A woman at a Jones Road, Statham, residence reported July 6 that her dog had been shot and killed and that she suspected one of her neighbors of the crime.

According to a Barrow County Sheriff’s Office incident report, the woman said her neighbors have chickens that are not in any type of enclosure and always in her yard and that two of them had gotten into her dog’s pen that day and been killed by the dog. She said the neighbor asked her to put the chickens in a bucket and place them back on his property, but she did not do that because of heavy rain. She said she left the house to get dinner, and when she returned her son told her he’d heard a gunshot from the dog pen. She found the dog lying dead with two bullet holes in its midsection.

The woman said she went to the neighbor’s house to confront him and he denied killing the dog.

When the responding deputy questioned the neighbor who owns the house, he said he did not kill the dog and would never do so because he also owns dogs. Two of his sons said they were asleep in the home at the time of the incident.

When the deputy spoke again to the complainant, she said she had never had an issue with the property owner but had been in a “small verbal altercation” earlier this year with his oldest son, who is 21, over her pig escaping onto their property.

No arrests or charges had been made in the case at the time of the report. No update on the case was available as of press time.


The following incidents were also among the ones the sheriff’s office recently responded to:

•A woman reported a scam where a man who identified himself as “Adam North” claimed to be from a cash loan company and offered to give her a $2,500 gift card if she sent him Google Play gift cards.

•A man at a Dunahoo Road, Winder, residence reported that his 1999 Harley Davidson Black Heritage Classic motorcycle had been stolen from his shop behind the residence sometime between 8 p.m. July 2 and 4 p.m. July 3 while he was out of town. He suspected one of his current or former employees had taken the motorcycle because there were no signs of forced entry and a code was required to access the building. None of the other motorcycles in the shop had been bothered.


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