Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•A woman on Matthews School Road said her shop door was open and tools were missing. It was the second time the shop had been entered. She said a window that had been boarded up after the first instance was torn down. “It is believed the suspect came through the window and out the front door” and it was the same person who committed the first crime.

•A man was given a notice of prohibited entry for a year for a Cypress Place house after an argument with the woman who lives there. The woman said she had the man evicted and he “sat out in front of the house with his girlfriend all day.”

•A Loganville woman was arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicating substances and driving on the wrong side of a road after a wreck on Highway 211. A deputy said she drove into the oncoming lane and “sideswiped” a GMC pickup truck.

•A man on Kennedy-Sells Road said someone “bent the screen” to a garage window and opened it. He said it did not appear a thief got into his house.

•A business owner said someone had forged and cashed checks on his company account. He said a third check was submitted for cashing Feb. 10. It was for $864. It had the correct account number, but the background was not the same. Two others, in a different name, were cashed Jan. 17 and Jan. 27.

•A school resource officer at Winder-Barrow High School said a girl told him someone stole her air pods earbuds at school Feb. 6.

•A Bethlehem man was arrested on three charges after he was found asleep in his pickup on Patrick Mill ROAD. A deputy saw a piece of foil in the passenger seat that had black burn marks on it.” He said that is a “common indication” of drug usage. The man was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug-related objects and driving on a suspended license.

•A Winder man was arrested for driving on a suspended license and failure to maintain a lane after a traffic stop at Dee Kennedy and Fleeman roads.

•A woman on Thurmond Road said her roommate’s son had stolen tools from her. The two were reported for a domestic argument. The second woman said she also had lost tools and said she did not steal from her son. Both women “took multiple chances to inform on each other for possible illegal actions, poor parenting or personal slights.”

•A Winder woman was arrested for four violations of traffic laws after a single-car wreck in the area of Bill Rutledge and Southridge roads. She was the driver of a car that turned over. She was charged with DUI-alcohol, DUI-alcohol-less safe, failure to maintain a lane and too fast for conditions.

•A Winder woman was arrested for second-degree forgery and speeding after a traffic stop at the intersection of Highway 211 NW and Old Thompson Mill Road. A deputy said she was driving 58 mph in a 45-mph zone and it was snowing. She had a second driver’s license with her that had her photo and another woman’s name.

•A New Hampshire woman who was on a fundraising mission and was staying at a local church reported her Kia Soul was stolen. It was found wrecked about 3 a.m. Feb. 7 on Rat Kinney Road. The vehicle “appears ... a total loss,” a deputy said. The accident was reported by a neighbor who said she could hear the occupants trying to break a window to get out of the vehicle.

•A Winder man was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana after he was found asleep in the drive-through lane of a fast-food restaurant.

•A Winder man was charged with shoplifting at Home Depot after an employee said he started out of the store with more than $900 in LED lighting without paying for them.

•A man on Royal Oaks Drive said he wrote a check for $90 to a dentist in Athens, but when he checked his account, the same check number had $800 on it.

•A Bethlehem man said someone was using his identity to open a Verizon account. He said his name and Social Security number were used to open an account in Augusta.

•A Winder man was arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and criminal trespass after a domestic fight with his girlfriend. She said he hit her and she went to a neighbor’s house to hide from him. The man went into the neighbor’s house and refused to leave. The neighbor ran the man out of his house by throwing a log at him.

•A Winder man was charged with criminal trespass-family violence for damaging a bedroom door in a house. His stepfather said the door needed to be replaced.

•A Winder woman was arrested for second-degree criminal damage to property and simple assault-family violence after a domestic dispute at an apartment on Wright St. She was accused of breaking two Xbox games, an entertainment stand, a TV and Xbox One. She said she came home from work “where she found another female” in the bed.

•A Winder man wanted on an outstanding warrant ran from deputies when confronted at a Plantation Drive house. He jumped a fence and ran behind a shed in a second yard. A deputy tased him and charged him with two counts of willful obstruction.

•A Bethlehem man on Lokey’s Ridge Road said a four-wheeler was stolen from his front yard. He said it was worth an estimated $8,000.

•A woman on Glenmoor Place said her daughter-in-law said two vehicles were broken into in her drive. She said a Pontiac and Ford Mustang were entered. She was unable to tell if anything was missing. Another call an hour later said the woman’s bank called and said someone attempted to make several fraudulent charges on her debit card. The charges were more than $1,100 and nine additional attempts were made.

•A Stone Mountain woman was arrested for driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop on Highway 316.

•A man was arrested for a Barrow County warrant after a domestic argument on Herald Drive.

•A Winder man was arrested on five violations after a traffic stop at Dee Kennedy Road and Thomas Drive in Hoschton. The man did not stop when a deputy used his blue lights and siren. The car went into Gwinnett County, did not stop for the stop sign at Dee Kennedy Road and Highway 124. The man stopped on Flowery Branch Road. He was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine, possession and use of drug-related objects, fleeing police and failure to maintain lane.

•A Winder woman was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart after an employee said she saw her “not scanning items prior to placing them in the grocery bags.” She also got a notice of prohibited entry to the store.

•A woman said she has an order of protection against her ex-boyfriend in Minnesota. He sent multiple emails to her calling her names and saying she is an unfit mother.

•A woman said her credit card was missing and 20 charges had been made on it since Jan. 10. The total charges were for nearly $873

•A Lawrenceville man was charged with violation of a limited driving permit and speeding after a traffic stop at the Harmony Grove Church and Blackstock roads intersection in Auburn.

•A Good Hope man was charged with driving on a suspended license and failure to maintain a lane after a traffic stop on Apalachee Church Road and Atlanta Highway in Auburn.

•A woman reported a car taken that was later found at the Walmart parking lot. A mother said a woman picked up a man in the car and he refused to get out of it.

•A Winder man was charged with aggravated stalking and simple assault-family violence after a domestic dispute on Chancey Circle. Parents said their son was trying to “kick the back door to his parents’ house in.” An earlier call was about the man going to Northeast Georgia Medical Center-Barrow with a complaint that his shoulder hurt. He was released there.


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