Incidents reported recently to the Auburn Police Department include:

•A Dacula woman was held on a Gwinnett County warrant after a traffic stop on Atlanta Highway.

•A Loganville man was cited for driving on a suspended license and failure to maintain a lane. He was told he was not going to jail because no one was able to take him. He was stopped on Atlanta Highway after an officer said he crossed the double yellow line.

•A Flowery Branch woman was arrested for driving on a suspended license and not having a valid registration for the vehicle after a traffic stop on Atlanta Highway.

•A Winder woman was held on Barrow County warrants after a tip that she was in the area of Cabot’s Ridge. An officer made a traffic stop when he saw her.

•An Augusta man and woman said an Auburn man, who was an ex-boyfriend of the woman, told them he “hired a hitman and something would be coming to both of them” during a visit to pick up the remainder of his belongings.

•An Auburn man said his mailbox and pole were missing. He said it was pulled out of the ground and put “aside his house” about two weeks ago.

•A Bethlehem man was held on a Barrow County warrant after a traffic stop on Atlanta Highway. An officer said he also found bags with marijuana residue in the car after a police dog had a “behavior change at the driver’s door.”

•A Dacula man was arrested on Clarke County warrants after the dispatch office got a tip that he was at a local business.

•An Auburn man was held on a city police warrant after a traffic stop on Hill's Shop Road.

•A Winder man flagged down an officer at County-Line Auburn Road and Fourth Avenue, saying he was getting calls with “no caller ID.” He said the caller does not threaten him, but says things like “I’m watching you” or “watch out.”

•An Auburn woman said her ex-husband dropped their child off at her house and came inside. She said he has a “no contact” bond, but she occasionally allows him inside when she is not there. She said urine had been sprayed on the carpet, shoes and shirts belonging to her new boyfriend. When she confronted him about that, her ex-husband left the house.

•An Auburn man was arrested for driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop at Hill's Shop Road and Greentree Drive.


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