Incidents reported recently to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office include:

•a Stone Mountain man was charged with three traffic violations, including driving under the influence-alcohol-less safe, after a traffic stop on Hwy. 316. He also was charged with failure to maintain lane and an open container violation. The man was stopped after a deputy saw him cross the center line and the fog line in his vehicle.

•a Zionsville, Indiana, man faces a drug charge and DUI after a traffic stop on East May St. He was charged with DUI-multiple substances, possession of a schedule II controlled substance and failure to maintain lane. Pills were found in his vehicle.

•a man stopped in a license check at East Wright St. and Lays Dr., Winder, was cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. The man gave a deputy a bag with a “green leafy substance” in it after he was asked about the odor from the car.

•a Target employee on Loganville Hwy. said he saw a woman put items in a cart and conceal them in reusable shopping bags, go into the Starbucks area and then try to leave without paying for the items. She was arrested for theft by shoplifting. Items she took were valued at $384.

•a Winder man was arrested for DUI-alcohol-less safe after he was found unconscious in a Toyota van that had run off the road near the intersection of Carl-Bethlehem Rd. and Mackinan Dr. He also was charged with failure to maintain lane and seatbelt violation. The van appeared to hit another vehicle head-on before running off the road.

•a woman on Cnee Ct., Winder, said she was being harassed by a man because she would not have a romantic relationship with him. She showed a deputy texts that were “filled with references to drug use and a sexual relationship that ended on poor terms.”

•a woman on East May St. said she was missing two personal checks. One check was cashed. It was made out for about $900.

•a man was charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers after a 911 call and deputies found men hollering at a Lynn Rd., Winder, house. A father said his son was drunk and the son “was not complying with our commands to give up his hands.” After being placed in a patrol car, the man kicked the back partition in the car.

•four men were warned about riding their four-wheelers on private property at Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology. They were riding the vehicles through the parking lot, field and woods.

•a man on Picklesimon Rd. said he had argued with a second man about maintenance problems in a trailer and the second man got him in a “choke hold.” Both men said they had been drinking.

•a man on Ashton Way said he received text messages and voicemails telling him to stay away from a woman and her family.

•the passenger side window of a Honda Civic was broken and a Kenwood radio was taken from it. It was at a house on Jones Rd.

•a Bethlehem man was charged with two counts of criminal trespass-family violence and terroristic threats after a domestic argument at a Monroe Hwy. house. A mother said her son punched a hole in the hall wall and damaged her vehicle on the rear driver's side quarter panel. Her 20-year-old son wanted to press charges against his brother for the threats he made.


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