Incidents reported recently to the Winder Police Department include:

•Two people were arrested after officers went to a Gainesville Highway address looking for the man because he had an outstanding warrant. The two, a man and woman, were found in a building on the property. They were sitting on a couch and did not respond to knocks. Both were charged with willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. The man also was charged with possession of drug-related objects (two counts) and possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. The woman also was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug-related objects. A search of the house found, among other items, a homemade glass bottle pipe, a glass pipe, marijuana grinder, marijuana, five pipes used to ingest methamphetamine, a bag of suspected methamphetamine, syringe, spoons and multiple cotton swabs.

•A Winder man was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol-less safe and failure to maintain lane after a traffic stop on Jefferson Hwy. An officer said he saw the man cross the double yellow lines in the middle of the road “multiple” times before he made the traffic stop.

•An Atlanta woman was charged with three violations after a traffic stop and officers found “multiple containers” of marijuana in a lunch box in the backseat floorboard. The woman was charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, possession and use of drug-related objects and following too closely.

•A Winder man was arrested on four charges after a domestic disturbance on Georgia Avenue. The man was accused of hitting his girlfriend in the back of the head with his open hand and throwing her on the floor by her right arm. The man was charged with simple assault-family violence, battery-family violence, cruelty to children and reckless conduct. The woman said the two have lived together about five years and he has physically abused her about 12 times. She said she was afraid he was going to kill her this time.

•A woman was charged with battery-family violence after her sister said the woman hit her with an open hand. The same woman was charged about 45 minutes later for an outstanding warrant. The woman was asleep at a North Broad Street address when arrested.

•A dispute over some payments and tools led a Winder man to file a complaint against his former handyman/business partner. The man said his former partner had used his credit card to make business purchases and had bought tools that he kept. The partner said the two men were business partners in a company. An officer said texts between the two “clearly show” they are in business together.

•A woman on Fairview Avenue said she had been pushed down by a man and he had broken her Xbox and iPhone, worth about $1,000 together. The man was charged with battery, second-degree criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.

•A Winder man was arrested for disorderly conduct after he had an argument with his baby’s mother. The two were in a motel and the woman left during the argument. The woman said the argument was about ordering food.

•A man and two women in a house on Wood Avenue said two men came to the house, punched the man in the face and took $450 cash and a prescription bottle with 117 pills of oxycodone. One of the women said the men were in the house 15 to 20 minutes. Two detectives said the man and one woman made up the story. Both were charged with making a false report of a crime. A witness in the area said the man had been talking to people inside a truck when it was parked down the road.

•A Winder woman said she gave her debit card to the man she was living with when she was arrested. She said when she got out of jail, she had been alerted to charges on the debit card. She said the man changed the locks on the house door, put her belongings in her vehicle and said he did not want her there any longer.

•A Jefferson man was charged with three violations after a traffic stop. He was arrested for driving without a valid license, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and possession and use of drug-related objects. Nearly 15 grams of marijuana and a grinder were found in a backpack in the car.

•A woman who was a passenger in a car stopped for traffic violations was arrested on drug charges. Officers found a gun in the center console, but no charges were placed in connection with it. Officers found a plastic pack with “suspected methamphetamine residue.” The woman was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug-related objects.

•A man said a Yeti cooler and a Pelican kayak were stolen from a Fort Yargo State Park campsite.

•A man said his girlfriend went to a Winder bar and got drunk. When she woke up the next morning $350 and her wallet were missing.

•A Bogart man was held on an outstanding warrant and was cited for driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop on Highway 211.

•A Winder man was charged with simple assault-family violence after a domestic fight at an Apperson Drive address. The man and woman had been living together for about two months.

•A Winder woman stopped for a traffic violation on East May Street was held on an outstanding warrant.

•An Athens man was charged with shoplifting after he told officers he had been given items at a local store “by the police.”

•A man said a bicycle was stolen from him at the Tabernacle Baptist Church on Elm Street.

•A woman was held on an outstanding warrant after she was found behind a Clifton Drive house.

•A Jackson EMC employee said a power meter was “burned beyond repair.” It was the second meter that had been burned up at the location in five days. The value of the two meters was $560, an employee of the business said.

•A woman said she received an email saying the account had been hacked and it would cost $1,500 because the sender of the email had a photo of the woman watching pornography, which she knew to be false. She also found a suspicious charge of $424 on her bank credit card.

•A man said he had a disagreement with another man on Facebook and the other man threatened to beat him up.

•A woman on Myrtle Street said her boyfriend grabbed her phone after she had been talking to a male co-worker. She said he refused to give the phone back and “snatched” it from where it was. The next day, Oct. 1, the man called the police and wanted to pick up belongings he had left at the house. He admitted he did take the phone and said he hid it in the house. The woman said she did have the phone, but denied the man had hidden it in the house. She said the man’s father and her mother got it back. The man was charged with theft by taking.

•A Monroe man was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after an argument with his wife at her job. He said she took the couple’s children and he wanted to know where they were, He tried to remove a fuse from his wife’s car to keep it from starting. An officer said the man “continued to go on loudly and could not explain the situation without moving about frantically.”

•Winder police found 10 charges believe to have been completed by a man involved in a domestic violence incident. The charges totaled $1,057. The woman said she did not know of the charges nor give permission to make them.

•A woman said another vehicle hit her Toyota 4 Runner while it was parked on North Broad Street in front of the post office. A white car hit the passenger side rear door, which was open while she fastened her daughter in the car seat. The side view mirror of the other car was knocked off and the driver's side rear door was damaged a bit.

•A Winder man was charged with violating a “no contact bond” after his mother said her son had a domestic argument with her other son.

•A Winder man said more than $39,000 was taken from his bank account. He said his mother had given him nearly $50,000 to be deposited in his name. He said he had withdrawn more than $9,000 over time. He said he did not check on the account and it had been several years since he had.

•A Winder man was held on an outstanding warrant from Lawrenceville for failure to appear.

•A couple said they put a Smith & Wesson handgun in their glove compartment when they went to buy a piece of furniture. When they looked, the gun was gone.

•A Winder man was charged with stalking, driving under the influence and violation of open container after a woman on Colonial Hills Road reported a “suspicious vehicle.” The woman said her ex-boyfriend had driven slowly by several times in the past few months. While officers were talking to the woman, the vehicle came by. It was the ex-boyfriend.


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