Two drivers were arrested after a recent fender-bender at the intersection of Highway 316 and Highway 11. Deputies were enroute to the accident when dispatch advised that one of the vehicles had left the scene. A lookout was issued for a white Chevrolet van with front end damage.

A deputy patrolling nearby located the vehicle near Harry McCarty Road. The driver of the vehicle had pulled off the road and was attempting to change a tire.

When the deputy ordered the driver, later identified as Evelio Castillo, 29, of 3405 Sweetwater Road in Lawrenceville, to come out from under the van, Castillo refused. The deputy then forcibly pulled Castillo out and noticed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on Castillo’s breath. The deputy noticed open containers of beer inside the vehicle and asked Castillo how much alcohol he had consumed.

Castillo admitted having two drinks, but defending his actions saying he works hard. An alco-sensor reading indicated Castillo was above the legal limit. The deputy placed him under arrest and charged him with DUI, hit and run, open container and driving without a license.

The driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision, Almo Rios-Contreras, 36, of Waterside Apartments in Lawrenceville, did not have a license. She initially said her name was Lourdes Rivera. She was arrested for driving without a license.

The woman was transported to the detention center where a finger print check revealed her actual name. She was subsequently charged with first degree forgery and giving false name and information.

Other arrests made by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies this week include:

• Kevin Ray Bagwell, 41, 1667 Buford Dam Road, Buford, probation violation.

• Michael O’Callaghan Bradley, 55, 326 East Midland Avenue, Winder, probation violation.

• James Ray Clack, 27, 514 Stoneridge Drive, Winder, probation violation.

• Forrest Mitchell Crowe, 33, 153 Alicia Drive, Winder, criminal trespass, criminal damage to property, theft by taking motor vehicle and obstruction.

• Jimmy Anderson Crowe, 64, 66 Richardson Street, Winder, aggravated sexual battery and child molestation.

• Lizzie Christine Davis, 30, 1525 Danielsville Road, Athens, failure to appear.

• Manuel Angelo Finch, 43, 216 Dreamland Circle, Winder, failure to obey traffic control device, driving with suspended license and probation violation.

• John Otis Flemister, 40, 1000 Auburn Court, Dalton, probation violation.

• Timothy Todd Goforth, 25. 220 Harvey Lockey Road, Bethlehem, failure to appear and probation violation.

• Jason Lee Hattaway, 32, 11768 Hwy. 281, Danielsville, false imprisonment, aggravated assault family violence and family violence battery.

• Randall Ray Hollis, 43, 109 Brown Thrasher Road, Pendergrass, criminal trespass and criminal attempt theft by taking.

• Cecil Stuart Myers, 50, 307 North Broad Street, Winder, aggravated stalking.

• Kenneth Shane Prickett, 21, 298 Jefferson Street, Statham, probation violation.

• Andre Julius Sample, 45, 122-B Quail Valley Road, Auburn, court appearance.

• Sanchinez Demarcio Sims, 21, 729 Summerset Place, Monroe, probation violation.

• Anthony Mark Strickland, 42, 136 Johns Bluff, Auburn, failure to appear.

• Christopher Ryan Wilmont, 24, 38 Blanc Court, Braselton, probation violation.

• Donna Carolyn Wood, 50, 172 Venture Way, Winder, sentenced to eight days.

• Daniel Lee Bray, 25, 2722 Bold Springs Road, Dacula, driving with suspended license and speeding.

• Michael Andrew Brendle, 20, 541 Rockwell Church Road, Winder, disorderly conduct and obstruction.

• Cecil Svend Cardin, 46, 120 Second Street, Winder, no insurance, theft by taking, criminal trespass and driving while registration suspended.

• Michael Scott Carpenter, 21, 685 North Avenue, Winder, sentenced.

• Taylor Oshay Carter, 18, 909 Elijah Way, Bethlehem, illegal use of communications facilities.

• Paula Jean Cote, 55, 1507 Union Court, Auburn, family violence simple battery.

• Lenny Evon Decouto, 42, 4911 Valley Dale Drive, Lilburn, theft by taking and criminal trespass.

• Cory Mantrell Devine, 25, 1208 Autumn Avenue, Winder, aggravated assault and battery.

• Nefi Leonel Eudaveavila, 24, 110 Hanover Place, Athens, speeding and driving while unlicensed.

• Amanda Marie Gauntt, 24, 355 Chadds Walk, Athens, expired tag, failure to maintain lane and DUI.

• Matthew Robert Hansen, 34, 145 West Midland Avenue, Winder, criminal damage to property.

• Anthony Wayne Hickman, 19, 1100 Vonda Lane, Mableton, theft by taking.

• Alexander Paul Higgins, 22, 1222 Torrey Place, Dacula, theft by shoplifting.

• Rico Sherod Holt, 31, 425 Town Center, Marietta, hold for other agency.

• Joseph Allen Huckaby, 40, 110 Mess Road, Winterville, interference with a 911 call, criminal trespass, terroristic threats and acts, battery, aggravated assault and simple battery.

• Donald Lee Jenkins, 51, 510 Treadwell Road, Bethlehem, DUI and failure to maintain lane.

• Kenneth Wayne Johnson, 21, 863 Briscoe Mill Road, Bethlehem, probation violation.

• Aaron Dwight Kindle, 28, 8343 Roswell Road, Atlanta, driving while unlicensed.

• Charles Scott Mason, 29, 44 Gifton Thomas Road, Bethlehem, hold for other agency.

• Robert Donald Mason, 46, 1071 Jefferson Highway, Winder, theft by taking and criminal trespass.

• Lawrence Moon, 45, 387 Carl Bethlehem Road, Bethlehem, sentenced.

• Sergio Armando Perez Lopez, 29, 996 Carl Bethlehem Road, Bethlehem, driving while unlicensed, failure to maintain lane and hit and run.

• David Andrew Scott, 22, 96 Drew Court, Winder, hold for other agency.

• Maria Ericka Vasquez, 28, 225 Lonestar Drive, Bogart, driving while unlicensed and speeding.

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