The following incidents were among those Nov. 4-10 that the Winder Police Department responded to.

•A Forsyth man was arrested early in the morning of Nov. 5 for fleeing and attempting to elude police and driving with a suspended license following an attempted traffic stop on West May Street for an inoperative brake light. After the man initially stopped his vehicle, the responding officer began to get out of his vehicle but the suspect drove away. Barrow County deputies later spotted the man driving north on Highway 211 near Dee Kennedy Road and attempted to stop the man. After a chase lasting a couple minutes, the vehicle wrecked near the intersection of Highway 211 and Covered Bridge Road in Hoschton, and the man was taken into custody.

•A woman reported her phone stolen Nov. 9 after she went to pump gas off Loganville Highway and mistakenly left the phone on top of her car before driving away. She used an online app to track the phone to a Norcross address.

•A Statham woman was arrested on a felony probation violation warrant out of Barrow County on Nov. 9 after she was reported to be standing in front of Burger King on East May Street and holding a panhandling sign. Police made contact with the woman further down East May Street.

•A woman reported Nov. 8 that she had driven away from the Roses Express parking lot on Monroe Highway with her wallet on top fo the vehicle and it was now lost. She said the wallet had $100, a birth certificate, driver’s license and cards in it.

•A woman reported around a little after 11:45 a.m. Nov. 8 that an 18-wheeler had hit her car, breaking her passenger-side mirror, and drove off southbound on North Broad Street. Police were able to trace the vehicle’s tag to an Austell business.

•A woman at a Cannon Trace residence reported that an unknown male suspect had tried to enter her home around 9 p.m. Nov. 6. Ring-camera surveillance showed the suspect, who appeared to be of Asian descent, according to the incident report, holding a cell phone in his hand while approaching the door and saying, “Babe, there’s a ring door,” to a person on the phone. An unknown thud is later heard and the suspect runs away.

•A Winder man was arrested for battery Nov. 7 after a report of a domestic dispute at a Grier Road residence, where he got into a fight with his father.

•An Athens man was arrested Nov. 6 for driving without a valid license after he was involved in a traffic accident on East Midland Avenue, where he ran a stop sign and was ruled at fault.

•The owner of a Mexican restaurant on West Athens Street that her truck, which had been parked outside the restaurant “for years” because she thought it wasn’t able to run anymore, had been stolen.

•A Winder man was arrested for simple assault, criminal trespass and possession of THC oil following a report of a domestic dispute at a West Oak Street residence, where the man punched a hole into a wall and thrown some of his girlfriend’s belongings into the yard while arguing with her. The man also admitted to having a “Dab pen” with THC on him.

•A woman reported a little after 4:30 p.m. Nov. 6 that a box truck had struck her vehicle while it was parked in the Golden Corral parking lot on East May Street and that two suspects in the vehicle drove off. Video surveillance showed the box truck hitting the vehicle and the passenger, a black male, getting out to assess the damage before directing the driver, a white female, out of the parking lot.

•A man reported that a check had been fraudulently cashed from his bank account by an unknown suspect while he was incarcerated in October.

•A Winder man was arrested Nov. 6 for aggravated assault after allegedly choking his wife during a domestic dispute at a Rockwell Court residence. The man was arrested a little more than an hour and a half after the report of the dispute when Barrow County deputies located his vehicle and detained him a few miles from the residence.

•A Winder man was cited for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace Nov. 6 after he was involved in a dispute at Latin Flavors/Speakeasy bar on East Athens Street, where he reportedly hit a customer and became confrontational with employees. A security guard intervened and pepper-sprayed the man, who was transported to a local hospital, where he reportedly fell off a bed and dislocated his shoulder.

•Two Bethlehem women, a mother and daughter, were arrested Nov. 5 on warrants out of Barrow and Walton counties after a report of a suspicious vehicle behind the AMC Theater on Exchange Boulevard. The daughter was one of two people in the vehicle and detained. After she requested to call her mother to have her come retrieve her belongings, the mother’s wanted status was discovered as well and both women were taken into custody.

•A Monroe man was arrested Nov. 5 on a local felony warrant after he called 911 saying he needed police at Waffle House on West May Street before hanging up. When police responded and asked the man if anything had happened at the restaurant, he stated nothing happened and just said, “people’s faces,” according to the incident report.

•A Winder man was arrested Nov. 4 for criminal trespass after he was spotted by an officer inside Circle K on East May Street, a business which he had previously been criminally barred from.


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