A Winder man was tasered and arrested after attacking a Winder Police officer. The officer had been dispatched to a South Myrtle Street residence in response to a report of harassment.

The resident of the home said two of her neighbors had been harassing her and accusing her of selling drugs. The woman said she suspects the harassment is related to the fact that her current boyfriend is black as was her previous husband.

The woman said one of her neighbors, Timothy Lloyd Hayes, 50, of 229 South Myrtle Street in Winder, has stood in front of her house on several occasions yelling and accusing her of selling narcotics. The woman said the other neighbor, a female, pulled into her driveway earlier that day honking her car horn and calling the complainant a pejorative term for females.

When the officer spoke with the female neighbor, the woman admitted cursing at the complainant. The female neighbor also advised that she had been keeping track of the tag numbers on the vehicles coming and going from the complainant's residence. The female neighbor said cars come and go at all hours of the night. According to the female, when the cars pull into the driveway and honk their horn, a black male will come outside then the vehicle will leave.

The officer advised the female neighbor to stay off the complainant’s property and assured her that a report regarding the suspected drug activity would be forwarded to investigations for follow up. The officer then walked next door to speak with Hayes.

According to the report, Hayes was “highly intoxicated” and upset. Hayes informed the officer that the complainant was selling drugs and he intended to make sure that she and her boyfriend were removed from their home.

Hayes reportedly became agitated when the officer would not arrest the complainant despite Hayes’ insistence that she and her boyfriend were selling drugs. The officer attempted to explain what steps would be necessary to affect an arrest, but Hayes only became more upset.

Hayes began pacing back and forth and shouting at the officer. At one point, Hayes walked up to the officer and put his finger in the officer’s face in a “threatening manner.”

The officer repeatedly instructed Hayes to stop shouting, but Hayes refused to comply and shoved the officer aside as he made his way back inside his residence. The officer attempted to grab Hayes’ arm, but Hayes pulled free, shoved the officer in the chest and ran into the house. Before the officer could follow, Hayes slammed the door into the officer.

The officer continued to push against the door and was able to make entry into the home. At that point, Hayes began punching the officer in the head, neck and chest. The officer threw Hayes to the ground and tried to radio for help, but Hayes grabbed the officer’s leg and continued the fight.

Eventually, the officer was able to break free and draw his taser. When Hayes refused to stop and stepped towards the officer, the officer fired striking Hayes in the arm and chest. Hayes was immediately incapacitated and handcuffed.

As Hayes was being escorted to the patrol car, he demanded to know why he was being arrested instead of his “crackhead” neighbors.

Hayes was transported to the Barrow County Detention Center on charges of felony obstruction.

Other recent arrests made by Winder Police include:

• Aaron Pierre Henry, 24, 136 Sentry Court, Winder, driving while license suspended and headlight violation.

• Adrian Latrese Rhodes, 40, 226 Dreamland Circle, Winder, outstanding warrant and obstruction.

• Alberto Chavelas, 24, 350 Sanders Circle, Winder, driving while unlicensed.

• Allen Michael Schunke, 46, 223 Sherwood Drive, Winder, failure to maintain lane, driving while license suspended or revoked, DUI and three outstanding warrants.

• Amanda Louis Wehunt, 27, 1649 Heburn Church Road, Statham, outstanding warrant.

• Andrea Nicole Johnson, 27, 759 Tanner Bridge Circle, Winder, loitering.

• Anthony Daniels, 44, 270 Dunwoody Crossing, Dunwoody, probation violation.

• Brockese Marquize Damons, 20, 253 Glen Avenue, Winder, loitering.

• Charlie Ellis Hobbs, 21, 116 Osborn Street, Winder, disorderly conduct.

• Cheryl Renee Vickery, 40, 81 Colonial Drive, Danielsville, failure to appear.

• Chet Joseph Bushey, 25, 307 N. Broad Street, Winder, outstanding warrant.

• Dairio Demond Peters, 24, 521 Jones Road, Statham, loitering.

• Danny Lee McCart, 25, 589 Loganville Highway, Winder, hold for other agency.

• Damian Gonzalez-Parraguirre, 31, 367 Mobile Drive, Winder, seatbelt violation and driving while unlicensed.

• David Cabrera-Jiminez, 19, 312 Charleston Street, Albuquerque, N.M., driving while unlicensed and stop sign violation.

• Delton Torrance Tanner, 25, 113 N. Williamson, Winder, loitering.

• Donna Cornelious Treadwell, 37, 93 Chase Circle, Winder, disorderly conduct and noise disturbance.

• Donquaivian Montay Smith, 19, 1017 Wheelhouse Lane, Monroe, loitering.

• Ernest Cooper, 56, 153 Wood Circle, Winder, shoplifting.

• Fenerrell Franklin Cunningham, 22, 917 Robertson Bridge Road, Statham, loitering.

• Garrett Alexander Hance, 19, 375 Manning Gin Road, Bethlehem, DUI, child endangerment and failure to yield while turning left.

• George Anthony Baldwin, 26, 2194 Broad Street, Statham, failure to maintain lane and possession of a controlled substance.

• Georgia Ann McWilliams, 61, 338 Third Avenue, Winder, driving while license suspended or revoked.

• Gonchikar Raya, 63, 3890 Longlake Drive, Duluth, outstanding warrant.

• Hannah Elizabeth Hitchcock, 20, 321 Harrison Lane, Winder, probation violation.

• Henry Tynois D’Angelo Maxey, 19, 97 Williamson Street, Winder, outstanding warrant.

• Jason Lee Goss, 28, 74 Clifton Drive, Winder, battery.

• Jessica Lane Athey, 30, 226 West Candler Street, Winder, loitering, public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

• Jimmie Franklin Mack Jr., 24, 126 Elm Street, Winder, loitering.

• John Allen Dooley, 28, 893 Whispering Way, Winder, driving while license suspended, probation violation, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and controlled substance not in original container.

• Joseph Kelvin Vann, 35, no address listed, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

• Kevin Wade Staton, 28, 1565 Braselton Highway, Lawrenceville, child endangerment and DUI.

• Lamadre Marquis Tanner, 27, 90 Midland Court, Winder, battery and parole violation.

• Leah Whitney Shepley, 22, 537 Rockwell Church Road, Winder, criminal trespass.

• Lebron James Edward Smith, 27, 259 Glen Avenue, Winder, DUI, no license and giving false name or date of birth to a law enforcement officer.

• Lynda Murray, 46, 233 Buckhorn Drive, Winder, DUI and failure to maintain lane.

• Nicholas Jade Green, 17, 814 Lakeshore Drive, Winder, entering auto.

• Melvin Hammond III, 21, 252 Springdale Drive, Winder, probation violation.

• Michael Lee Richards, 36, 1201 Brent Way, Winder, DUI.

• Miquavious Flanigan, 18, 240 Glen Avenue, Winder, loitering.

• Quintarious Marquez Smith, 20, 244 Scott Circle, Winder, loitering.

• Stephen Paul McCain, 49, 204-B Georgia Avenue, Winder, outstanding warrant.

• Steven Bo Ferguson, 26, 292 East Broad Street, Winder, speeding and reckless driving.

• Tevin Jyrie Moon, 17, 113 N. Williamson Street, Winder, loitering.

• Tiona Latasia Moon, 18, 113 Williamson Street, Winder, obstruction.

• Tinaya Lavette Sallie, 31, 120 Vine Street, Monroe, failure to register vehicle within 30 days, failure to obtain Georgia license, driving while license suspended and speeding.

• Vonterrius Jackson, 19, 280 Capital Avenue, Winder, loitering.

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