Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•Three Pennsylvania residents were arrested after a traffic stop on Highway 316. Two of the people, a man and woman, were charged with underage consumption of alcohol. A fourth person in the SUV was released. The drive was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, underage consumption, driving on a suspended license, speeding and an open container violation.

•After a Carvana employee reported a Chevrolet Corvette with a false vehicle identification number, police found the car was stolen from the Charleston, S.C., airport from Avis Rental. Police found a false VIN plate in the car. It was broken into several pieces when scratched with a pick tool by deputies.

•A student at Winder-Barrow High School said someone stole $60 from his book bag during his first period gym class.

•A man on Rat Kinney Road said he took a vintage Coca-Cola cooler from the bed of his pickup truck and left it outside near his RV. It was stolen the night of Dec. 9.

•A Hoschton man said he was overseas at a school and his bank account was “compromised.” Someone wired $362 through Western Union to Indonesia in August. He said he had no dealings with Western Union.

•A man said he went to sleep and ran off Hog Mountain Road, hit a drain pipe and flipped the truck he was driving. Workers found a bag of money with about $169, with ripped up dollar bills.

•A woman reported a catalytic converter taken from a Ford Explorer at a local car sales business.

•A man said he bought a gift card from a woman and was told it had $400 on it. He paid her $250. When his wife tried to use it, the balance was zero.

•A man on Henning Drive said his Walther P22 .22 caliber pistol was taken from the console of his pickup.

•A Bethlehem man said he moved a dirt bike to the edge of the garage and noticed it was missing the next morning. Taken was a 1996 Honda XR 100.

•A Winder woman was charged with DUI, speeding and failure to maintain a lane after a traffic stop on Highway 316. An officer said the vehicle was traveling 85 miles per hour in a 65-mph zone.

•A Hull man was arrested for reckless driving and speeding after a traffic stop on Highway 316. An officer said he saw the vehicle traveling at 118 mph in a 65-mph zone.

•A woman was given a notice of prohibited entry after a dispute on Pierce Road. The woman said she and a man argued about whether he would reimburse her for a hotel room. The man’s father said the woman blocked their drive with her car and had been bothering his son.

•A man said he left a wallet at a local store and it was gone when he returned. He said video showed a man picking it up and walking out of the store. He said he had $260, his driver’s license, Social Security card and health insurance card in the wallet.

•A woman on Chicken Lyle Road, Winder, said six envelopes with checks for bills were taken from her mailbox.

•A man on Lucas Way said he believes someone has hacked “into his electronics.” He said “strange things” have happened over the last month. He said the cursor on his computer “moves on its own” and images of a man “keep appearing” on his computer, cell phone, TV and car radio.

•A Winder man was charged with obstruction after he ran from deputies when they went to serve outstanding warrants on him. He was arrested on three Barrow County warrants. Auburn police with a police dog also participated in the search.

•A Buford man and Braselton woman were arrested for obstruction of law enforcement officers after the woman said she was the driver of a car involved in an accident on Covered Bridge Road. The man was driving the car, but told his wife, who came to the scene, to say she was because his license was suspended.

•A Lawrenceville woman was charged with DUI-alcohol-less safe, failure to maintain a lane and driving in the emergency lane or median after a traffic stop on Highway 316.

•A Winder man was arrested for criminal trespass-family violence after a call about 4:20 a.m. that someone was “beating” on a bedroom window, wanting the boyfriend of the woman who lives there to “come out and fight him.” The woman said she recognized the voice of her ex-boyfriend and father of her children.

•A man said someone entered his unlocked car on East Wright Street and took several items. Reported stolen were money, car keys, an unsigned paycheck, a debit card, state identification card, Georgia driver’s license, Social Security card and wallet.


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