The following are among the incidents the Winder Police Department recently responded to:

•Four black males were observed in the area of Humphry Drive and Massey Lane in Yargo Township trying to break into vehicles. The suspects were seen walking into a driveway on Humphry Drive and a man there reported that his wallet with $200 in cash and several debit/credit cards and other identification cards was stolen from an unlocked vehicle at the location. One of his credit cards was later used at a Wendy’s. Two of the suspects were later arrested after subsequent reports. The other two were juveniles.

•A man reported his vehicle was struck by a silver Dodge Ram in the intersection of North 5th Avenue and West Midland Avenue, and the driver of the Ram kept going. The man said he approached the stop sign first and had the right of way. A witness described the driver of the Ram as a “heavyset white male around 40 years old who was wearing a ball cap.”

•An Atlanta man was arrested for disorderly conduct after a witness observed him on East May Street kick the ATM at Wells Fargo, walk over to the old Pizza Hut building, pull on the doors and then turn on a spigot of water outside the building. The man took an “aggressive stance” when confronted by police officers, the incident report said. He was discovered to have a foot injury at the Barrow County Detention Center and was taken to a hospital.

•A plastic bag containing methamphetamine was found in the Texaco parking lot on North Broad Street.

•A plastic bag containing cocaine was found in the parking lot of Storaway Mini Warehouses on West Athens Street.

•A Gainesville man was arrested for stealing several tools from his sister’s garage while he was visiting her. The man girlfriend later returned most of the tools but the man pawned a paint sprayer at a local shop.

•A man reported a tool box with about $400 worth of tools inside was stolen from his house.

•A Buford man was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and failing to yield to an emergency vehicle after he was observed following too closely behind another vehicle. A traffic stop was initiated at West May Street and Polite Road but the man kept driving before finally yielding near the intersection of Atlanta Highway and Ed Hogan Road. The man was also charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and having an expired license plate.

•A Florida man who said he was homeless and had walked from there was arrested for loitering and prowling and obstruction police officers after he was seen in the early-morning hours looking through the doors and windows of Dairy Queen on West May Street and walking around the building and yelling. The man was advised of a curfew the city had in effect due to the coronavirus pandemic and an urban camping ordinance the city had. He said he would not leave the city and was just going to lie down.

•A Winder man was arrested for obstructing police officers after he was confronted about by them about an ongoing dispute with neighbors in the Bellingrath subdivision. Juvenile residents at the house had been suspected of continuously throwing trash in a neighbor’s back yard and knocking her security camera out of a tree, and four other neighbors said a man living there had been aggressive in the past and screamed at neighbors from his yard. When confronted by police, the man refused to identify himself and ignored an officer’s order not to close the front door. After becoming more agitated, the report said, the man was forced out onto his front lawn and apprehended. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation after complaining of chest pain.


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