A Statham man was charged with theft by taking after he was unable to satisfactorily explain why he had removed several items from a neighbor’s yard. A 14-year-old juvenile was out walking his dog when he saw Bradley Presnell, 52, of 2234 Wagon Wheel Trail in Statham, taking some chairs and other items from behind a residence.

The juvenile, who had done yard work for the owners of the residence, did not recognize the man and contacted authorities. The juvenile described Presnell to the responding deputy and provided Presnell’s address.

The deputy went to Presnell’s home and asked Presnell why he had taken items from his neighbor’s home. Presnell claimed he took the items so that they would not get wet when it rained. When asked to provide the neighbor’s name or phone number, Presnell was unable to do so. Presnell explained that he intended to return the items once his neighbors returned home.

Presnell admitted taking a glider rocker, a hamper and three plastic chairs. The deputy asked why Presnell would need to protect three plastic chairs from the rain. At that point, Presnell offered to take the items back to his neighbor’s house.

The deputy allowed Presnell to do so and then arrested him for theft by taking.

Other recent arrests made by Barrow County Sheriff’s deputies include:

• Alejandro Franco Cruz, 29, 338 Mobile Drive, Winder, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a pistol without a license, DUI, open container, improper stopping in roadway, failure to maintain lane, driving while unlicensed and theft by receiving stolen property.

• Amber Elizabeth Kirkland, 28, 140 Chateau Terrace, Athens, failure to appear.

• Andrea Nicole Johnson, 27, 110 Bluestone Drive, Bogart, probation violation.

• Brandi Louise Skinner, 26, 875 Than Skinner Road, Winder, family violence aggravated assault and simple assault.

• Charles Burton Norris, 26, 1323 Ridgeview Road, Auburn, contempt of court.

• Chastity Michele Bagby, 34, 121 Hill Street, Winder, probation violation.

• Christopher Noel Turner, 41, 387 Browns Bridge Road, Auburn, family violence simple battery and criminal trespass.

• Clinton Karl Holbrook Jr., 33, 985 Coosawilla Drive, Winder, criminal trespass and theft by taking.

• Cory Mantrell Devine, 26, 1208 Autumn Avenue, Winder, aggravated assault, battery, stalking, harassing phone calls, terroristic threats and acts and giving false information or false name.

• Daniel Scott Bagwell, 22, 148 Geiger Road, Jefferson, giving false information or false name.

• Danny Lewis Morrow, 52, 358 Tanners Bridge Circle, Bethlehem, family violence battery, third degree cruelty to children and probation violation.

• Donald George Creightney, 44, 21 Jefferson Road, Statham, noise disturbance and obstruction.

• Elijah Simeon Klumb, 26, 662 John Henry, Baton Rouge, La., illegal parking, DUI, VGCSA, driving while license suspended and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.

• George Thomas Singleton, 25, 382 Carl Cedar Hill Road, Winder, hold for other agency.

• Gerson Isaac Carranza, 24, 365 Sanders, Winder, carrying a concealed weapon, theft by receiving stolen property, carrying a pistol without a license and open container.

• James Charles Wells, 28, 271 East Wright Street, Winder, interference with a 911 call, obstruction and making false statements.

• Jana Marie Rusk, 43, 1525 Bird Hammond Road, Winder, deposit account fraud.

• Jesse Lamar Haney, 44, 3455 Braselton Highway, Hoschton, probation violation.

• John Cameron Bostick, 49, 191 Lewis Circle, Commerce, hit and run and probation violation.

• John Joseph Miller, 42, 849 Amethyst Terrace, Port Saint Lucie, Fla., DUI, failure to maintain lane, driving while license suspended and failure to appear.

• John Richard Goforth, 53, 4225 Little River Church Road, Taylorsville, N.C., failure to appear and sale of oxycodone.

• John Taylor Ellis, 20, 125 McAlpin Drive, Winterville, aggravated stalking.

• Jordan Louis Rande, 23, 700 Moonlight Trace, Winder, obstruction and family violence simple assault.

• Justin Drake Morgan, 26, 107 Hains Road, Athens, Tenn., failure to appear and probation violation.

• Kenneth Shane Prickett, 21, 298 Jefferson Street, Statham, probation violation.

• Kevin Elrod Kiefaber, 37, 26 Lays Lane, Winder, deposit account fraud.

• Khalil Assad Bruce, 23, 2094 Broad Street, Statham, probation violation.

• Kim Peebles, 38, 3616 Bob Bryant Road, Gainesville, theft by shoplifting.

• Laquevas Jathery Hunter, 23, 380 Martin Luther King Avenue, Jefferson, family violence simple battery.

• Latricia Lavetha Smith, 30, 920 Turk Road, Bethlehem, failure to appear.

• Laura Michelle Burrow, 41, 632 Marigot Way, Statham, family violence battery.

• Lindsey Shepley Jordan, 27, 537 Rockwell Church Road, Winder, using a license plate to conceal identification, failure to provide assistance or report an accident, driving while license suspended, failure to maintain lane, giving false name or information to a law enforcement officer and probation violation.

• Marcelino Ramerie Dominguez, 45, 354 Mobile Drive, Winder, theft by receiving stolen property, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a pistol without a license and open container.

• Marcellus Matthew Pineda, 23, 1906 Kirkland Avenue, Statham, permitting an unlicensed driver to drive.

• Mark Stephen Meeks, 46, 1365 Etheridge Drive, Auburn, probation violation.

• Matthew Scott Fletcher, 22, 1239 Peppers Road, Auburn, speeding and driving while license suspended.

• Mistie Amber Arriaga, 36, 36 Village Court, Winder, probation violation.

• Nicholas Alexander, 18, 185 East Broad Street, Winder, bondsman off bond and probation violation.

• Robert Calvin Nelson III, 17, 1004 Tom Miller Road, Bethlehem, entering auto, theft by taking and criminal trespass.

• Robert Lee Evans, 32, 1178 Highway 124, Hoschton, probation violation.

• Robert Lee Reed, 25, 182 James Street, Winder, theft by conversion.

• Robert Shawn Williamson, 43, 276 Partridge Trail, Winder, criminal trespass and simple battery.

• Rutilo Orrostieta, 49, 400 Gladiola Drive, Auburn, probation violation.

• Samantha Colleen Chapman, 21, 699 Oakmoss Road, Lawrenceville, deposit account fraud.

• Shumar David Riden, 41, 271 East Wright Street, Winder, probation violation.

• Terry Lynn Criswell, 38, 934 Atlanta Highway, Winder, theft by deception and first degree forgery.

• Theresa Christeena Ford, 26, 8368 Pea Ridge Road, Cornelia, theft by shoplifting.

• Thomas Henry Mullinax Sr., 65, 316 Carter Road, Auburn, theft by taking, theft by receiving stolen property, theft of motor vehicle and driving while license suspended.

• Tonia Hudson Fontes, 34, 8368 Pea Ridge Road, Cornelia, theft by shoplifting.

• Travis Kent Patterson, 30, 1414 Silvergate Way, Winder, family violence aggravated assault, criminal trespass and simple battery.

• Troy Lance Bates, 35, 919 Lochwolde Lane, Bethlehem, hit and run.

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