Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A woman and two men were arrested on a total of 14 charges, a combination of drug and traffic violations, after a traffic stop on Highway 211 in Statham. Arrested were a woman from Auburn and men from Winder and Statham. All three were charged with possession of a schedule I and II controlled substance after an officer found heroin and methamphetamine in their truck. All three denied knowing about the drugs. The woman was charged with giving a false name and birthdate to a law enforcement officer and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. The driver was charged with operating an unsafe vehicle, defective tires, broken taillight lenses and violation of headlight requirements.

•A Gillsville woman was arrested for distribution of marijuana and possession and use of drug-related objects after a traffic stop at Mt. Moriah and Cronic Town roads. A deputy found a smoking pipe, what appeared to be four one-ounce baggies of marijuana, a separate baggy of marijuana, a grinder and 10 vape cartridges of “suspected THC oil.”

•A man on Oxford Way, Winder, told a deputy he left a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver and a truck bed and could not find it later.

•A woman on Kennedy-Sells Road, Auburn, said she found a “spent bullet” on her bed and a bedroom window and blind broken. She said she had been gone to work about 6:10 a.m. and did not notice the broken window or blind until about 11:32 p.m. when she went in her bedroom.

•A woman said she had been friends with a man but “over the past few months he has become hostile” toward her. She said he had said he wished her heart “would just give out and she would die.” She said she had had two heart surgeries in the past 10 years. She also said she had been to his house and he said he would drag her out by her hair and “bash her face in.”

•A woman and man from Winder were arrested after deputies found the man in a crawl space of the woman’s trailer. She had said he was not there. Deputies had gone to the house to serve a warrant. Deputies had gone to the house to serve a warrant for shoplifting on the man. He also was charged with obstruction. A police dog found the man and bit him on the upper chest and neck area. The woman was charged with hindering apprehension of a criminal and possession of methamphetamine.

•An Auburn man was arrested for criminal trespass-family violence and possession of methamphetamine after a domestic dispute with his grandmother. The woman said she questioned him about drug usage because he had not been acting “normal” and he became angry and threw an oak kitchen chair across the kitchen and broke it.

•A Statham man was charged with four violations and held on a warrant for probation violation after a domestic fight with his girlfriend. The woman said her boyfriend began yelling and cursing at her and accused of her seeing someone else. She said he grabbed her around the throat and began choking her. He let go of her, walked to the other side of the bed and pulled a revolver from under the mattress and said he was going to kill her. She said she “pushed the firearm away from her” and he “became emotional.” She said he put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, “but the gun would not go off.” Deputies arrested the man at the trailer the next day when the woman reported it after she went to work. He was charged with aggravated assault, family violence battery, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, pointing a gun at a person and violation of probation.

•Deputies were called to Walmart because a man was “sitting on top of register 6 and refused to leave.” The man had outstanding warrants from Carrollton and Tallapoosa and was held them. His eyes were swollen shut. He was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Barrow and was cited for disorderly conduct for being intoxicated in a public place.

•A man said his brother took two pizzas he ordered. The pizzas cost about $31. A deputy found a small fire that included a pizza box in the brother’s yard.

•A woman said her ex-boyfriend had been at her house several times and she did not want him there. The man said he had a key to the house and had been invited in the past. The man said he did not want the woman on his property either.

•A Bethlehem man was arrested on an outstanding warrant from Barrow County after a couple said the man went to their house while they were away and “ransacked the living space.” He also was charged with criminal trespass-family violence for the damage he caused in the house.

•A man and woman were arrested after a traffic stop on Atlanta Highway in Statham. The man, who was driving, ran from police, was charged with trafficking in methamphetamine, reckless driving, possession of methamphetamine, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, willful obstruction of an officer, possession and use of drug-related objects and driving an unsafe vehicle. The woman was charged with possession of methamphetamine.

•A Walmart employee said she saw a woman scanning cheaper items and putting both in a shopping cart. The woman was charged with shoplifting.

•A man was charged with shoplifting from Walmart after employees said they saw him take several items without paying. One said she saw him try on a jacket and put another one on over it.

•A man was charged with four violations after a deputy saw him “stumbling in the middle of the roadway” on Carl Cedar Hill Road. He was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession and use of drug-related objects in addition to being a pedestrian under the influence.

•A man was charged with DUI-alcohol and failure to yield when entering an intersection near Highway 316 and Harry McCarty Road.

•A man on Glenn Jackson Road said a John Deere tractor worth $55,000 and hay roller were taken from his cow pasture.

•An Athens man was charged with DUI-alcohol-less safe, erratic lane change and violation of headlight requirements after a traffic stop. The man was on Highway 316, but he turned onto Jackson Trail Road before his stopped.

•A woman was charged with theft by shoplifting after a Walmart employee said she saw her conceal a number of items in her purse without paying for them.

•Two Walmart employees said a man and woman took items from the store without paying for them. They said socks were all they could say were taken without looking at the video.

•A woman on Dean Way said miscellaneous tools and a tool bag were taken from a shed in the yard Nov. 1.

•A school resource officer at Winder-Barrow High School said a student reported two air pod earbuds were taken from her book bag in the third or fourth period classroom.

•An Auburn man was charged with DUI-alcohol and failure to obey a stop sign after a traffic stop near Harmony Grove Church and Cronic Town roads.

•A woman said she got a text from a bank asking if she authorized a check for $3,000. The check was processed in Houston, and the couple said it was unauthorized, but it had their account and routing number on it. A debit transaction for just under $20 also was on the account and was not authorized.


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