The following incidents were among those the Winder Police Department recently responded to:

•A woman reported she was the victim of an armed robbery at the intersection of East Stephens and Williamson streets just before 10:30 p.m. June 13. The woman said she was delivering a pizza and was about to turn at the intersection when an unknown, black male suspect “came out of nowhere,” pulled her seat belt tight, and put a gun to her head and demanded she turn over the money she had on her.

•A man accidentally fired a pistol that he was pawning at a pawn store on West May Street. No one was hurt in the incident and no charges were filed. The bullet damaged a cabinet in the store.

•A trailer license plate was reported stolen at a business garage on East Midland Avenue. No suspects had been identified at the time of the report.

•A man accidentally drove his vehicle into the wall of a pain clinic while attempting to park his car. The man said his feet got caught between the pedals and the car accelerated into the wall.

•A trailer to a truck struck and damaged the top portion of the drive-through portion of Krystal on Monroe Highway, and the suspect drove off and did not return to the scene.

•Two drivers accused each other of road rage on West May Street. Both women drove to the police department headquarters to file a report. No charges were filed due to conflicting statements and no other witnesses.

•A man at a Box Circle residence reported that his pistol had been stolen from a bookshelf in his living room.

•A woman reported receiving emails from a person claiming to be an FBI agent named “Nick Memphis” and warning of her arrest and asking for payment from her. One of the emails had a photo of her house taken from a four-way stop intersection.

•A woman at a Natchez Circle residence reported that someone had struck and damaged her mail box with a vehicle and had cut the cable cords on the outside of the residence.

•A suspicious truck that was reported parked in the rear parking lot of Holly Hill Mall for four days was found to have tools in the pickup bed that had been reported stolen out of DeKalb County.

•A Winder man was arrested following a dispute with his roommate, during which he pushed her, punched a hole in her bedroom door and punched her car, causing a dent. The dispute started when the man yelled at the woman for “making a mess” while preparing food.

•A City of Winder employee reported that someone had entered his work truck and stolen a bag with tools, sunglasses and his lunch for the day while he working in the area. He said the truck had been parked at the Dollar Tree on North Broad Street and then at Jones Park at North Broad and East Candler streets.

•A Winder man was arrested for stealing alcohol and candy bars from the Circle K convenience store on West May Street. The man had three prior shoplifting convictions.

•A Winder man was arrested following a dispute with his wife, during which he damaged her phone, computer and a gun cabinet. The dispute was over her alleged affair with another man.

•A Winder man was arrested at a Woodlawn Avenue residence following a dispute with his daughter and son-in-law over the internet and TV at the house. The man allegedly pulled his daughter’s hair and began hitting her and then punched the son-in-law. Other property damage was reported in the incident.

•A woman at an Embassy Walk residence reported that her grill had been stolen from the front of the residence.

•A Bethlehem man was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession after he was stopped for illegally traveling straight through a right turn-only intersection at West May and North Beulah streets.

•A Monroe man was arrested for reckless driving after he was seen by a police officer passing another vehicle and going 15 miles an hour above the speed limit around a curve in the area of Monroe Highway and Punkin Junction Road.

•A Winder man was arrested following a dispute with his wife at a West Wright Street residence, during which he hit his adult son in the face and chest after the son tried to pull him away from his wife.

•Arrest warrants were issued for a Bethlehem man and woman for leaving O’Shucks on East May Street without paying for $66 worth of food and drinks.

•An employee at Fort Yargo State Park reported that a 32-inch television had been stolen from a cottage in between occupants’ stays there.


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