Incidents reported recently to the Auburn Police Department:

•A Lawrenceville man was charged with three drug violations after a traffic stop on Hill's Shop Road. He was a passenger in the car. The driver said she was homeless. An officer said the driver had “what appeared to be fresh needle marks” and she had dark circles under her eyes. An officer said substances that were believed to be heroin and methamphetamine were found in the car after a police dog “alerted” for the presence of drugs. A digital scale also was found.

•A North Carolina man was arrested for driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop at Kilcrease and Carl-Midway roads.

•An Auburn woman was held on a Barrow County warrant when officers found her in a bedroom of a Third Avenue house.

•A woman on Pointers Way, Auburn, said an egg grill that was beside her garage was “destroyed” while she was gone. She said the grill was worth about $1,000.

•A man on Carter Road in a mobile home said his car was stolen and was later recovered at a Monroe house. The man said he noticed some damage to the car while he was in Walton County. The car had “a significant dent” below the driver’s side headlight, scratches on the passenger’s side door and front passenger’s wheel. The man said it appeared gas had been siphoned out and “things underneath the hood were tampered with.”

•A woman said she found her belongings at a Meadow Trace house in a dumpster and neighbors re-painting the house. She said her husband and she are separated and the house has been put on the market.

•A Winder man was arrested for public drunkenness after he and a homeowner on St. Andrews Drive had an argument. The man fell down from being drunk.

•Two people were cited Sept. 4 for driving without a tag and having no insurance. Different officers stopped the cars involved. A third driver was cited for driving without a tag and no proof of insurance.


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