The Barrow County Sheriff’s Office recently responded to the following incidents:

•Two juvenile athletes from Hebron Christian Academy admitted to causing damage to the stadium light system underneath the bleachers at Apalachee High School’s R. Harold Harrison Stadium during a track and field meet. The matter was handled between the two schools.

•An Auburn man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (less safe) and driving without a valid license after a vehicle accident in the area of Kilcrease Road and University Parkway.

•A Stone Mountain man was arrested for shoplifting seven LEGO toy sets, valued at $749, from Walmart on Atlanta Highway.

•An Alabama man reported that a group of males picked him up at Walmart on Atlanta Highway, drove him to another area, pepper-sprayed him, stole his wallet and kicked him out of the car. After a search of the man, he was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and giving a false name to law enforcement.

•A woman who was stopped on Highway 211 near Dee Kennedy Road while waiting for a traffic accident to clear reported being hit from behind. A man in the truck that hit her yelled at her and drove off.

•Two people were barred from future entry of the Barrow County School System’s Professional Development Center after allegedly becoming “irate” at the outcome of a tribunal hearing.

•A woman reported being abused by her former boyfriend while their children were present. Warrants were secured for his arrest.

•A Winder woman was arrested for shoplifting $36 worth of items from Walmart on Atlanta Highway.

•A Duluth man was arrested for stealing a woman’s wallet at Walmart on Atlanta Highway.

•A manager at a pizza restaurant said someone had taken $42 worth of pizza from the store without paying.

•A Monroe woman was arrested for hitting a school bus with her vehicle and leaving the scene in the area of Carl-Bethlehem Road and Loganville Highway. When confronted by a deputy, she said she thought the bus driver had “waved her off.”

•A couple reported a check they had written to the IRS was stolen from the mailbox on Crowe Road.

•A man on Booth Road reported his skid steer loader stolen.

•A man being transported to the Barrow County Detention Center was caught trying to get rid of a small bag of methamphetamine in the back seat of a patrol vehicle.

•A Winder woman reported she had paid a man over $13,000 for a septic tank replacement and he had not completed the work in more than four months. Despite contact with the man and his father, who said the man was sick and behind on several jobs, and the man’s assurance he would be out to complete the work, he still has not, the woman said.

•An Auburn man was arrested for shoplifting $250 worth of items from Walmart on Atlanta Highway.

•A Statham man was arrested at a gas station on Atlanta Highway in Statham after being picked up by a man and allegedly attempting to take his gun. The man’s sister said he had been using drugs. The man was arrested on several charges, including false imprisonment and disorderly conduct.

•A student at Winder-Barrow High School reported that her electronic earbuds had been stolen while she was at track and field practice.

•A woman reported her truck stolen after she had allowed her boyfriend to borrow it when he told her something was wrong with his car but he had not returned it.

•A woman reported a laptop device was stolen from her vehicle on Dee Kennedy Road.

•A construction company employee reported an A/C unit and three interior shower heads stolen from a house on Pinnacle Drive.

•A Bethlehem man was arrested for battery after repeatedly hitting a woman while she was giving him a ride to a house.

•A man reported several of his tools and other items stolen from a storage unit on Christmas Avenue.


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