Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A Bethlehem man was charged with multiple violations in two calls one on March 4 and the second on March 6. In the first call, the girlfriend said the two argued “over something she couldn’t remember." The man was charged with simple battery-family violence, battery-family violence and third-degree cruelty to children after the first call. The man left and her father showed up after he was gone. Two days later, the man was arrested for aggravated stalking after the girlfriend said he had been harassing her at a Hwy. 211 house. She provided a copy of a temporary protective order against the man. The man’s sister also showed up at the house and demanded to know why the woman was in “her brother’s house.” Deputies said the people are not allowed to come to the address and communicate with the woman.

•A Pressley Rd. man was arrested for driving without a valid license after a traffic stop on Patrick Mill Rd.

•A Monroe woman was charged with hit-and-run after her Toyota collided with the driver's side rear of a bus. The woman left the scene and told an officer she thought the bus driver told her to go on. She was arrested on Hwy. 316.

•A manager of a local pizza business said a call-in pickup order was taken without paying for it. It was about $42. A woman who ordered it first said she would tell the man who got it to go back and pay for it. She later “stopped answering the phone.”

•A man said his “baby momma,” with whom he was arguing, took his iPhone 11 Pro. It was valued at $1,600. During the investigation, another woman said she owns the phone and gave it to the man for him to use.

•An argument between a woman and her ex-boyfriend involved terroristic threats, according to the woman. She said when the two first started dating, he convinced her to open a joint bank account. She said he opened another account and moved her tax return of $8,200 to it.

•A woman said she put her wallet and phone down when she was buying her grandmother a scooter. Both items were taken by a man, according to video. The phone was later recovered, and the man admitted taking the wallet.

•A Winder man said two lines of credit were opened in his name, using his personal information.

•A Winder woman reported someone fraudulently used a debit card she had cancelled. She said she got an email from her bank asking if she made a purchase on a Discover credit card and she said no. She cancelled the debit card but two purchases went through, one in South Carolina and on in Charlotte, N.C.

•An Auburn man was arrested after a traffic stop on Hwy. 211. The man was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession and use of drug-related objects. An officer found 12 grams of suspected marijuana, a blunt and a smoking pipe.

•A woman was charged with shoplifting at Walmart after an employee saw her scan some items and not others. She also got a notice of prohibited entry.

•A Bethlehem woman said she was checking her credit reports before buying a house. She said 11 “fraudulent hard inquiries” were made on her credit Jan. 8, 2019. She said she did not know how her identity was compromised.

•Eight solar collection panels and a frame were damaged at a property owned by Piedmont Energy Connection when someone shot “multiple bullet holes” in them. Privacy fencing is around the solar farm. A bullet also went through a garage wall at a nearby address. All of the shots appeared to have come from the same address.

•A couple was given a notice of prohibited entry to the central office of the Barrow County schools and Winder-Barrow High School after they became mad at the “outcome of the tribunal that was taking place.”

•A deputy investigated a hit-and-run on Hwy. 211. A woman said her vehicle had been hit by a pickup. The deputy talked to the driver of the pickup. He said his truck brakes failed when traffic slowed. He said he pulled to the right, left the road and hit a culvert. The man said his “vehicle then shot back across Hwy. 211 and came to rest on the opposite shoulder.” He denied hitting the woman. A deputy said an unknown Ford truck might have hit the woman.

•A man said he was picked up by a group of men at Walmart, driven to the area of Austin Reynolds and Hoyt King roads, “pepper sprayed,” kicked out of the car and his wallet with $400 was taken. He also said three credit cards were taken. Another deputy could not find his described car at Walmart or video of the incident. The man also said he was kidnapped at the store. Later, a deputy found a prescription bottle for Lortab with another name that matched the man. The man was charged with lying about his identity and possession of a drug-related object. He also was discovered to be wanted in Alabama on multiple warrants.

•A woman on Atlanta Hwy. said she misplaced her purse, which had $950 in it. It was not found.

•A Stone Mountain man was charged with shoplifting and obstructing a law enforcement officer after he ran from a deputy at Walmart. A store employee said the man had taken seven Lego Toy sets with a cost of $750. The man ran from a deputy and was tased after he came out of an emergency exit door with a shopping cart.

•A Forest Park man was charged with DUI-alcohol less safe and driving without a valid license after a traffic stop near the intersection of Kilcrease Rd. and Hwy. 316. A deputy went to a call about an accident and found the man. He consented to tests at Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Barrow.

•A woman on Apache Trail, Winder, said she had argued with her sister. Her Lawrenceville sister kept calling her about calling the cops, she said.

•A woman on Pleasant Hill Church Rd. said she noticed mail was missing in February. She said she signed up to get emails when items are delivered. She said “junk” mail had been taken.

•A man on Huckleberry Ln., Winder, said he went to jump start his truck and noticed a piece of the dash was in the floor. He said someone damaged the dash “by trying to take it apart.” He estimated the damage at $1,800.

•A Winder woman said she left her purse by mistake in the restroom and later got it back from customer service. Missing were her Samsung phone, debit card, Georgia driver’s license and Target gift card. The woman later said she had gotten information from the Visa Cash app about a woman who tried to send $700 through the app, but it was declined.

•A Bethlehem woman said she has two bank accounts and both have been hacked. She said $700 had been deposited in one account in two different checks and $1,800 was put into the other. She said she has “never” done any type of digital or mobile deposits in either account. She said she tried to deposit a work check at Walmart and was told the Social Security number was in a different name.

•A Winder woman and a Statham man were arrested after a traffic stop at Rat Kinney Rd. and Marixa Dr. The man was held on two Barrow County warrants and was charged with possession of drug-related objects. The woman was arrested for DUI-drugs, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of methamphetamine, failure to maintain lane and improper parking on the road. A deputy found several syringes, a glass bong and a bag with suspected methamphetamine in it in the car.

•A man on Hancock Bridge Rd. said someone had stolen his mail. He said he checks it about once a week. The box was standing open and nothing was inside. Several other mailboxes also were open.

•A Gainesville man was arrested for battery-family violence after a domestic argument between a son, father and uncle. The uncle had an argument with a girl who is the daughter of the father’s girlfriend. The son became involved and hit both men. The uncle said the son tried to get a rifle and load a magazine in it but could not.

•A Grayson woman was charged with DUI-alcohol-less safe, speeding in a construction zone and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers after a traffic stop near Hwy. 316 and Harry McCarty Rd. A deputy said the woman resisted being handcuffed and she was charged with obstruction.

•A Gainesville man was arrested for DUI-drugs, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and operating an unregistered vehicle after a traffic stop near Hwy. 316 and Hog Mountain Rd.

•A Winder woman said her front door was ajar. She said nothing appeared to be missing, but a drawer on her computer desk was open. She said it had closed and the deadbolt was locked.

•An Auburn woman said her husband, from whom she is seeking a divorce, had contacted her “every day for the last few weeks” in violation of a protective order against him.

•A Bethlehem woman said her ex-boyfriend’s mother had filed taxes using her children as dependents. The woman said she let the mother claim her children as dependents two years ago.

•Two Auburn residents, a man and woman, were charged with shoplifting and given a notice of prohibited entry at Walmart for three years after a store employee said she saw them skipping scanning all the items.

•A Bethlehem woman said a bank account she closed led to her being told she owed money to the federal government. She said she had not opened another account.

•An Athens man was charged with theft by receiving, possession of methamphetamine, possession and use of drug-related objects and driving on a suspended license. He was arrested after two calls. A fake gun was found in the bottom of a bag in the stolen vehicle.


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