Incidents reported recently by the Winder Police Department include:

•A Statham woman was arrested on seven violations, including drugs, after a traffic stop on Griffith Street. Jessica Ivy Ferguson, 37, 136 Arnold Rd. SE, Statham, was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance, drugs to be kept in original container, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession and use of drug-related objects and violating brake light standards. An officer said he saw a marijuana grinder in the rear seat. Also found were a bag with marijuana, a bag with methamphetamine, Carisoprodol pills, Xanax pills and another bag of marijuana.

•A Monroe man was arrested in a traffic stop and held on a Walton County warrant for probation violation and for driving on a suspended license. Vernon Alejandro Robinson, 41, 308 Tanglewood Dr., Monroe, was held. An officer stopped him on North Broad Street after another officer said he was speeding on North Broad Street and coming from Highway 53.

•A Jefferson man was charged with four violations, three related to drugs, after a traffic stop on Exchange Boulevard in Bethlehem. Cory Earl Merritt, 35, 160 Hawthorne Dr., Jefferson, was arrested for possession of a schedule I controlled substance, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession and use of drug-related objects and speeding. He was stopped for doing 56 mph in a 35-mph zone. Marijuana and a glass pipe were found in the car’s center console. Officers also found four containers with marijuana and a metal grinder in the passenger side of the vehicle.

•Two people, a man and woman, were arrested at a Capitol Avenue house and held on Barrow County warrants for probation violations. Mack Bernard Love, 51, 181 Capitol Ave., Winder, and Lanee Lashaun Butler, 46, same address, were charged. The two were sitting on the front porch of the house when officers arrived.

•A man was held on an outstanding Barrow County warrant after a traffic stop at the intersection of West Athens and Horton streets. Tye Richard Hilmo, 35, 856 Bill Rutledge Rd., Winder, was charged.

•A Winder woman was charged with first-degree forgery for trying to pay for items at a local store with a counterfeit $100 bill. An officer said the bill had Asian writing on it. An officer said he knew the bill was “commonly used” as a training bill at some stores. Mandy Noel Baxter, 44, 227 MLK Jr. Dr., Winder, was arrested. She said she did not know the bill was fake and that she had gotten it from an ATM machine a few days before the transaction.

•Suspicious vehicles were reported in the area of Calgary Lake Drive and Jasper Drive. A Honda Accord was in the area after a Jeep and SUV were seen leaving. An officer found a partially burned marijuana blunt in the Accord. The owner eventually said his buddies might have been smoking in the car, after first the vehicle had broken down.

•Four mailboxes on East Fifth Avenue, Winder, were damaged. A homeowner said an unidentified vehicle hit her cluster of mailboxes.

•A woman on Waverly Lane, Winder, said her PIE .380 caliber gun was taken from the nightstand in her bedroom. She said it was taken between July 17 and 19.

•The security coordinator for Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Barrow said $60 was taken from a locked drawer in the emergency room. It was taken between 11 a.m. July 18 and 12:19 a.m. July 19. Four people had access to the drawer, the security coordinator said.

•A woman on Whispering Way said she had received a text message from the mother of her father’s children. She said the grandmother had had custody of the children until recently because their father was in jail. She said she responded to the text message and asked the woman to quit contacting her.

•A Winder man was charged with battery-family violence when his father said the two of them had an argument while they were repairing a door on the son’s vehicle. The man said the two had a fight inside the house. Officers went to the house because a call came in that the son was beating his girlfriend. The father said the son and his girlfriend left the house in a car together. Jathan Darrell King, 29, 706 Muirfield Dr., Winder, was arrested.

•A Winder man was arrested for multiple traffic violations after a traffic stop on Second Street. Michael Anthony Gaudino, 27, 166 Azalea Dr., Winder, was charged with DUI-alcohol-less safe, failure to maintain lane and open container violation. An officer said the pickup truck, driven by Gaudino, “drove on and over the double yellow lines for much of Lee St.”

•An Athens man was arrested on an outstanding warrant and charged with drug-related violations after a traffic stop on South Broad Street. Mark David Anthony Sr., 55, 240 North Ave., Athens, was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession and use of drug-related objects, driving on a suspended license, violating standards for brake lights and held on Barrow and Cobb county warrants. A bag in the rear passenger compartment had two used syringes, a spoon covered in suspected methamphetamine and a bag with methamphetamine.

•A Winder man was accused of simple battery-family violence after a domestic argument escalated to violence. His wife accused him of choking her and head-butting her in the mouth. An officer said the woman did not have marks, cuts or bruises on her neck or face “indicating abusive physical contact.”

•A woman accused her baby’s father of trying to claim custody of their son. She said she did not want him to have contact with her or their son because he had been abusive verbally. The man was given a criminal trespass warning.

•A Winder woman was arrested on charges of manufacturing a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession and use of drug-related objects and speeding after a traffic stop on Hal Jackson Road. Taylor Alexis Evans, 836 Idlewood Rd., Winder, was charged. Officers found a “pineapple” bag in the Honda trunk and it had “numerous illegal items.” Items found included 32.55 grams of marijuana, grinder, digital scale, 14 THC vape cartridges, $2,295 in cash and a note pad with “logs of how much marijuana TC cartridges she had and what profits she was projected to earn from the sales.”

•A man on Williamson Street said he broke up with his girlfriend, who was from Cleveland, Tenn. He said a post with his name and phone number was on saying he had mistreated the woman and encouraging people to call him.

•A Hoschton man was charged with traffic violations after he led Winder and Barrow County law enforcement officers on a chase and left the Jeep before being caught by an Auburn police dog in the area of Chicken Lyle Road. Joseph Jackson, 40, 801 Stoneview Dr., Hoschton, was arrested for violating brake light standards, tag light required, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle and speeding. An officer said the Jeep went through the McDonald’s parking lot, turned onto May Street toward Center Street. He was told to pull over and let county deputies pursue the vehicle near Horton Street. He continued west on Atlanta Highway, turned onto Bankhead Highway and then Pearce Road. County deputies reported Jackson fled on foot in the Chicken Lyle Road area.

•A Virginia woman was arrested for simple assault-family violence and simple battery-family violence after her daughter said she came to their apartment about 9 p.m. and would not leave. Barbara Jean Dyson, 58, 1369 Legacy Cir., Herndon, Virginia, was charged. She later was stopped about 10 p.m. on East May Street and arrested.

•A woman said her car had been entered between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. July 20. She said a U.S. veteran commemorative baseball hat and three pairs of ladies’ cargo shorts were taken. She reported the theft July 22.

•A woman on Apperson Drive, Winder, said her back glass on her Nissan Altima had been shattered “with a hole through the middle of it.” An officer found a rock about two inches from the hole in the glass. The officer said it was likely the rock was thrown by a lawnmower cutting grass.

•A Winder man was found hiding under a kitchen sink in a Wood Ave. house. The man, Kenneth Macklin Slayton, 60, 133 Wood Avenuw, Winder, was wanted for an outstanding warrant. He also was charged with willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

•Winder officers received four calls about a disturbance, that included a physical altercation and a man threatening to have a gun at the Exchange Apartments in Winder. Two men were charged after the incident. Keyvontreal T. Jefferson, 24, 839 Exchange Cir., Winder, was charged with simple battery and Quann Anthony Jones, 22, 1486 Box Cir., Winder, was charged with disorderly conduct. The two men and a woman were arguing and she said Jefferson pushed Jones onto a couch and punched him “multiple times.”

•A Winder man was arrested for possession and use of drug-related objects after a report of a suspicious person. Stephen Gary Weathers, 45, 1058 Clacktown Rd., Winder, was charged after officers found a clear, glass pipe and a butane torch lighter in his back pack.

•A Statham man was charged with loitering and public drunkenness after three calls in the Corinth Church Road, Oceanliner Drive and Russell Cemetery Road area. Bobby Arthur Pendley, 27, 501 Jones Rd., Statham, was arrested, sweating profusely and with “scratches all over his body.”

•A man on Broad Street complained he had been with another man all day and the man’s ex-boyfriend did not want them together, or with anyone. The man said the ex-boyfriend sent the other man threatening text messages.

•Two North Carolina men were arrested after a traffic stop on Broad Street. Howard Ray, 58, 2584 Locklear Rd., Pembroke, N.C., was charged with making an improper turn and driving on a suspended license. Brandon Michael Godaire, 33, 150 Herndon Cir., Lumberton, North Carolina, was charged with giving a false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer. Godaire was a passenger in the vehicle.

•A woman on Colton Landing Road, Winder, said she tried to open a credit card but was told a card had been opened in her name in March. She said she was told the card had a $300 limit and charges of $212 had been made.

•A juvenile was charged with financial transaction card fraud when he ordered $38 of pizza with a card owned by a man in Utah. The man called the store and said he did not order the pizza.

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