The following incidents were among those Nov. 11-16 that the Winder Police Department responded to.

•A nurse at Northeast Georgia Medical Center Barrow reported Nov. 14 that a man cussed at her over the phone while talking to his mother, who was in her care, and threatened to “come up there and blow your (expletive) head off.” At the time of the report, police were attempting to positively identify the man for possible charges of harassing communications.

•Police responded Nov. 16 to a residence where a woman had hurt herself with a razor and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment.

•A woman reported being scammed out of $1,000 when she was contacted by text and phone by a person claiming to be with Wells Fargo bank and asked her to send money through an app to see if charges on her bank account were legitimate.

•A man at a Dogwood Drive residence reported Nov. 16 that someone had damaged his entry door in an attempt to get into the apartment.

•A woman reported Nov. 16 that her cell phone had been stolen after she mistakenly left it at Longhorn Steakhouse on Exchange Boulevard.

•A woman at a Lumpkin Street residence reported that someone had stolen two of her boxes from the duplex’s shared attic, and she suspected her neighbor, with whom she has had previous issues. The boxes taken had Christmas items and collectibles and family pictures and items.

•An employee at the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce reported around 3 p.m. Nov. 15 that a trailer of an 18-wheeler had struck and damaged a light pole at the intersection of Porter and Broad streets. The employee described the truck as having “JB Hunt” written on the side. Surveillance camera footage did not show any vehicles matching the description.

•A hit-and-run accident was reported just before 1 p.m. Nov. 15 at the intersection of East Midland Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, where an unknown suspect driving a white sedan (unknown make/model/license plate number) ran through the stop sign while traveling north on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and struck another vehicle before driving away.

•Police responded Nov. 14 to a reported domestic dispute at a residence, where a man and woman had gotten into an argument that turned physical. No charges were taken due to insufficient probable cause, lack of cooperation from the two suspects and because a predominant aggressor was never identified.

•Arrest warrants for felony theft by shoplifting and terroristic threats were issued for a Winder man Nov. 13 after he stole a bottle of vodka from The Bottle Shop on West May Street and, after an employee confronted him, threatened to “blow his head off.” The man being arrested, who was identified by police who reviewed the surveillance footage, has four prior shoplifting convictions, accord to the report.

•An arrest warrant was issued Nov. 13 for a Winder man wanted to felony probation violation after police spotted him walking on James Albert Johnson Avenue and were unsuccessful in locating him after he took off running. The man was also being charged with misdemeanor obstruction.

•A man reported Nov. 13 that two catalytic converters had been stolen off his van earlier that week while it was parked at the Wimberly Community Center for Development on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

•A Winder man was cited for failure to maintain a lane, striking a fixed object and expired license plate or decal Nov. 12 after striking and damaging two mail boxes and a drainage pipe on Miles Patrick Road after leaving the roadway and leaving the scene without providing proper notification. The man told police his front passenger tire had blown out, causing him to lose control.

•A Winder man was arrested Nov. 12 for driving with a suspended license following a traffic stop near the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Nancy Street.

•A Winder man was arrested Nov. 11 for terroristic threats and harassing communications after he reportedly sent a woman numerous texts in which he threatened to kill or harm her. He also allegedly sent pictures of a penis to her phone.

•A Winder woman was arrested Nov. 11 for simple battery following a family-violence incident at a West Midland Avenue residence, where she allegedly put her hand around her mother’s neck during an argument.


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