Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the Publix shopping center on Loganville Highway after a caller reported seeing a naked man in the parking lot. The naked man drove away from the scene before authorities arrived but was stopped a short distance away after one of the complainants followed the man and advised deputies of the naked man’s direction of travel.

The man, Michael A. Hardenman, 66, of 839 Independence Court in Winder, claimed he had not been nude in the parking lot, but had only removed his shirt since his vehicle had no air conditioning.

The complainants disputed the man’s claim saying he had nothing on but his shoes when they saw him sitting unclothed in his vehicle. One of the complainants said Hardenman was fondling himself while propped up on the driver’s seat with the door open.

Hardenman insisted that he had not been completely naked, but had entered McDonalds while shirtless. He claimed he then went back to his truck to eat his meal, but had been partially clothed at all times.

Hardenman was arrested for public indecency and transported to the Barrow County Detention Center.

Man asserts right to check power lines

A Winder man was arrested after a drunken trek through a neighborhood and nearby power easements.

Deputies were dispatched to Tori Drive after a homeowner reported that a male had been walking through the neighborhood and knocking on doors.

When the deputies arrived, the complainant advised that the man, James Shannon Kimbrough, 32, of 717 Fletcher Drive in Winder, had been screaming behind her house and had walked into the woods.

A deputy later located Kimbrough at the intersection of Trey Lane and Tori Drive.

When questioned by deputies, Kimbrough explained that he was checking the power line easements. The reporting deputy noted that Kimbrough’s speech was rapid and incoherent at times. The deputy further noticed that Kimbrough was soaked in sweat and appeared to have urinated on himself. Kimbrough explained to the deputies that he had the right to walk the neighborhood and check the power lines.

When one of the deputies advised that there were no power lines requiring his attention and that he was not in the uniform of a utility worker, Kimbrough responded that he worked for a real estate company that allowed him to check the lines.

When a deputy asked Kimbrough if he knew where he was, Kimbrough replied only that the main road would take him to Home Depot.

Kimbrough was charged with pedestrian under the influence and transported to the Barrow County Detention Center.

Explosive device detonates inside mailbox

A Barrow County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to a Kennedy Sells Road residence after a mailbox was destroyed with a homemade explosive device.

The homeowner said he did not hear the explosion, but his juvenile son heard what he thought was a gun shot at approximately 3 a.m. on May 15.

The mailbox had been knocked off the post and the back of the mailbox was blown apart, according to the report.

A few feet away from the mailbox remnants, the responding deputy discovered a two-liter Coke bottle with a large hole in the side. The deputy noticed that the plastic around the hole appeared to have melted. There was burnt foil inside the bottle and on the grass nearby.

The bottle was photographed and taken into evidence.

Man threatened over roof color

A Winder man called the Sheriff’s Office after the president of the homeowner’s association reportedly threatened to force him out of the neighborhood.

The man said his roof had sustained hail damage during a storm. When the insurance company replaced his roof, they used brown shingles instead of the gray and black shingles used on all the other homes in the subdivision.

According to the man, the homeowner’s association had a meeting to discuss his brown shingles. During the meeting, not only did the president of the association allegedly threaten to force the man out of the neighborhood because of the brown shingles, he also said he intended to sue the man.

The man requested the incident be documented.

Woman confronted after cutting off driver

A woman called 911 after she was followed from Gwinnett County by another driver she cut off in traffic.

The woman said she was at the intersection of Highway 324 and Highway 124 in Gwinnett County, when she realized she was in the wrong lane. The woman said she pulled in front of a green Dodge Intrepid as she changed lanes.

The woman claimed the driver of the Intrepid began following her and hit the back of her vehicle at least three times.

The woman said she tried to get away from the vehicle, but could not because the other driver was following so closely. Once the woman reached the Barrow County line, she called 911.

The woman said she then pulled into the Chick-Fil-A parking lot on Loganville Highway to await help. While waiting for a deputy to arrive, the woman said the driver of the Intrepid approached her and demanded she apologize for cutting her off in traffic.

The deputy informed the Intrepid driver that she could not follow someone just because they cut her off in traffic. The Intrepid driver said she wanted an apology from the other woman.

After the woman apologized, the deputy informed the Intrepid driver that she should allow law enforcement to handle any traffic violations in the future instead of trying to handle it herself.

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