A Statham man was arrested last week after repeatedly striking his 66-year-old mother. A deputy was dispatched to 102 Dyno Trail in Statham after the victim called saying she had been injured in an attack by her son.

The woman said her son was drunk and began swearing at her and her ten-year-old granddaughter.

The son, Franklin Eugene Johnson, age 41, then became violent pushing the bristle end of a broom into his mother’s face and kicking her in the lower back. Johnson then broke the faucet on the kitchen sink and broke a mop handle.

When the victim attempted to leave the residence, Johnson slammed the door on her hand causing a cut and bruising.

The victim said she was terrified of her son and was afraid to return to the residence.

The granddaughter corroborated the victim’s story. The girl said her father was intoxicated and that she was scared for her grandmother’s safety.

When Johnson arrived home several hours later, deputies returned to place him under arrest.

Johnson’s wife met with deputies and gave them a key to the residence. The deputies found Johnson in bed.

When the deputies identified themselves, Johnson began swearing and demanded to know why they were there.

As deputies attempted to place Johnson in handcuffs, he continued to yell and swear at them.

Deputies searched Johnson and left his personal belongings, including his wallet, in the bedroom.

Once in the patrol car, Johnson became more belligerent demanding his wallet and claiming he had over $900 in it.

The wife refused to let deputies retrieve the wallet saying she needed the money for her children.

Johnson was charged with family violence battery, family violence simple battery, criminal trespass and third degree cruelty to children.

Other arrests made by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies this past week include:

• Tammy Sarah Burton, 39, 207 Deer Walk Drive, Winder, battery, simple battery and criminal trespass.

• Kennedy Edwin Carroll, 48, 201 Moury Avenue, Atlanta, hold for court.

• Carla Peree Christian, 43, 374 Ashton Way, Winder, simple battery.

• Oliver Chester Cooper, 36, 95 Griffith Street, Winder, probation violation.

• Joseph Miles Dove, 53, 1620 Thomas Drive, Hoschton, probation violation.

• Timothy John Dunagan, 43, 2228 Rat Kinney Road, Statham, contempt of court.

• Stephanie Marie Farmer, 28, 829 Laurel Lane, Winder, simple assault.

• John Cornelius Gillespie, 32, 286 Ty Cobb Street, Royston, failure to appear.

• Richard Ricardo Heard, 34, 316 Tanners Bridge Road, Bethlehem, simple battery.

• Antrice Gwenyedda Hill, 22, 412 Tanners Bridge Circle, Bethlehem, aggravated stalking.

• Joseph Cartwright Housmer, 30, 44 Joseph Street, Bethlehem, probation violation and possession of arms by a convicted felon.

• Kantravious Jeremy Johnson, 23, 426 North Ridge Lane, Winder, criminal attempt to commit robbery.

• Pamela Norris Johnson, 47, 1434 Hog Mountain Road, Winder, open container, driving on wrong side of the road and DUI.

• Madison Keith Martin, 24, 128 Ashwood Drive, Winder, failure to appear and contempt of court.

• Kristopher Jon Moreno, 36, 4102 Shawnee Drive, Oakwood, contempt of court.

• Victoria Jean Murray, 23, 71 Tanners Bridge Road, Bethlehem, battery, cruelty to children, simple battery, criminal damage to property, false imprisonment and criminal trespass.

• Jacob Gregory Orr, 19, 545 Saddleridge Drive, Bethlehem, failure to appear.

• Angie Lee Parker, 37, 712 Evergreen Drive, Winder, DUI and failure to maintain lane.

• Theresa Adock Peterson, 35, 113 Thorton Road, Winder, probation violation.

• Marieca Elizabeth Reese, 40, 3199 Wages Circle, Dacula, probation violation.

• William John Sacco, 44, 694 Gainesville Highway, Winder, theft by taking, harassing phone calls, false imprisonment, burglary, simple battery and terroristic threats and acts.

• Wendy Lynn Sanders, 42, 1410 Etheridge Drive, Auburn probation violation.

• William James Schipelsky, 40, 466 Raymond Drive, Winder, sentenced.

• Leonard Douglas Scogin, 39, 1390 Boulevard Apt. 7, Athens, probation violation.

• Tammy Rena Sears, 39, P.O. Box 181, Winder, failure to appear.

• Raymond Tyshawn Smith, Jr., 26, 2404 Colorado Trail, Atlanta, probation violation.

• Whitney Kyle Stovall, 24, 569 Providence Circle, Statham, probation violation.

• German Rene Tash, 48, 232 West Midland Avenue, Winder, DUI, failure to maintain lane and driving while unlicensed.

• Jeffrey Jordan Taylor, 22, 374 Ashton Way, Winder, terroristic threats and acts, criminal trespass, battery and criminal damage to property.

• Scott David Walsh, 42, 65 Angel Street, Bethlehem, disorderly conduct.

• Steve Alan Wilkerson, 42, 5081 Pilgrim Lane, Auburn, hold for court.

• Tara Leeann Zagorski, 25, 476 Miles Patrick Road, Winder, obtaining or attempting to obtain dangerous drugs by fraud, probation violation and possession of lortab.

• Linda Faye Allen, 52, 1271 Harmony Grove Road, Auburn, disorderly conduct and landlord’s liability for wrongful conduct.

• William Scott Allen, 40, 253 Georgia Avenue, Winder, failure to appear.

• Darryl Tracey Austin, 46, 224 Tanner Bridge Road, Bethlehem, DUI.

• Carl Hubert Bishop, 22, 145 Whispering Way Road, Winder, failure to appear.

• Daniel Lee Braym 25, 2722 Bold Springs Road, Dacula, probation violation.

• Steven Lee Brown, 19, 1705 Jeremy Drive, Monroe, theft by shoplifting.

• Jennifer Michelle Bruce, 29, 177 North Broad Street, Winder, failure to appear.

• Daniel Lopez Cruz, 24, 1577 Holcomb Bridge Road, Norcross, driving while unlicensed.

• Randy Lee Facemeyer, 41, 1332 Perry Sims Road, Winder, hold for other agency.

• Jeremy Barton Feltner, 25, 3016 Oconee Circle, Gainesville, hold for court.

• Justin Edward Gray, 22, 108 Bell Wood Road, Jefferson, hold for other agency.

• Kenneth Ray Jarrell, 36, 158 Windy Hill, Canton, abandonment of dependent child.

• Quenton Emanuel Lawson, 36, 23 Windsor Drive, Winder, battery.

• Stacy Todd McClure, 42, 6303 West Country Line Road, Lula, hold for other agency.

• Jeremy Eugene McDaniel, 25, 108 Duke Street, Winder, speeding and driving while unlicensed.

• Charles Burton Norris, 26, 1323 Ridgeview Road, Auburn, abandonment of dependent child.

• Patricia Kay Nunns, 23, 519 Thurmond Circle, Statham, failure to appear.

• Joseph Edward Patterson, 18, 1298 Dee Kennedy Road, Hoschton, desertion – hold for United States Army.

• Alicia Ryan Pierce, 30, 313 Pleasant Hill Church Road, Winder, theft by deception.

• David Paul Pingleton, 40, 13 West Wright Street, Winder, sentenced.

• Adrian Nicole Price, 19, 303 East Wright Street, Winder, battery and disorderly conduct.

• Mauricio Ruiz-Chamorro, 25, 1846 Highway 211, Hoschton, driving while unlicensed.

• Loryne Brook Shepley, 27, 1131 Dials Mill Spur, Statham, obstruction.

• William Travers Smith-Peters, 36 1304 Smokerise Lane, Auburn, aggravated stalking, simple battery, simple assault and interference with a 911 call.

• Samuel Espinoza Solorzano, 19, 671 Central Avenue, Gainesville, failure to maintain lane, hit and run and driving while unlicensed.

• Daniel Kyle Steeley, 19, 303 East Wright Street, Winder, simple battery and disorderly conduct.

• David Ryan Steeley, 21, 303 East Wright Street, Winder, simple battery and disorderly conduct.

• Tamaria Sue Steeley, 41, 303 East Wright Street, Winder, battery and disorderly conduct.

• Kenneth Gordan Walls, 37, 762 Appian Way, Statham, simple battery.

• Norma Angelica Yanez, 18, 837 Killian Hill Road, Lilburn, failure to obey traffic control device and DUI.

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