The following recent arrests were reported by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office and the Winder Police Department:


•Jammie Michelle Thomas, 42, 5720 Hancock Dr., Social Circle — theft by taking.

•Nicholas Justin Dempsey, 30, 3133 Oakridge Ln., Loganville — misdemeanor theft by deception and misdemeanor theft by receiving stolen property.

•Felicia Davenport, 27, 1271 Sandy Cross Rd., Carlton — felony probation violation.

•Ashley Nicole Patterson, 27, 798 City Pond Rd., Winder — battery and possession of methamphetamine.

•Deondray Dwight Little, 37, 5180 Scarbrough Trail West, Stone Mountain — theft by taking (motor vehicle possession).

•David Arthur Rock, 30, 233 West Oak St. A, Winder — simple assault.

•Ashley Brooke Dollar, 43, 1576 Pointe South Circle, Bethlehem — misdemeanor theft by shoplifting.

•Garrison Hughes Wright, 58, 209 Eastbrook Dr., Winder — battery, simple battery and simple assault (two counts).

•Jermichael S. Pearson, 38, 194 Scenic View Ln. Stone Mountain — felony theft by shoplifting (four counts), unlawful use of emergency exit door after shoplifting (three counts) and misdemeanor willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Eric Gerard Hansen, 55, 256 Elks St. A, Winder — disorderly conduct.

•Andrew James Parcell, 30, 245 Kennedy-Sells Road NW, Auburn — felony probation violation.

•George Stephen Bullard, 58, 490 Cedar Ridge Dr., Winder — misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. 

•Michael Timothy Martin, 20, 68 Matthews School Rd., Winder — misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. 

•Mark Randolph Metheny, 62, 64 Matthews School Rd., Winder — misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. 

•Chance Michael Martin, 17, 64 Matthews School Rd., Winder — misdemeanor theft by shoplifting (two counts).

•Linda Christine Tryon, 42, 2858 Bart Johnson Rd., Buford — disorderly conduct. 

•Anita Antoinette Wilson, 42, 703 Kendall Ct., Monroe — misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. 

•Gregory Charles Miller, 56, 172 Regency Dr., Bethlehem — simple battery, simple assault and criminal trespass.

•Benjamin Mark Rooks, 33, 869 Georgetowne Dr., Winder — felony probation violation. 

•Lee Vang, 35, 486 Raymond Dr., Winder — disorderly conduct and simple assault. 


•Nicolai Jerry Nielsen, 37, 134 Ashwood Ct., Winder — third-degree cruelty to children and battery.

•Kymberly Lane Little, 54, 173 Turtle Creek Dr., Winder — felony terroristic threats and acts (three counts).

•Leland Hawke Amerson, 25, 408 Ellerbie Dr., Statham — disorderly conduct and simple assault.

•Darius Nathan Bailey, 21, 5347 Fernbrook Falls Ct., Flowery Branch — violation of family-violence order.


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