer.

•A bank employee told an officer a man tried to cash a business check and she was certain the signature was not the man’s signature on the check. An Athens man said he was given the check by two men and told to cash it. 

•A man was charged with disorderly conduct after a physical dispute with another man. Two couples were staying in a West Midland Avenue house and the two men started arguing.

•A Winder man was charged with three traffic violations after an officer clocked him driving 80 miles per hour in a 45-mph zone on West May Street. The man was charged with reckless driving, speeding and failure to maintain a lane.

•A man said he was “laying on the ground resting” at the intersection of Gainesville Highway and Dogwood Drive. The man was charged with pedestrian under the influence and pedestrian in the road.

•A woman said she chased a vehicle that hit her vehicle and ran for a period before losing it on Sims Road toward Winder-Barrow High School. She said she followed the Subaru SUV on West Williams Street, to Woodlawn Avenue, then to Buena Vista Street and onto Sims Road. Video from a business showed a man and woman in the Subaru SUV.

•A Winder man was charged with driving on a suspended license and speeding near a school on McNeal Road. The area is a 25-mph zone near the school and the vehicle was going about 43 miles per hour.

•A Winder man said his wife’s son threatened her. His daughter was the witness to the threats and she said she also was threatened.

•An argument about prescription pills, a pearl necklace and a camera memory card developed among family members at a house on Pinckney Street, Winder. A man said he found the front door insecure and the door panel damaged. Another woman said she had custody of children from one of the couples at the house. She said she hid the prescriptions for Adderall, which were for the children, because of a drug problem of their mother’s.

•A Winder woman was held for Barrow County on an outstanding warrant and was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession and use of drug-related objects. An officer found a smoking pipe and a container with a white-crystal substance, believed to be methamphetamine.


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