Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office included:

•A Winder man was charged with 26 violations after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Joshua Abreham Mitchell, no age given, 950 Jackson Trail Rd., Winder, was arrested for 15 counts of battery-family violence, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, second-degree criminal damage to property, seven counts of simple battery-family violence and simple assault-family violence. An officer first reported the incident from the Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Braselton where the girlfriend was treated. She said Mitchell “jumped on her, punched and kicked her in the face and abdominal area.” She said he had seven or eight shots of alcohol and told her, “I’m going to make your face unrecognizable.”

•A Jackson County EMT reported he shot himself in the left palm while trying to reach a work pager that had gone off. He said no one else was in the house. The EMT was treated at Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.

•A man on Bowman Mill Road NE, Winder, said a neighbor has harassed him for years. He said he is trying to build a house but that power lines must cross the neighbor’s property and he has refused permission. A prohibited entry form was given to the neighbor.

•A man on Arch Tanner Road said his stepson stole his Nike tennis shoes. A deputy found another man wearing the shoes at the stepson’s house. The shoes were returned to the owner.

•A man on East Broad Street said an employee at a finance business told him a woman tried to make a payment with a Discover credit card in his name. He said the woman was not his girlfriend, as she had said, and he said the credit card was not his.

•A man said construction materials were stolen from 59 McMillian Ct., Winder. Missing were 100 sheets of 7/16 4-feet x 8-feet plywood, two boxes of plywood clips and one box of rafter ties. The total value was about $840.

•An Athens man was charged with five violations after a report of a “suspicious person” on Old Smith Cemetery Road, Winder. Taaron Chadwick Liles, no age given, 132 Ashley Cir., Apt. 4, Athens, was arrested for manufacture or sale of marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. A deputy found marijuana in a small bag in a compartment below the steering wheel and another bag inside a jar in the trunk. A scale, several baggies and a Hi-Point .40 caliber gun and extended magazine also were found in the trunk.

•A woman on Hardigree Road said numerous charges were on her debit card that she did not authorize. Those included charges from Ebay, Domino’s Pizza and Uber Tech.

•A Winder man was charged with three violations after a domestic dispute with his wife at their house on Buckhorn Drive, Winder. Taylor Stewart Gagnon, no age given, 233 Buckhorn Dr., Winder, was arrested for simple battery-family violence, simple assault-family violence and criminal trespass-family violence. The woman said they had an argument about “some disagreements about life situations.” She said she was pregnant and her husband got mad and said the baby would not be his. The man said his wife had been “going out a lot and not coming home until the next morning.” The woman said a child would definitely be her husband’s. The man locked the woman out of the house, put her belongings outside and took her phone from her.

•A Monroe man said he had marijuana in his pants after a traffic stop near the intersection of Manning Gin and Bethlehem Church roads. He removed a bag from his pants and underwear “in his crotch.” Marco Capriest Barnes, no age given, 1228 Dale Dr., Monroe, was cited.

•A woman on Scott Circle, Winder, said a limited edition Pokemon toy was ordered from Ebay and she never received it.

•A man was given a prohibited entry on an Evergreen Dr., Winder, house after a woman said he was her uncle. No family members wanted the man around.

•A Winder man was arrested on three charges after a domestic argument. Joseph Anthony Matlock, no age given, 892 Windward Rd., Winder, was charged with aggravated assault, simple battery and simple assault. Matlock and his girlfriend argued about him treating her “like trash.” She said he “grabbed the gun” while it was in the holster and threatened to kill her. He told deputies that he “always” has the gun with him. It was found under a blanket on his bed. The gun is a Rueger 9mm.

•A man on Brookside Drive said he found his car had been “rummaged through," but nothing of value was stolen. The man said his ash tray that sits in the cup holder was by the road. He also said the car was not locked.

•A man on Fischer Court said his Chevrolet Traverse was stolen from his drive. It later was recovered at a Brookside Dr. house through OnStar. Stolen from the vehicle were a purse and two credit cards.

•A man said he was driving a U-Haul moving truck on Mt. Moriah Road when a Honda Accord came across his lane. He said the car went back in its original lane, spun back and hit the U-Hall in the driver side center. A deputy said it appeared the U-Haul “ran over the hood of the car.” The car was later reported stolen in Gwinnett County.

•Deputies responded to a call about a fight on Christmas Avenue, Bethlehem. Two men were reported fighting in the road. An employee of a local business also called and said he was hit in the face by one of the suspects’ head and pushed by the other man. The employee later said two women were in the vehicle one man was trying to get into.

•A disturbance on Cajon Lane involved two women where a previous incident occurred. One woman had been taken to the hospital, was released and the homeowner said she was “at it again.”

•Two homeless people were given prohibited entry notices for Walmart for five years and one was charged with theft by shoplifting. Kelsey Leigh Timms, no age given, homeless, Winder, was charged. The pair took merchandise worth $484.

•Two Winder people were given prohibited entry notices for one year at Walmart after a shoplifting incident.

•An Alpharetta man was cited for speeding and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana after a traffic stop on Highway 316. An officer said he got the Honda Accord doing 93 MPH and the driver told him the marijuana was under the passenger seat.

•A man was given a prohibited entry notice for five years at Walmart after a shoplifting incident.

•A Winder man was held on multiple warrants and charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers after he fled from them at a house on Chicken Lyle Road. Jordan Ryan Whitley, no age given, 626 Chicken Lyle Rd., Winder, was held. Officer said Whitley went out a window in the rear of the house, but he was caught when he jumped a fence and caught a portion of the chain link, causing him to flip over the fence and hit his head.

•A neighbor said she saw a truck stolen from a house on Harmony Lane. She said a man and woman came to the house and took the truck.

•A Statham man was arrested for driving on a suspended license and following an emergency vehicle within 200 feet near Bethlehem Road and Statham Drive, Statham. A Barrow County ambulance said it was taking a patient to Athens and saw a car following it. Darryl Harrison Long, no age given, 2405 Peace Cir., Statham, was charged.


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